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Tuesday, October 28 -- Monday, November 3

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  • Deliver Us From Evil

    photo for Deliver Us From Evil New York police officer Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana), struggling with his own personal issues, begins investigating a series of disturbing and inexplicable crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest (Edgar Ramirez), schooled in the rituals of exorcism, to combat the frightening and demonic possessions that are terrorizing their city. Based upon the book, which details Sarchie's bone-chilling real-life cases. Extras: Commentary by director Scott Derrickson, "Illuminating Evil: Making Deliver Us From Evil" behind-the-scenes featurette. Blu-ray adds "Deliver Us From Demons" all-access look at the production's approach to creating a very frightening demonic presence; "The Two Sergeants" behind-the-scenes exploration of the collaboration and process used by Ralph Sarchie and the actor playing "Ralph Sarchie," Eric Bana; "The Demon Detective" intimate interview with Ralph Sarchie on his experiences. Vitals: Director: Scott Derrickson. Stars: Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn, Joel McHale. 2014, CC, MPAA rating: R, 118 min., Horror-Thriller, Box office gross: $30.523 million, Sony. 2 stars


  • Wish I Was Here

    photo for A light comedy about being a parent, spouse and child -- all at once. Aidan Bloom (co-writer/director/producer Zach Braff), a struggling actor, father and husband, who at 35 is still trying to find his identity, is set on pursuing his dream. He and his wife are barely getting by financially and Aidan passes his time by fantasizing about being the great futuristic Space-Knight he'd always dreamed he'd be as a little kid. When his ailing father can no longer afford to pay for private school for his two kids (ages 5 and 12) and the only available public school is on its last legs, Aidan reluctantly agrees to attempt to home-school them. The result is chaos, until Aidan decides to scrap the traditional academic curriculum and come up with his own. Through teaching them about life his way, Aidan gradually discovers some of the parts of himself he couldn't find as he embarks on an unexpected journey of discovery about fulfillment and family. Extras: Deleted scenes; "Directing While Acting" featurette; Aston Martin dealership outtakes; commentary with co-writer/director/producer Zach Braff and co-writer/producer Adam Braff; commentary with co-writer/director/producer Zach Braff, director of photography Lawrence Sher and editor Myron Kerstein. Vitals: Director: Zach Braff. Stars: Zach Braff, Kate Hudson, Josh Gad, Donald Faison, Pierce Gagnon, Joey King, Mandy Patinkin. 2014, CC, MPAA rating: R, 106 min., Comedy, Box office gross: $3.954 million, Universal. 3 stars

  • Life of Crime

    photo for Adapted from Elmore Leonard's book "The Switch," about a kidnapped wife whose wealthy husband doesn't want to pay her ransom. Dark comedy falls flat. When a pampered housewife (Jennifer Aniston) is kidnapped by a pair of blundering ex-cons in an effort to extort money from her sleazy real-estate tycoon husband (Tim Robbins), the perfect crime becomes the perfect opportunity for the husband to ride off into the sunset with his sexy young mistress (Isla Fisher) until the housewife decides it's her turn to even the score. Extras: Commentary with screenwriter-director Daniel Schechter and actor Will Forte, "Behind-the-Scenes of Life of Crime" featurette, "Envisioning the Big Picture: Shooting Crime" featurette, "Hit & Run: Choreographing Mayhem" featurette, deleted scenes. Vitals: Director: Daniel Schechter. Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, Mark Boone Junior, Yasiin Bey, Isla Fisher, Will Forte, John Hawkes. 2014, CC, MPAA rating: R, 94 min., Crime-Comedy, Box office gross: $.202 million, Lionsgate. 2 stars

    Blu-ray Debuts

  • The Complete Jacques Tati (Criterion)
  • Nightbreed: The Director's Cut (1990)
  • Squirm Collector's Edition (1976)
  • The Vanishing (1988) (Criterion)

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All DVD Releases

photo for Accused, Series 1 & 2 Accused, Series 1 & 2 (2010-13) Star-studded and award-winning BBC anthology series of 10 gripping tales -- from Series 1 (2010) and Series 2 (2012), which have not been broadcast in the U.S. Each episode reveals a crime through the eyes of the perpetrator, revealing how -- and more importantly, why -- it happened. Some characters are guilty, some are innocent, and others fall somewhere in between. But they're all ordinary people whose lives have quickly gone sideways -- and they all stand accused. Stars Sean Bean, Peter Capaldi, Olivia Colman, Andy Serkis, Christopher Eccleston, Stephen Graham, Juliet Stevenson. Formats: Four-disc DVD, $59.99. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette. (Acorn Media).

