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(2019) Nicholas Alexander, Bobbi Salvör Menuez, Margaret Qualley. Awkward, self-conscious Adam Freeman (Alexander) has just finished his junior year of high school in 2006. When his cool older sister Casey (Qualley) suggests he visit her in New York for the summer, Adam has visions of meeting a girl and finally gaining some actual life experience. The fantasy doesn’t materialize exactly as expected. Casey has enthusiastically embraced life amidst Brooklyn’s young LGBTQ community and invites Adam to tag along with her to queer bars, marriage equality rallies and other happenings. When Adam falls at first sight for Gillian (Menuez), a smart, beautiful young woman in this new crowd, she mistakenly assumes he is trans. Flummoxed and enamored, he haplessly goes along with her assumption, resulting in an increasingly complex comedy -- and tragedy -- of errors he’s ill-equipped to navigate. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Wolfe Releasing).


Battle of Leningrad

(2019 -- Russia) Andrey Mironov-Udalov, Maria Melnikova. World War II's Siege of Leningrad - in which Nazi Germany blockaded the major Soviet city for 28 months - ranks as perhaps the single most brutal and devastating military campaign in modern history. Now, the story of this unspeakable siege is told through the lives of people caught in the middle of it. September 1941. In a turn of events young lovebirds Kostya and Nastya find themselves on board a barge that will evacuate people from sieged Leningrad. At night the barge gets into the storm. When it starts sinking, enemy planes - but not rescuers - are the first to arrive at the scene. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, Digital. (MPI Media Group).

Big Trouble in Little China Collector’s Edition

(1986) Kurt Russell stars as Jack Burton, a tough-talking truck driver whose life goes into a supernatural tailspin when his best friend's fiancée is kidnapped in John Carpenter’s action film. Jack suddenly finds himself in a murky, danger-filled world beneath San Francisco's Chinatown, where Lo Pan, a 2,000-year-old magician, mercilessly rules an empire of spirits. Facing down a host of unearthly terrors, Jack battles through Lo Pan's dark domain in a full-throttle, action-riddled ride to rescue the girl. Co-stars Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun and James Hong. Formats: Two-disc Blu-ray. Extras: Audio commentaries, including one with director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell, isolated score, theatrical trailers, TV spots, vintage audio interview with John Carpenter, electronic press kit - interviews and profiles, gag reel, music video, deleted and extended scenes, extended ending, photo galleries, 18 cast and crew interviews (12 new). (Scream Factory).

Blood Bags

(2019 -- Italy) Makenna Guyler, Emanuele Turetta, Marta Tananyan. Two friends break into an abandoned mansion and discover that a creature is stalking the corridors. With all the exits sealed off, the creature hunts them, growing hungry for their blood. Formats: DVD, Digital. (High Octane Pictures).

Buttons: A Christmas Tale

(2018) Jane Seymour, Roma Downey, Abigail Spencer, Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury. Family film narrated by Kate Winslet and Robert Redford. Follows the heartwarming journey of two orphan girls whose only wish is to find a home for Christmas. With a little help from their guardian angels (Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury), they discover that miracles really can happen when you find the power to believe. Formats: DVD, Digital. Extras: Bonus songs, music video, photo gallery. (Paramount).
photo for City on a Hill Season One

City on a Hill: Season One

(2019) Four-disc set with all 10 episodes of the Showtime Original drama starring Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge. The show is set in the early 1990s, when Boston was rife with violent criminals emboldened by local law enforcement agencies in which corruption and racism was the norm, until it all suddenly changed in what was called the "Boston Miracle." In this fictional account, driving change is Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward (Hodge), who comes from Brooklyn and forms an unlikely alliance with a corrupt, yet venerated FBI veteran, Jackie Rohr (Bacon). Together, they take on a family of armored car robbers from Charlestown in a case that grows to involve, and ultimately subvert, the entire criminal justice system of Boston. Formats: DVD. Extras: "Inside Episode 1: The Night Flynn Sent the Cops on the Ice," "Inside Episode 2: What They Saw in Southie High," "Inside Episode 3: If Only the Fool Would Persist in His Folly," "Kyra Sedgwick Directs City on a Hill," "Capturing Boston" featurette. (Paramount).


(2019 -- France) Winner of the top prizes at the Annecy Animation Festival and the Animation is Film Festival, the critically acclaimed drama Funan is a searing and remarkable debut from filmmaker Denis Do and is based on the true life stories of his family’s harrowing experience under the Khmer Rouge. Cambodia, April 1975. Chou is a young woman whose everyday world is suddenly upended by the arrival of the Khmer Rouge regime. During the chaos of the forced exile from their home, Chou and her husband are separated from their 4-year-old son, who has been sent to an unknown location. As she navigates her new reality, working in the fields day and night under the careful watch of soldiers, and surviving the small indignities and harrowing realities of the increasingly grim work camps, Chou remains steadfast in her determination to reunite her family - even if it means risking everything. Formats: Blu-ray/DVD Combo. (GKIDS/Shout! Factory).

Game of Thrones: Season 8

(2019) Four-disc DVD, three-disc Blu-ray set with all six episodes. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray Steelbook, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo. Extras: "Game of Thrones: The Last Watch" documentary featured on DVD in two parts by filmmaker Jeanie Finlay chronicling the making of the final season; "When Winter Falls" exclusive 30-minute featurette with showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, along with major stars and behind-the-scenes players, breaking down all that went into the colossal filming of the “Battle of Winterfell” in Season 8, Episode 3; "Duty is the Death of Love" compelling look at how the team behind "Game of Thrones" and its major stars, including Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke, brought the show to its conclusion in the series finale, “The Iron Throne”; 10 audio commentaries with cast and crew, including the show’s creators, Benioff and Weiss, on the final season; deleted and extended scenes; "Histories and Lore" new animated pieces giving the history and background of notable Season 8 locations and storylines. (HBO).
photo for Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection Limited Edition Blu-ray

Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection Limited Edition Blu-ray

Packaged in a visually stunning wooden shadow box case, featuring beautiful, multi-layered panel designs by Robert Ball (the artist behind the “Beautiful Death” series) that summarize the "Game of Thrones" story. Each season is represented by a different layer, showcasing iconic characters and memorable moments from the show, all clambering toward the Iron Throne. The set also contains a “Hand of the King” pin clasp, which holds all nine custom plated disc sleeves.Extras: "Game of Thrones: Reunion Special," a two-part reunion show with cast members from the final season; all-new deleted and extended scenes; animated histories and lore pieces; behind-the-scene featurettes; audio commentaries; and the documentary featured on DVD in two parts, "Game of Thrones: The Last Watch," by filmmaker Jeanie Finlay. $249.00. (HBO).