America: Imagine the World Without Her (2014) Provocative political documentary co-written and co-directed by The New York Times best-selling author Dinesh D'Souza, based on his book. What would the world look like if America never existed? D'Souza explores this fascinating question in this thought-provoking film. Through reenactments of landmark events in America's history and insightful interviews with leading historians, D'Souza brings us face-to-face with the brave heroes who built this great nation -- and offers a powerful defense against critics intent upon the shaming of America. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: interviews, extended scenes. (Lionsgate).

photo for Beethoven's Treasure Tail Beethoven's Treasure Tail (2014) Jonathan Silverman, Bretton Manley, Morgan Fairchild, Kristy Swanson, Jeffrey Combs. After a doggone disaster of a movie shoot, the big-hearted pooch and his trainer, Eddie, are heading home when they get stranded in a small coastal village. When Beethoven befriends a local boy, he helps him find a pirate map to lost treasure and together they em-bark on an adventure that brings the whole town together. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). (Universal).

Behaving Badly (2013) Nat Wolff, Selena Gomez, Heather Graham, Mary Louise Parker, Elizabeth Shue. Socially awkward high schooler Rick Stevens (Nat Wolff) is willing to do whatever it takes to win the heart of the girl (Selena Gomez) of his dreams ... and he does mean anything, including forming a friendship and embarking on a rock n' roll journey with her while she deals with her overbearing boyfriend. Formats: DVD. (Vertical Entertainment).

Beneath (2014) Jeff Fahey, Kelly Noonan, Brent Briscoe. Veteran coal miner George Marsh (Jeff Fahey) is about to retire, and he's giving his daughter Samantha (Kelly Noonan) a tour of the mine on his last day. Six hundred feet below the surface, a catastrophic collapse traps George, Samantha and a crew of miners, with rescue workers not expected to reach them for 72 hours. But the drill strike that caused the disaster also opens a hole into an unknown chamber, and before long the crew suspects they might not be alone. With their oxygen supply steadily depleting, George and Samantha must figure out a way to stay alive as resources become scarce and the danger rises. Inspired by true events. Formats: DVD. (IFC Films).

Bound By Flesh (2012) Documentary tells the amazing story of Daisy and Violet Hilton, conjoined twins who rose to superstardom at the beginning of the 20th century as sideshow attractions, performing alongside the likes of Bob Hope and Charlie Chaplin. While most sideshow performers simply served as objects of curiosity for their passing audiences, the Hilton Sisters stood apart by putting on a full-fledged show, complete with singing, dancing and music. But they were ruthlessly exploited by their managers and ultimately sued for their freedom, which they won at a terrible cost. Formats: DVD. (IFC Films).

Care Bears: Belly Badge Rock (2014) Four stories about the harmony of friendship from the new CGI-animated series, "Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot," currently airing on The Hub: "Show of Shyness," "Bully Exposed," "Over-Bearing" and "Untruths and Consequences." Formats: DVD: $14.98, Digital. (Lionsgate).

photo for Child of God Child of God (2013) Scott Haze, James Franco, Tim Blake Nelson. Based on the acclaimed 1973 Cormac McCarthy novel, "Child of God" takes place in 1960s Tennessee, where Lester Ballard is a dispossessed, violent man. Deprived first of his family and then his home, Ballard descends literally and figuratively to the level of a cave dweller, falling deeper into a disturbing life of crime and degradation. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Digital. (Well Go USA).

The Complete Jacques Tati Though he made only a handful of films, director, writer, and actor Jacques Tati ranks among the most beloved of all cinematic geniuses. With a background in music hall and mime performance, Tati steadily built an ever more ambitious movie career that ultimately raised sight-gag comedy to the level of high art. In the surrogate character of the sweet and bumbling, eternally umbrella-toting and pipe-smoking Monsieur Hulot, Tati invented a charming symbol of humanity lost in a constantly modernizing modern age. This set gathers his six hilarious features -- "Jour de fete," "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday," "Mon oncle," "PlayTime," "Trafic" and "Parade -— along with seven delightful Tati-related short films. New digital restorations of all six feature films and new digital restorations of all seven short films. Formats: Twelve-disc DVD set, seven-disc Blu-ray set; $124.95. Extras: Two alternate versions of "Jour de fete," a partly colorized 1964 version and the full-color 1994 rerelease version; original 1953 theatrical release version of "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday"; "My Uncle," the version of "Mon oncle" that Tati created for English-language audiences; introductions by actor and comedian Terry Jones to "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday," "Mon oncle" and" PlayTime"; archival interviews with Tati; "In the Footsteps of Monsieur Hulot," a 1989 documentary about Tati's beloved alter ego; five visual essays by Tati expert Stephane Goudet; new interview with film scholar Michel Chion on the sound design of Tati's films; "Jour de fete: In Search of the Lost Color," a 1988 documentary on the process of realizing Tati's original color vision for that film; "Once Upon a Time ... Mon oncle," a 2008 documentary about the making of that film; "Everything Is Beautiful," a 2005 piece on the fashion, furniture, and architecture of "Mon oncle"; selected-scene commentaries on "PlayTime" by Goudet, theater director Jerome Deschamps, and critic Philip Kemp; "Tativille," a documentary shot on the set of "PlayTime"; "Beyond PlayTime," a short 2002 documentary featuring on-set footage; "An Homage to Jacques Tati," a 1982 French TV program featuring Tati friend and set designer Jacques Lagrange; audio interview with Tati from the U.S. premiere of "PlayTime" at the 1972 San Francisco International Film Festival; interview with "PlayTime" script supervisor Sylvette Baudrot from 2006; "Tati Story," a short biographical film from 2002; "Professor Goudet's Lessons," a 2013 classroom lecture by Goudet on Tati's films; alternate English-language soundtracks for "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday" and "PlayTime"; a booklet featuring essays by critics David Cairns, James Quandt, Jonathan Rosenbaum, and Kristin Ross. (The Criterion Collection).

Deliver Us From Evil (2014) Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn, Joel McHale. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Commentary by director Scott Derrickson, "Illuminating Evil: Making Deliver Us From Evil" behind-the-scenes featurette. Blu-ray adds "Deliver Us From Demons" all-access look at the production's approach to creating a very frightening demonic presence; "The Two Sergeants" behind-the-scenes exploration of the collaboration and process used by Ralph Sarchie and the actor playing "Ralph Sarchie," Eric Bana; "The Demon Detective" intimate interview with Ralph Sarchie on his experiences. (Sony).

Free Fall (2014) D.B. Sweeney, Sarah Butler, Ian Gomez, Malcolm McDowell. A top executive is killed in an apparent suicide leap from the skyscraper headquarters of Gault Capital. But when the dead man's loyal protege Jane Porter (Butler) uncovers some startling criminal evidence, the corporation calls in their "crisis manager" Frank (Sweeney) to silence her forever. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette. (Anchor Bay).

photo for Grace: The Possession Grace: The Possession (2013) Alexia Fast, Lin Shaye, Alan Dale, Alexis Knapp, Joel David Moore. Grace is an 18-year-old Catholic girl who moves away to college, never having sipped alcohol, done drugs, or had sex. But something dark comes over her, and her purity is taken as she becomes possessed by demonic forces. The story is told through the eyes of the possessed. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Sony).

In Search of Ancient Mysteries (1973) This made-for-television documentary, hosted by science fiction icon Rod Serling, explores unexplained mysteries of the ancient world and possible connections to aliens. Scientists and scholars analyze strange findings in statues, cave paintings and writings that suggest that people of the distant past may have been more sophisticated than previously thought ... and may have been in contact with aliens or some other advanced civilization. Formats: DVD. (Film Chest Media Group).