Game of Thrones: The Complete Series

All eight seasons. Formats: DVD + Digital, $166.99; Blu-ray + Digital, $199.99. Extras: "Game of Thrones: Reunion Special"; "When Winter Falls" exclusive 30-minute featurette; "Duty is the Death of Love" behind-the-scenes featurette; commentaries; deleted and extended scenes; "Histories and Lores." (HBO).

The Ground Beneath My Feet

(2019 -- Austria) Valerie Pachner, Pia Hierzegger, Mavie Hörbiger. Not yet 30, Lola controls her personal life with the same ruthless efficiency she uses to optimize profits in her job as a high-powered business consultant. But when she receives the news that her older sister Conny has attempted suicide, Lola's secrets begin to unravel into the workplace. As she tries to do what's best for her sister without jeopardizing all she's worked so hard for, Lola slowly finds her own grip on reality slipping away. Formats: DVD. Extras: Trailer. (Strand Releasing).
photo for Jake Speed

Jake Speed

(1986) When her sister is taken by a gang of white slavers, Margaret (Karen Kopins) knows she needs a hero with a difference to bring her home. Enter Jake Speed (Wayne Crawford), leaping from the pages of pulp thriller novels and into the real world. With Margaret and his trusty sidekick Desmond Floyd (Dennis Christopher), Jake arrives hot on the heels of the kidnappers in a southern African country gripped by civil war. But it soon turns out Jake got more than he bargained for when he discovers that the ringleader of the slavers is none other than his own arch-nemesis: the wicked, criminally insane Sid (John Hurt). A ripe slice of 80s action cheese with romance, death-defying stunts, spellbinding scenery shot on location in Zimbabwe ... and best of all, a wickedly off-the-wall performance by the late John Hurt. Brand new 2K restoration of the film from the original 35mm interpositive. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: "Paperback Wishes, Cinematic Dreams," a new interview with co-writer/producer/director Andrew Lane; "The Hard Way Reads Better," a new interview with producer William Fay; reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys. (Arrow Video/MVD Entertainment).
photo for Joan the Maid

Joan the Maid

(1994 -- France) Master filmmaker Jacques Rivette's ambitious historical epic about Joan of Arc, originally released in 1994, stars modern screen icon Sandrine Bonnaire as the young 15th century warrior who became a martyr and French national hero. For "Joan the Maid: The Battles," the first installment of his ambitious yet restrained two-part study, director and co-screenwriter Rivette surveys the revelatory period where Joan met with royalty, joined the army and led the French into battle against the English. As Joan, Bonnaire gets at the reality behind the legend, showing the matter-of-fact courage of a teenage girl. "Joan the Maid: The Prisons," the second part of Rivette's diptych, brought Bonnaire a César Award nomination for her powerful performance, as she plays out windows in the final two years of Joan's life, from battlefield victory, to prison life, to horrific execution at the stake. Film critic-turned-filmmaker Rivette (1928-2016) was one of the pioneering figures of the French New Wave, but one whose work stood out in unique ways -- marked by improvisational performances, loose narratives and lengthy running times -- as he altered the cinematic landscape throughout his long career. His "Paris Belongs to Us," "L'Amour fou," "Celine and Julie Go Boating," "Le Pont du Nord," "La Belle Noiseuse" and the 13-hour "Out 1" are revered touchstones of modern art cinema. New 4K restoration. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, Digital. (Cohen Film Collection).


(2019) Liam Hemsworth, Emory Cohen, Diane Guerrero. Hemsworth stars as money launderer Moe Diamond in the dangerous criminal underworld of New York City. When a lucrative drug deal goes wrong, Diamond wakes up from a car crash with no memory, millions in cash, and a crew of dirty cops hunting him down. With a stranger who says he’s his best friend and a fiancee he doesn’t remember, Moe must race against the clock to discover his own identity–and escape his past, before it destroys any chance at a future. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Paramount).

Low Tide

(2019) Keean Johnson, Alex Neustaedter, Daniel Zolghadri, Jaeden Lieberher. Alan, Red, and Smitty spend high summer on the Jersey Shore roving the boardwalk and getting into trouble. But the discovery of good old-fashioned treasure sets the friends on an escalating course of suspicion and violence. Formats: DVD. Extras: “A Sense of Place: Chasing Low Tide” featurette. (Lionsgate).

Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins

(2019) A relevant and razor-sharp look at the trailblazing career of political columnist Molly Ivins. Media firebrand Molly Ivins, six feet of Texas trouble, took on the Good Old Boy corruption wherever she found it. Her razor sharp wit left both sides of the aisle laughing and craving ink in her columns. She knew the Bill of Rights was in peril and said, "Polarizing people is a good way to win an election and a good way to wreck a country." photo for Ready or NotMolly's words have proved prescient. Now it's up to us to raise hell. Formats: DVD, Digital. Extras: Additional Molly Ivins clips. (Magnolia Home Entertainment).

Ready or Not

(2019) Samara Weaving, Mark O’Brien, Adam Brody, Henry Czerny, Andie MacDowell. A bride's wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game. Read more about "Ready or Not" in the December Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. Extras: "Let the Games Begin: The Making of Ready or Not" three-part featurette, gag reel, audio commentary by Radio Silence and Samara Weaving. (Fox).

Red Handed

(2019) Michael Biehn, Christian Madsen, Owen Burke, Ryan Carnes, Kenzie Dalton, Michael Madsen. When their father is murdered, three brothers descend upon an Oregon mountain river to spread his ashes. After they arrive, one of their children goes missing. One of the brothers was himself abducted 30 years ago when they visited this same river, but he has blocked the incident out of his mind. Only by unlocking the mysteries inside his subconscious, will they be able find the child and return him to safety. Formats: DVD, Digital. (High Octane Pictures).