LFO (2013 -- Sweden) Patrik Karlson, Johanna Tschig, Per Lofberg. A reclusive audio enthusiast transforms his unsuspecting neighbors into his experimental playthings with the help of a hypnotic sound wave in this subversive comedy. An amateur sound engineer, who spends hours in his basement full of wires and oscillators experimenting with sound waves, finds a frequency that allows him to hypnotize people. He lures his attractive new neighbors into his house to act as test subjects and, under his control, the oblivious couple is manipulated into increasingly elaborate role-playing games that allow him to indulge in his most megalomaniacal fantasies. But when investigations into the suspicious death of his wife threaten to bring an end to his demented operation, he must use his scientific breakthrough on a much larger scale in order to continue his warped research. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Dark Sky Films).

Life of Crime (2014) Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, Mark Boone Junior, Yasiin Bey, Isla Fisher, Will Forte, John Hawkes. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Commentary with screenwriter-director Daniel Schechter and actor Will Forte, "Behind-the-Scenes of Life of Crime" featurette, "Envisioning the Big Picture: Shooting Crime" featurette, "Hit & Run: Choreographing Mayhem" featurette, deleted scenes. (Lionsgate).

Lovejoy, Series 3 (1992) Cult-favorite British mystery series stars Ian McShane as Lovejoy, a rascal of an antiques dealer with a heart of gold who ends up solving crimes for himself and clients. Four-disc set with 13 episodes, $49.99. Formats: DVD. (Acorn Media).

Masterpiece Mystery!: Death Comes to Pemberley (2014) Anna Maxwell Martin, Matthew Rhys, Matthew Goode, Jenna Coleman. An adaptation of PD James's homage to "Pride and Prejudice." Six years after the end of Jane Austen's classic, Elizabeth and Darcy are preparing for their annual ball when festivities are brought to an abrupt halt by a murder. Revenge, mysterious paternity, and a ghost all figure in the ensuing plot. Airs on Masterpiece on PBS Sundays, October 26 and November 2. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. (PBS Distribution).

Miss Marple: Volume One BLU-RAY DEBUT In Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Miss Marple, BBC Home Entertainment has completely remastered the first series -- starring Joan Hickson -- from the original film elements. Extras: "A Very British Murder, Part 1," the first episode of a three-part series documenting the British national obsession with murder mysteries. (BBC Home Entertainment).

photo for My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks (2013) When a friendly showcase turns into a battle of the bands, there’s only one pony to call: Princess Twilight. Canterlot High is hosting a musical showcase and Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy are going to be performing with their new band, The Rainbooms. But when The Dazzlings, a new girl group, arrive at CHS and convince everyone to turn the friendly showcase into a Battle of the Bands, tensions mount. A now-reformed Sunset Shimmer realizes that the Dazzlings may not be ordinary girls and are after something far more sinister than just being named Best Band at Canterlot High. The Rainbooms call on Princess Twilight to help them perform a musical counter-spell so that they can win a battle that now determines the fate of the entire school. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. (Shout! Factory).

The Mystery of Happiness (2014 -- Spain) Guillermo Francella, Fabian Arenillas, Ines Estevez. A joyful story about love, friendship and the pursuit of happiness. Santiago and Eugenio are best friends and business partners who run a thriving electronics store together. One day, Eugenio doesn't come to work and Santiago delays telling anyone while trying to figure out what has happened. Then Laura, Eugenio's wife, shows up to say that Eugenio has disappeared. Perplexed, the two embark on a journey to find Eugenio, only to discover that true happiness can sometimes mean losing everything. Formats: DVD. (Strand Releasing).