Santa Fake

(2019) Damian McGinty, Heather Morris, John Rhys-Davies, Judd Nelson. Pat Keeley (McGinty), an undocumented Northern Irish immigrant, has made his way to NYC where he is taken in, unwittingly, by a crime boss (Rhys-Davies). Asked to deliver two mysterious briefcases, naive Pat in a panic ends up in the wrong destination: Santa Fe, New Mexico. There he finds a home and a job as the shopping mall Santa Claus, allowing him to hide in plain sight from both the authorities and the gangsters he is trying to evade. As Pat gets wrapped deeper into the spirit of Christmas and his role as Santa Claus, he finds that the phony white beard and big red suit are more than just a handy disguise, but instead his real destiny. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Gravitas Ventures).


(2018 -- China) Chang Chen, Ni Ni, Liao Fan, Huang Jue, Liu Hua, Zhang Yicong, Li Guangjie. An action-packed heist thriller set on a remote mountain in northeastern China, the film follows a dogged detective as he squares off against a trio of violent crooks. Buried by treacherous photo for Savage conditions at the top of Mt. Baekdu, a policeman must brave the extreme conditions until he's relieved from his post. When a group of thieves stumbles into the station in search of safe shelter, the night turns into a fight for survival as the two sides must put aside their differences to outlast the night. Formats: Blu-ray, Digital. (Well Go USA).

Semper Fi

(2019) Jai Courtney, Nat Wolff, Finn Wittrock, Beau Knapp, Arturo Castro, Leighton Meester. Cal (Courtney) is a by-the-book police officer who, along with his close-knit group of childhood friends, makes ends meet as a Marine Corps reservist. When Cal’s reckless younger half-brother, Oyster (Wolff), is arrested after a bar fight and given an unfair prison sentence, Cal – driven by his loyalty to family and fierce code of honor – fights for Oyster in this gripping tale of brotherhood and sacrifice. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: Audio commentary with writer-director Henry-Alex Rubin, “Loyalty and Brotherhood: Making Semper Fi” featurette, “A Battle of Honor: Where Devotion Lies” featurette, deleted scenes. (Lionsgate).
photo for Sesame Street: 50th Anniversary Celebration

Sesame Street: 50th Anniversary Celebration

(2019) Join host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the residents of Sesame Street — humans and monsters alike — to celebrate 50 years of learning, laughter, and love. Familiar felt faces like Roosevelt Franklin, Don Music, Sherlock Hemlock, and The Amazing Mumford join original Sesame Street cast members and celebrity guests like Norah Jones, Nile Rodgers, Sterling K. Brown, Meghan Trainor, Patti LaBelle, Elvis Costello and more in this heartwarming special. "Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration" reimagines classic segments and songs as the Sesame Street gang gets ready for a big party to celebrate the neighborhood’s 50th birthday. When the famous street sign goes missing before the party, it’s up to Elmo, Rosita, Grover, and Abby to track it down, while Big Bird and Snuffy plan a surprise of their own. Formats: DVD, Digital. Extras: Elmo’s World: Celebration, "50 Years In 50 Seconds." (Sesame Workshop/Shout Kids).

The Shasta Triangle

(2019) Dani Lennon, Ayanna Berkshire, Helenna Santos, Madeline Merritt. A young woman returns to her hometown to uncover the truth about her father's disappearance. Deep in the woods, she and her childhood friends battle ancient and terrifying forces controlling the town. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Giant Pictures).

The Simpsons: The Complete Nineteenth Season

(2007-08) Four-disc set with all 20 episodes. Includes such episodes as the Sideshow Bob focused adventure “Funeral for a Fiend,” the WGA-nominated “Homer of Seville,” and the Emmy-winning “Eternal Moonshine of the Simpsons Mind.” Guest stars include returning fan favorites Kelsey Grammer as the aforementioned Sideshow Bob, David Hyde Pierce as his brother Cecil Terwilliger and Glenn Close as Mona Simpson, as well as Stephen Colbert, Matt Dillon, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jack Black, “Weird Al” Yankovic and more. Formats: DVD. Extras: Audio commentaries on all 20 episodes, introduction by Matt Groening, "Special Language Feature," "Thank You." (Fox).

The Simpsons: The Complete Seasons 1-20 Limited Edition

The collection contains every episode from the series’ first 20 seasons. Formats: DVD. (Fox).
photo for Slaughterhouse-Five


(1972) Past, present and future collide in darkly satirical fashion. Based on Kurt Vonnegut's classic 1969 novel, this tale of time travel and alien abduction emerged as part of a wave of more cerebral science-fiction films in the late 60s to early 70s, elevating the genre beyond the B-movie fare of previous decades. Upstate New York, 1968: Mild-mannered Billy Pilgrim (Michael Sacks) finds himself "unstuck in time." Traveling back and forth across the entire span of his existence, he experiences key events of his life in a random order, including his formative years, the firebombing of Dresden and finally, at some undefined point in the future, his surreal adventures on a distant planet. Praised by Vonnegut himself for its fidelity to his novel, "Slaughterhouse-Five" boasts assured direction by George Roy Hill. Hill was a idiosyncratic director, moving from such early films as the pat comedy "Period of Adjustment" to Lillian Hellman's "Toys in the Attic" to the offbeat "The World of Henry Orient" before hitting the jackpot with "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." "Slaughterhouse-Five" followed on that success but was not as enthusiastically received. "The Sting" restored Hill's position as a bankable director, and he went on to direct several more unusual projects, including the Paul Newman-starrer hockey film "Slap Shot" and an adaptation of John Irving's "The World According to Garp." Restored in 4K from the original camera negative, "Slaughterhouse-Five" features a memorable score by renowned concert pianist Glenn Gould. Stars Michael Sacks, Perry King, Valerie Perrine, Ron Leibman and Eugene Roche. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: New audio commentary by author and critic Troy Howarth; new video appreciation with author and critic Kim Newman; "Pilgrim's Progress: Playing Slaughterhouse-Five," a new video interview with actor Perry King; "Only on Earth: Presenting Slaughterhouse-Five," a new video interview with Rocky Lang, son of executive producer Jennings Lang, about the film's distribution; "Unstuck in Time: Documenting Slaughterhouse-Five," a new video interview with behind-the-scenes filmmaker/producer Robert Crawford, Jr.; "Eternally Connected: Composing Slaughterhouse-Five," a new video interview with film music historian Daniel Schweiger; theatrical trailer; reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Corey Brickley. (Arrow Video/MVD Entertainment).

The Story of Temple Drake

(1933) Loosely adapted from William Faulkner's controversial novel "Sanctuary," this notorious pre-Code melodrama stars Miriam Hopkins as Temple Drake, the coquettish granddaughter of a respected small-town judge. When a boozehound date strands her at a bootleggers' hideout, Temple is subjected to an act of nightmarish sexual violence and plunged into a criminal underworld that threatens to swallow her up completely. Steeped in Southern-gothic shadows by influential cinematographer Karl Struss and shot through with moral ambiguity, "The Story of Temple Drake" is a harrowing vision of sin and salvation that boasts an astonishing lead performance from the fiery Hopkins, whose passage through the stations of terror, trauma, and redemption is a true tour-de-force of screen acting. High-definition digital restoration. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Extras: New program featuring a conversation between cinematographer John Bailey and Matt Severson, director of the Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, about the film's visual style, along with archival materials relating to its production; new program with critic Imogen Sara Smith about the complexity of the film and its central performance by Hopkins; new interview with critic Mick LaSalle about the film, censorship, and the Production Code; an essay by critic Geoffrey O'Brien. (The Criterion Collection).
photo for That Pärt Feeling - The Universe of Ärvo Part

That Pärt Feeling - The Universe of Ärvo Part

(2018) Intimate documentary following the brilliant, reclusive Estonian composer as he collaborates with the Cello Octet Amsterdam. Pärt is the most performed living composer in the world, but he is considered to be something of a recluse, and his person and work have rarely been documented on film. Here, home viewers get to know Pärt as an artist combining an incredible sensitivity with humor and energy in his work. His reputation stems from his deeply-held belief that it's not through words that a great artist communicates, but simply through music. Though he may seem reclusive in his person, what he wants to say and what he means is written in notes. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Film Movement).

This is Our Home

(2019) Jeff Ayars, Simone Policano. Chilling account of a struggling couple who, during a weekend getaway, are greeted in the middle of the night by a child claiming to be their son. Formats: DVD, VOD. (Uncork’d Entertainment).

To Be of Service

(2019) From Oscar-nominated Josh Aronson and featuring a new song from Jon Bon Jovi, this is a documentary about veterans suffering from PTSD who are paired with a service dog to help them regain their lives. Returning home for these vets is often plagued by depression and a painful disconnect from the world they once knew. Family, old friends and jobs seem foreign, and newly returned warriors often struggle to return to a normal civilian life. The film follows these warriors with their dogs as this deeply bonded friendship restores independence and feeling for the men and women who so courageously served our country. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (First Run Features).
photo for TUNES OF GLORY

Tunes of Glory

(1960) In Ronald Neame's "Tunes of Glory," the incomparable Alec Guinness plays Jock Sinclair -- a whiskey-drinking, up-by-the-bootstraps commanding officer of a peacetime Scottish battalion. A lifetime military man, Sinclair expects respect and loyalty from his men. But when Basil Barrow (John Mills) -- an educated, by-the-book scion of a military family-enters the scene as Sinclair's replacement, the two men engage in a fierce struggle for control of both the battalion and the hearts and minds of its men. Based on the novel by James Kennaway and featuring flawless performances by Guinness and Mills, "Tunes of Glory" uses the rigid stratification of military life to comment on the institutional contradictions and class hierarchies of English society, making for an unexpectedly moving drama. New 4K digital restoration. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Extras: Interview from 2003 with director Ronald Neame, audio interview from 2002 with actor John Mills, television interview from 1973 with actor Alec Guinness, trailer, an essay by film scholar Robert Murphy. (The Criterion Collection).

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December 10

American Rampage / Danger USA

Two hidden gems of 80s action. "American Rampage" (1989): Kary Jane, Thomas Elliott, Troy Donahue. Rookie vice cop Samantha York uncovers the biggest, deadliest drug cartel in Los Angeles, costing the lives of several partners in the pursuit of justice. Finally pushing too far, Sam goes rogue to confront the cartel head-on, sending the bullets flying and squibs gushing. "Danger USA" (1989): Dan Haggerty, Lyle Waggoner, Martha Kincare. Fending off a quipping cat burglar in a house on the back of a moving 18 wheeler, we meet action film star Shana at a screening for her latest movie. But life imitates art when mercenaries murder her family in pursuit of her scientist father's "Dream Room" invention, which may hold the secrets to life after death. Now Shana must become a real-life action hero to avenge the deaths of the ones she loved. The film is a high concept mash-up of genre plotlines and gonzo set-pieces, with a killer synth score to boot. Brand New 2k Restorations from the original elements for both films. Formats: Blu-ray. (Massacre Video ).
photo for The Anne Bancroft Collection

The Anne Bancroft Collection

Celebrate the extraordinary film career of actress-writer-director Anne Bancroft in the first-ever collection of her most iconic performances, on Blu-ray. The collection, curated by Bancroft’s husband, the inimitable writer-director-producer Mel Brooks, includes "Don’t Bother to Knock" (1952), "The Miracle Worker" (1962), "The Pumpkin Eater" (1964), "The Graduate" (1967), "Fatso" (1980)," To Be or Not to Be" (1983), and for the first time on Blu-ray, "Agnes of God "(1985) and "84 Charing Cross Road" (1987). Packaged with a wealth of bonus features, "The Anne Bancroft Collection" also includes a new 20-page booklet with an essay by film writer Alicia Malone that delves into Bancroft’s childhood, early career, and her most profound work. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Interviews, commentaries, featurette, image galleries, isolated music scores, more. (Shout! FACTORY).