Nightbreed: The Director's Cut (1990) "Hellraiser" creator Clive Barker wrote and directed this vivid leap into horror that asks the question: In the battle of man vs. monster, who's really the monster? The answer supplies flesh-crawling suspense, sudden fear, a colorful Danny Elfman score and a creepy array of shape-shifting beings. The original "Nightbreed," written and directed by Barker from his 1988 novel "Cabal," was released in 1990 by Morgan Creek Productions and 20th Century Fox and photo for Nightbreed: The Director's Cut starred Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby and David Cronenberg and centered on a tribe of monsters and outcasts known as the Nightbreed that hide from humanity. The film featured director Cronenberg in a tour-de-force performance as the evil psychotherapist Dr. Phillip K. Decker and Sheffer as Aaron Boone, a young man whom Decker sets up as a serial killer and who retreats to the world of the Nightbreeds (underneath a cemetery) to live among monsters. Elfman, who had just scored Tim Burton's "Batman" and was about to score Warren Beatty's "Dick Tracy," created a beautifully eerie score using children's voices, ethnic drums and instruments, and an orchestra. However, the studio edited the film extensively and several scenes were excised or rearranged -- much to Barker's disappointment. This original "Director's Cut" has been considered a "lost" holy grail to horror fanatics for years ... until now. Through the help of Barker, Seraphim Films and Morgan Creek Productions, Scream! Factory is finally bringing this uncut version to light. Lost footage from original film elements has been found and has been edited together to become the film as it was originally intended to be. "Nightbreed" will be available in two versions: A 5,000 unit Limited-Edition three-Disc Blu-ray set and a Special Edition DVD & Blu-ray Combo. Limited Edition Set: Disc 1: Unrated director's cut of the film on Blu-ray; Disc 2: The 1990 R-rated theatrical version of the film on Blu-ray; Disc 3: Exclusive-to-this-set bonus Blu-ray disc packed with extras (details forthcoming); collector's book with an essay and rare photos; slipcase includes newly designed artwork approved by Clive Barker; $79.97. Special Edition Set: Disc 1: Unrated director's cut of the film on Blu-ray plus bonus features (Introduction by Barker and restoration producer Mark Alan Miller; commentary by Barker and Miller; "Tribes of the Moon: The Making of Nightbreed," an hour-long featurette; "Making Monsters," interviews with makeup effects artists Bob Keen, Martin Mercer and Paul Jones; "Fire! Fights! Stunts! 2nd Unit Shooting" interview with Andy Armstrong; original theatrical trailer)); Disc 2: Unrated director's cut of the film on DVD; slipcase includes artwork approved by Clive Barker; $29.93. (Shout! Factory).

One Day Pina Asked ... (2014 -- France) Director Chantal Akerman's ("Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles") portrait of legendary choreographer Pina Bausch is an encounter between two of the most remarkable women artists of the 20th century. The documentary captures Bausch's company's rehearsals and performances over a five-week European tour in 1983. Akerman also shows us excerpts from performances of Bausch dances, all recorded with Akerman's singular visual touch. Formats: DVD, VOD. (Icarus Films).

Plastic (2014) Ed Speleers, Will Poulter, Alfie Allen, Sebastian De Souza, Emma Rigby, Thomas Kretschmann. A group of young and gifted white-collar criminals con their way into a luxurious life of other people's money and plastic until they inadvertently steal from a sadistic crime boss and they find that they're on the hook for two million due in two weeks. The only way they can acquire that much cash is to scheme their way through the most high-stakes heist of their lives .Formats: DVD. (ARC Entertainment).

photo for The Prince The Prince (2014) Jason Patric, Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Jung Ji Hoon aka Rain, Jessica Lowndes, Johnathon Schaech, Gia Mantegna, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Paul (Patric), a mechanic with past ties to the underworld, is unwittingly drawn back into the life he gave up when he suspects that his daughter has been kidnapped; and he must team up with his old partner, Sam (Cusack), in order to confront Omar (Willis), his former nemesis, in order to rescue her. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital. Extras: Commentary with director Brian Miller and actor Jason Patric, "Capturing The Prince: Behind the Scenes" featurette, interviews with cast and crew, extended scenes. (Lionsgate).

The Reckoning (2014) Viva Bianca, Luke Hemsworth, Hannah Mangan Lawrence, Jonathan LaPaglia. After his partner is murdered, a detective must track down two teenage runaways whose video footage contains the identity of the killer. Formats: DVD. Extras: "Making of The Reckoning featurette"; director John V. Soto interview; cast interviews with Jonathan LaPaglia, Luke Hemsworth, Hannah Mangan Lawrence and Viva Bianca; director of photography Jason Thomas interview; photo gallery. (Anchor Bay).