Doc Martin, Series 9

(2019) Three-disc set with all eight episodes of one of the most successful British series in the U.S. and beyond. In Series 9 all is not well for brilliant but blunt Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes). To Martin’s utter disgust, his medical practice remains under official scrutiny because of his pre-existing blood phobia, and he is forced to attend refresher courses starting with phlebotomy. His wife, Louisa (Caroline Catz) and aunt Ruth (Eileen Atkins) urge him to take this risk to his career seriously, but events conspire against him. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurettes with the cast. (Acorn Media).

5 Galaxies (aka A. I. Tales)

(2018) Pom Klementieff, Eric Roberts, Neil Jackson. Five interlocking, futuristic, science fiction tales about space, technology, and family that take place in different dimensions and time zones, whether its love found in time of over-population or exploration of the unknown and space travel. Features segments from such visionary filmmakers as Nelson Lee, Kristen Hilkert, Amir Reichart, Vitaly Verlov and Marc-Henri Boulier. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Uncork’d Entertainment).
photo for The Fly Collection

The Fly Collection

Five-disc set consists of the chilling original trilogy, the eye-popping 80s remake and its sequel. "The Curse of the Fly" and "The Return of the Fly" are presented here for the first time on Blu-ray in North America. "The Fly" (1958) starring Vincent Price and David Hedison; "The Return of the Fly" (1959), in which the son of the original scientist continues his father’s work; "The Curse of the Fly" (1965), in which a woman finds she’s married into the wrong family, starring Brian Donlevy; David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of "The Fly," electrified audiences with its ground-breaking, gooey effects and the riveting performance by Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle, a scientist whose teleporting experiment takes a tragic toll; and the sequel to the remake, "The Fly II" (1989), which stars Eric Stoltz as Seth Brundle’s son, who is beginning to show the effects of his father’s experiment. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Audio commentaries, trailers, featurettes, TV spots, still galleries, test footage, extended scenes, alternate endings, interviews, more. (Scream Factory). Read More Here.


(2018) Emile Hirsch, Bruce Dern, Grace Park, Amanda Crew, Lexy Kolker. Kept locked inside the house by her father, 7-year-old Chloe lives in fear and fascination of the outside world, where Abnormals create a constant threat – or so she believes. When a mysterious stranger offers her a glimpse of what’s really happening outside, Chloe soon finds that while the truth isn’t so simple, the danger is very real. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: Directors' commentary, behind the scenes. trailers. (Well Go USA).
photo for Fritz Lang's Indian Epic: The Tiger of Eschnapur and The Indian Tomb

Fritz Lang's Indian Epic: The Tiger of Eschnapur and The Indian Tomb

(1959 -- Germany) After more than two decades of exile in Hollywood, master filmmaker Fritz Lang triumphantly returned to his native Germany to direct a lavish two-part serialized cliffhanger from a story he co-authored almost 40 years earlier: 1959's "The Tiger Of Eschnapur" and "The Indian Tomb," which together would become known as "Fritz Lang's Indian Epic". A cinematic link between the classic silent serials and the modern action/adventures of Indiana Jones, "Fritz Lang's Indian Epic" was the director's penultimate work. Operating outside the Hollywood system and given more freedom and resources than he had seen in years, Lang returned to remake the exotic adventure "The Indian Tomb," which he originally helped to pen in 1921 but didn't have the opportunity to direct himself. With breathtaking location shoots, a large international cast, elaborate sets and a jungle's worth of danger and treachery, Lang crafted a blend of evocative images and montage that, in the twilight of his career, once again proved him a virtuoso of film form. In "The Tiger Of Eschnapur," Western architect Harold Berger (Paul Hubschmid), called to India by Chandra, the Maharaja of Eschnapur, falls in love with the beautiful temple dancer Seetha (Debra Paget), although she is promised to the Maharaja. Their betrayal ignites the wrath of a vengeful Chandra, who is fighting his own battle for power with his scheming half-brother, Ramigani, leading to the lovers' daring escape into the desert. In Part Two, "The Indian Tomb," the doomed lovers are rescued by sympathetic desert villagers, only to be later given up for ransom. Seetha is captured and sent back to Eschnapur, where she must perform a death-defying (and famouosly erotic) temple dance to prove her innocence. Meanwhile, Ramigani incites a revolt against the Maharaja and uses both Berger and Seetha as pawns in his plot to seize the throne. 4K restoration. Formats: Two-disc DVD, two-disc Blu-ray, Digital. Extras: Audio commentaries by film historian David Kalat; "The Indian Epic" documentary; "Debra Paget, For Example," a video essay by filmmaker Mark Rappaport; 20-page booklet with an essay by film scholar Tom Gunning. (Film Movement).

Hard Night Falling

(2019) Dolph Lundgren, Natalie Burn, Hal Yamanouchi. After years fighting crime at Interpol, agent Michael Anderson (Lundgren) takes the night off to reconnect with his estranged wife and teen daughter at an Italian villa. But their peaceful night is shattered as mastermind Goro and his mercenaries invade the property, hoping to find a lost cache of gold. With his family in danger, Anderson summons his team of crack operatives to help turn the tide and wipe Goro off the map. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Lionsgate).
photo for Holly Near: Singing for Our Lives

Holly Near: Singing for Our Lives

(2018) Singer, songwriter, and social activist Holly Near has been performing for well over 50 years and in the process created what Gloria Steinem called "the first soundtrack of the women's movement." From small-town Northern California to sold-out shows on some of the most iconic stages to million-person peace marches, this film documents the story of the activist and her art. Soaring anthems that call for women's rights, gay rights, anti-war protests and all human rights, Near's music speaks directly to the world's young political activists of today. Featuring new interviews with Steinem, Jane Fonda, the late Ronnie Gilbert, and the late Tom Hayden with appearances by Pete Seeger, and others, this new music documentary, which previously aired on American Masters, elevates Near to her deserved status of iconic artist and activist, and speaks to anyone who believes in peace, justice, feminism, and humanity. Formats: DVD, Digital. Extras: Over 30 minutes of additional interviews, live performances of "One Good Song" and "Somebody's Jail." (Omnibus Entertainment).
photo for Hustlers


(2019) Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Cardi B, Lizzo, Madeline Brewer, Mette Towley, Trace Lysette, Mercedes Ruehl. Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. Read more about "Hustlers" in the December Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: Feature commentary with director Lorene Scafaria, trailers. (Universal).

It Chapter Two

(2019) James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Bean, Bill Skarsgård. Defeated by members of the Losers' Club, the evil clown Pennywise returns 27 years later to terrorize the town of Derry, Maine, once again. Read more about "It Chapter Two" in the December Calendar. photo for It Chapter TwoFormats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: "Pennywise Lives Again!", "This Meeting of the Losers Club Has Officially Begun," "Finding the Deadlights," "The Summers of IT: Chapter One, You’ll Float Too," "The Summers of IT: Chapter Two, IT Ends." Blu-ray adds commentary with Director Andy Muschietti. (Warners).

It's Huge

(2016) Obesity has become a defining issue of our era. This documentary is an epic journey for real people facing serious danger -- if they don’t lose weight they will die. Diets fail, sometimes surgery isn’t possible, so what happens to these people? This is the real story of five people who wanted to lose 100 to 200 pounds in a year. They were teamed with professionals willing to help them for free: doctors, fitness coaches, therapists, life coaches and nutritionists, all there to assist. Formats: DVD. (Indiecan Pictures).

The League of Legend Keepers

(2019) Isabella Blake-Thomas, Richard Tyson, Jake Brennan, Britt Flatmo, Marcelo Tubert, Abigail Titmuss. A family of archaeologists find a fifth magic pendant that has been missing for centuries but, unfortunately, a spirit has also been searching for the pendant. Once all the pendants are brought together, the shadows from the past are released. Will Sophie be able to save her town from the shadows? Formats: DVD, Digital. (Uncork’d Entertainment).
photo for The Limits of Control

The Limits of Control

(2009) When it comes to American independent cinema, there's no one quite like Jim Jarmusch, the celebrated auteur behind such classics as "Stranger Than Paradise" and "Only Lovers Left Alive." Eschewing his usual American landscapes in favor of a variety of locations throughout urban and rural Spain, his anti-thriller "The Limits of Control" remains one of his most alluring and multi-layered creations. An enigmatic loner (Isaach de Bankolé) arrives in Spain, instructed to make contact with a series of strangers in different locations throughout the country, each of whom provides a cryptic clue that propels him further towards his mysterious goal. But who is the Lone Man? Why is he here? And how does the recurring figure of an alluring femme fatale (Paz de la Huerta) fit into the puzzle? Boasting stunning cinematography by the award-winning Christopher Doyle ("In the Mood for Love") and featuring cameos from an array of celebrated character actors, including Tilda Swinton, Gael García Bernal and the late John Hurt, "The Limits of Control" is a languid, hauntingly beautiful film that combines the best of American and European arthouse sensibilities. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: "An American in Europe," a new video interview with Geoff Andrew, author of "Stranger Than Paradise: Maverick Film-Makers in Recent American Cinema"; "The Rituals of Control," a new video essay on the film by author and critic Amy Simmons; "Behind Jim Jarmusch," an archival documentary on the making of the film; "Untitled Landscapes," an archival featurette showcasing the film’s locations; theatrical trailer; reversible sleeve featuring two choices of artwork. (Arrow Video/MVD Entertainment).
photo for Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

(2019) Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne. Linda Ronstadt has been an icon for more than 50 years. Her extraordinary vocal range and ambition created unforgettable songs across rock, pop, country, folk ballads, American standards, classic Mexican music and soul. As the most popular female recording artist of the 1970s, Ronstadt filled huge arenas like no one had ever done and produced an astounding 11 platinum albums. Ronstadt was the first artist to top the Pop, Country, and R&B charts simultaneously, she won 10 Grammy Awards on 26 nominations and attained a level of stardom the Tucson native never could have fathomed. In this documentary, Ronstadt is our guide through her early years of singing Mexican canciones with her family; her folk days with the Stone Poneys; and her reign as the “rock queen” of the 70s and early 80s. She was a pioneer for women in the male-dominated music industry; an early advocate for human rights, and had a high-profile romance with California governor Jerry Brown. Ultimately, her incredible voice was lost to Parkinson’s disease, but her music and influence remain as timeless as ever. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: Additional interviews, theatrical trailer. (Greenwich Entertainment).
photo for The Loudest Voice

The Loudest Voice

(2019) The Showtime Original Limited Series seven-part drama is based on extensive reporting by Gabriel Sherman in his bestselling book, "The Loudest Voice in the Room," which includes interviews with more than 600 people and Sherman's reporting for New York Magazine. The jaw-dropping series stars Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller and Seth MacFarlane. Even after his passing, no figure looms larger in today's politically charged media landscape than Roger Ailes (Crowe), who molded Fox News into a force that irrevocably changed the conversation about the highest levels of government. The series delves into the events that led to the rise of the modern Republican Party, and touches on the defining events in Ailes' life, including experiences with world leaders that gave birth to his political career and the sexual harassment accusations and settlements that brought his Fox News reign to an end. Formats: DVD. Extras: "Creating The Loudest Voice" behind-the-scenes featurette with Crowe, Watts, MacFarlane, and writer and co-executive producer Gabriel Sherman. (Showtine/CBS/Paramount).

Lucky Day

(2019) Crispin Glover, Nina Dobrev, Luke Bracey. Finally out of prison, safe-cracker Red (Bracey) rejoins his wife (Dobrev) and daughter and vows to go straight. But psychotic French hit-man Luc (Glover) has also come to town, seeking revenge against Red for the death of Luc’s brother — leading to a very unlucky showdown. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. (Lionsgate).
photo for Millennium Actress BLU-RAY DEBUT

Millennium Actress BLU-RAY DEBUT

(2001 -- Japan) When the legendary Ginei Studios shuts down, filmmaker Genya Tachibana and his assistant are tasked with interviewing its reclusive star, Chiyoko Fujiwara, who had retired from the spotlight 30 years prior. As Chiyoko recounts her career, Genya and his crew are literally pulled into her memories where they witness her chance encounter with a mysterious man on the run from the police. Despite never knowing his name or his face, Chiyoko relentlessly pursues that man in a seamless blend of reality and memory that only Satoshi Kon ("Perfect Blue," "Paprika," "Tokyo Godfathers") could deliver. Includes the original Japanese audio and a new English dub. Formats: Blu-ray/DVD Combo, Digital. Extras: Interviews. (Shout! Factory).
photo for

Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood

(2019) Dir.: Quentin Tarantino; Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Emile Hirsch, Margaret Qualley, Timothy Olyphant, Austin Butler, Dakota Fanning, Bruce Dern, Al Pacino, Luke Perry. A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles. Read more about "Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood" in the December Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: More than 20 minutes of additional scenes. Blu-ray adds five behind-the-scenes-pieces: "Quentin Tarantino’s Love Letter to Hollywood," "Bob Richardson – For the Love of Film," "Shop Talk – The Cars of 1969," "Restoring Hollywood – The Production Design of Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood," "The Fashion of 1969." (Sony).
photo for OLD JOY

Old Joy

(2006) Two old friends reunite for a quietly revelatory overnight camping trip in Kelly Reichardt's breakout feature, a microbudget study of character and masculinity that introduced many viewers to one of contemporary American cinema's most independent artists. As they drive from Portland into the woods in search of a secluded hot spring, expectant father Mark (Daniel London) and nomadic Kurt (Will Oldham) make fumbling attempts to reconnect, butting up against the limits of their friendship and coming to grips with just how much their paths have diverged since their shared youth. Adapted from a short story by Jonathan Raymond and accompanied by an atmospheric Yo La Tengo score, "Old Joy" is a contemplative, wryly observed triumph whose modest scale belies the richness of its insight. New 2K digital restoration, approved by director Kelly Reichardt and cinematographer Peter Sillen. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc with uncompressed stereo soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Extras: New interviews with Reichardt, Sillen, and author Jonathan Raymond; new conversation between actors Daniel London and Will Oldham; trailer; an essay by film critic Ed Halter and (Blu-ray only) the short story by Raymond on which the film is based. (The Criterion Collection).


(2019 -- Italy) Francesco Di Napoli, Viviana Aprea, Mattia Piano Del Balzo. Based on the 2018 novel "La Paranza dei Bambini" (The Children’s Parade) by co-screenwriter Roberto Saviano, whose 2006 book "Gomorrah" was made into the 2008 film of the same name. Fifteen-year-old Nicola (Di Napoli) lives with his mother and younger brother in the Sanità neighborhood of Naples, an area that has been controlled by the Camorra Mafia for centuries. Dreaming of a life lush with designer clothing and elite nightclub bottle service, Nicola and his group of friends create a new paranza, a gang. Learning how to cheat and steal, along with how to shoot semiautomatic pistols and AK-47s, they break into the local drug trade, a portal to the violent, power-hungry world of Mafia crime. In short order, Nicola and his cohorts’ rapid rise and envelopment in their new world soon begins to threaten their innocence and relationships, as well as the safety of their families. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. Extras: "Making of Piranhas" featurette, interview with co-screenwriter Roberto Saviano. (Music Box Films).


(2018 -- Argentina) Dario Grandinetti, Andrea Frigerio, Alfredo Castro. Set in Argentina during the Dirty War of the mid-seventies, on the eve of the nation’s descent into a military dictatorship, Benjamín Naishtat’s hypnotic neo-noir drama follows Claudio (Grandinetti), a renowned lawyer living a seemingly picture-perfect life in a deceptively quiet provincial city. One night, a stranger starts insulting Claudio in a restaurant for no apparent reason. The community supports him and the stranger is humiliated and removed. Later that night, the stranger -- determined to wreak a terrible vengeance -- intercepts Claudio and his wife Susana (Frigerio). Claudio then starts down a path of no return involving death, secrets, and silence -- further complicated by the arrival of a Chilean private detective (Castro). Formats: DVD, Digital. (Icarus Films).
photo for Tattoo Rising

Tattoo Rising

(2019) From antiquity to the present, the documentary reveals the artistic and historical roots of today’s tattoo explosion. This sweeping overview explores how tattoos were used in early Christian practices, how they were discovered halfway around the world during the voyages of Captain James Cook, and how they exploded in popularity in America beginning with artists like Ed Hardy. "Tattoo Uprising" features some of the most extraordinary people of the tattoo world including Hardy, Stoney St. Clair, Cynthia Witkin, Anne de Hey! and others, as well as unforgettable appearances by filmmakers Les Blank and Werner Herzog, who allows a rare glimpse at his Ed Hardy tattoo. Formats: DVD, Digital. (First Run Features).

Twin Peaks: From Z to A

The whole universe of the hauntingly mysterious cultural phenomenon "Twin Peaks" is now packaged together in this definitive edition limited to only 25,000 copies. The set includes both seasons of the original series, with the U.S. and international versions of the pilot; "A Limited Event Series, Fire Walk with Me" and its deleted scenes: The Missing Pieces; never-before-released behind-the-scenes footage from the making of all 18 parts; a brand new interview with Kyle MacLachlan (Special Agent Dale Cooper) and Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer); a newly produced featurette with Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy) and Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Moran); full-length, unedited versions of a number of the musical performances at The Roadhouse photo for Twin Peaks: From Z To A Bar from A Limited Event Series; many special features from previous "Twin Peaks" releases; and a 4K UHD disc of both the original pilot newly transferred from film elements and “Part 8” of "A Limited Event Series." The 21-disc collection will be housed in packaging with an exterior adorned by a wraparound vista of haunting and majestic Douglas Fir trees. Once opened, a depiction of the infamous Red Room is revealed with its brown and crème chevron floor and brilliant red curtains. Sitting in front of the red curtain will be an exclusive die-cut acrylic figure of Laura Palmer kissing Special Agent Dale Cooper. This acrylic figure comes inside a plastic display holder held in place by magnets. Fans will have the option of leaving the figure in place inside The Red Room environment or removing and displaying it elsewhere. The plastic holder can also serve as an easel to display individual images from The Red Room Gallery, a curated set of 5” x 5” printed cards depicting memorable moments in The Red Room. Each package will also contain an individually numbered collectible certificate. Formats: Blu-ray. (Paramount).