Running From Crazy (2013) The Hemingway name echoes through modern American life -- but not just as a symbol of literary greatness. The name also carries with it stories of mental illness and suicide afflicting numerous Hemingway family members over the generations. Now, actress Mariel Hemingway herself tells her family's troubled tale in the incisive, revealing and ultimately uplifting new documentary from two-time Academy Award-winning director Barbara Kopple and executive producer Oprah Winfrey. Oscar-nominated actress, author and mental health advocate Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, strives for a deeper understanding of the suicide and mental illness that have afflicted so many of her family members, including her supermodel/actress sister Margaux Hemingway, who committed suicide near the anniversary of Ernest's own suicide, and her eldest sister, artist Joan "Muffet" Hemingway, who was diagnosed with manic depression and now lives in Idaho. Formats: DVD, VOD. (Virgil Films).

photo for Squirm Collector's Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT Squirm Collector's Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT (1976) Don Scardino, Patricia Pearcy, R.A. Dow, Jean Sullivan. When a powerful storm knocks Fly Creek, Georgia's power lines down onto wet soil, the resulting surge of electricity drives large, bloodthirsty worms to the surface -- and then out of their soil-tilling minds. Soon, the townspeople discover that their sleepy fishing village is overrun with worms that burrow right into their skin. Inundated by hundreds of thousands of carnivorous creatures, the terrorized locals race to find the cause of the rampage -- before becoming tilled under themselves! Formats: Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Commentary by writer-director Jeff Lieberman; "Eureka!," a look at where the idea for "Squirm" came from with Jeff Lieberman; "Digging In" interviews with Lieberman and actor Don Scardino; theatrical trailer; TV spot; still gallery. (Scream Factory/Shout! Factory).

A Star for Christmas (2012) Briana Evigan, Corey Sevier, Karissa Vacker, Jeremy Howard, Travis Van Winkle, Brooke Burns. The owner of a cupcake shop falls for the star of an action movie in her small town, but things are complicated by her ex and his former girlfriend. Formats: DVD. (Monarch Home Entertainment).

Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines (2014) Formats: DVD, $14.98. Extras: "It's Christmas Time" music video, "Guess Who?" puzzles. (Universal).

The Vanishing (1988) A young man embarks on an obsessive search for the girlfriend who mysteriously disappeared while the couple were taking a sunny vacation trip, and his three-year investigation draws the attention of her abductor, a mild-mannered professor with a diabolically clinical mind. An unorthodox love story and a truly unsettling thriller, Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer's "The Vanishing" unfolds with meticulous intensity, leading to an unforgettable finale that has unnerved audiences around the world. New 2K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: New interview with director George Sluizer; new interview with actor Johanna ter Steege; trailer; an essay by critic Scott Foundas. (The Criterion Collection).

Vera, Set 4 (2014) Two-time Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn returns as Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope, whose offbeat manner and frumpy appearance belie a knack for catching killers. Based on the bestselling novels of Ann Cleeves. Four-disc set with four episodes, $59.99. Formats: DVD. (Acorn Media).

WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series (1978-82) Thirteen-disc set with 90 episodes, $139.99. "WKRP in Cincinnati" has had a complicated history of music rights restrictions. To make this the most comprehensive DVD release possible, Shout! Factory has done its best to include every scene uncut and with as much original music as possible, including tracks by artists such as The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, The Doors, Grateful Dead, Blondie, Tom Petty, The Cars, Elvis Costello, Marvin Gaye, Paul McCartney and Wings, Van Morrison, The Police, Otis Redding & more. Formats: DVD. Extras: "Do My Eyes Say Yes?" featurette; "A Fish Story Story" featurette; "WKRP In Cincinnati: A Paley Center Reunion, a panel discussion from 2014 featuring cast members Howard Hesseman, Loni Anderson, Tim Reid, Gary Sandy, and Jan Smithers, executive producer/writer Hugh Wilson, director Asaad Kelada, and the director of the show’s pilot, Jay Sandrich, all moderated by rock radio legend Jim Ladd. (Shout! Factory).

Wish I Was Here (2014) Director: Zach Braff. Stars: Zach Braff, Kate Hudson, Josh Gad, Donald Faison, Pierce Gagnon, Joey King, Mandy Patinkin. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Deleted scenes; "Directing While Acting" featurette; Aston Martin dealership outtakes; commentary with Co-writer/director/producer Zach Braff and co-writer/producer Adam Braff; commentary with co-writer/director/producer Zach Braff, director of photography Lawrence Sher and editor Myron Kerstein. (Universal).

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