Until The End of the World

(1991) Conceived as the ultimate road movie, this decades-in-the-making science-fiction epic from Wim Wenders follows the restless Claire Tourneur (Solveig Dommartin) across continents as she pursues a mysterious stranger (William Hurt) in possession of a device that can make the blind see and bring dream images to waking life. With an eclectic soundtrack that gathers a host of the director's favorite musicians, along with gorgeous cinematography by Robby Müller, this breathless adventure in the shadow of Armageddon takes its heroes to the ends of the earth photo for UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLDand into the oneiric depths of their own souls. Presented here in its 287-minute director's cut, "Until the End of the World" assumes its rightful place as Wenders' magnum opus, a cosmic ode to the pleasures and perils of the image and a prescient meditation on cinema's digital future. New 4K digital restoration, commissioned by the Wim Wenders Foundation and supervised by director Wim Wenders. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Extras: New introduction by Wenders; new interview with Wenders about the film's soundtrack; new conversation between Wenders and musician David Byrne; behind-the-scenes program detailing the creation of the film's high-definition sequences; interview with Wenders from 2001; "Up Down Under Roma," a 1993 interview with Wenders on his experiences in Australia; "The Song," a short film by Uli M Schueppel detailing the recording of "(I'll Love You) Till the End of the World" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; deleted scenes; trailer; essays by critics Bilge Ebiri and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky on the film and its soundtrack. (The Criterion Collection).


(1967 -- USSR) Leonid Kuravlyov, Natalya Varley, Aleksey Glazyrin. Based on the classic novella by Nikolai Gogol – and previously adapted by Mario Bava as "Black Sunday" – this is the first horror film ever produced in the Soviet Union. In 19th century Russia, a seminary student is forced to spend three nights with the corpse of a beautiful young witch. But when she rises from the dead to seduce him, it summons a nightmare of fear, desire, and the ultimate demonic mayhem. Bursting with startling imagery and stunning practical effects by directors Konstantin Yershov and Georgi Kropachyov, this overlooked classic has influenced generations of directors for more than half a century and is still unlike any horror movie you’ve ever seen. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: "VIY the Vampire": An interview with Richard Stanley; "From the Woods to the Cosmos": John Leman Riley on the history of Soviet fantasy and sci-fi film; short silent films: "Satan Exultant," "The Queen of Spades," and "The Portrait"; trailer. (Severin Films).

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photo for Abominable


(2019) Voices of Chloe Bennet, Sarah Paulson, Eddie Izzard, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Albert Tsa, Tsai Chin, Michelle Wong. Animated family adventure about three teenagers who must help a Yeti return to his family while avoiding a wealthy man and a zoologist who want it for their own needs. Read more about "Abominable" in the December Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: DreamWorks short: "Marooned," about a cantankerous and selfish robot named C-0R13 who, stranded on an abandoned lunar outpost, longs to return to Earth; "Show and Tell" magic show; deleted scenes; "Making a Myth (Movie)" featurette; "Animating Abominable"; "Meet the Cast"; "Your Yeti Care Guide"; "Courage to Dream" featurette; "An Abominable Tour With Chloe Bennet"; "Everest’s Talk Box"; "Cooking With Nai Nai" featurette on how to make Nai Nai’s famous pork buns in real life; "How to Abominable" how-to-draw character featurette; "You Can Speak Yeti-Ese"; "Nai Nai Says" life lessons; feature commentary. (Universal).


(2019) Sean Patrick Flanery, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Liddell, Natalie Burn, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Danny Trejo. Actioner follows skilled getaway driver Rhona (Burn) across Los Angeles on her one-night quest to complete a list of five dangerous assignments to save her kidnapped son from her former boss, the ruthless crime lord Vladik (Lundgren). The tic-tock of the clock goes by faster and faster as Rhona struggles to deal with the violent and depraved delinquents she must eliminate to save her son's life. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD. (Cinedigm).
photo for Ad Astra

Ad Astra

(2019) Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland. Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father (Tommy Lee Jones) and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe. Read more about "Ad Astra" in the December Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo, VOD, Digital. Blu-ray extras: Deleted scenes, "To the Stars," "A Man Named Roy," "The Crew of the Cepheus," "The Art of Ad Astra," "Reach for the Stars," audio commentary by director James Gray. (Fox).

Avenging Angelo/Shade (Sylvester Stallone Double Feature)

AVENGING ANGELO (2002): Action superstar Sylvester Stallone stars as Frankie Delano, a tough as nails bodyguard, protecting a mafia kingpin's (Anthony Quinn) daughter (Madeleine Stowe) from photo for Avenging Angelo/Shade (Sylvester Stallone Double Feature) being the next hit. sHADE (2003): The hand is quicker than the eye in L.A.'s underground gambling scene, hustlers get hustled and fortunes ride on every deal. Three small-time grifters devise a plan to beat the ultimate card mechanic - The Dean (Sylvester Stallone). But a seat at the Dean's table doesn't come cheap. Formats: DVD. (MVD Marquee Collection).

Arise From Darkness

(2016) Zachary Laoutides, Mónica Esmeralda León, Samuel Younan, Mark Galilea Mendoza. Based on the early events of psychic Lazaro Ruben Torres, clinically declared dead five times. In the process of trying to reconnect with his daughter, Lazaro discovers the man who killed her. Formats: DVD. (Indiecan Pictures).

Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground

(2018) Made when she was just 18 years old, Barbara Rubin's art-porn masterpiece "Christmas On Earth" (1963-65) shocked NYC's experimental film scene and inspired NYC's thriving underground. For the next four years her filmmaking and irrepressible energy helped shatter artistic and photo for Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Undergroundsexist boundaries. A mythical "Zelig" of the sixties, she introduced Andy Warhol to the Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan to the Kabbalah. But beyond shaping the spirit of the sixties, Barbara was seeking the deeper meaning of life. After retiring to a farm with Allen Ginsberg, she shocked everyone by converting to Hasidic Judaism, marrying and moving to France to live an anonymous life. Tragically, she died in 1980 after giving birth to her fifth child. For years, Jonas Mekas treasured all of Barbara's letters and films and cherished her memory. Working with Mekas' footage, the film takes us inside the world and mind of Barbara Rubin; a woman who truly believed that film could change the world. Critics have christened her The American Rimbaud, for the poetry of her work, the trajectory of her life, and her legacy. This bold, enthusiastic documentary details the unsung yet important role played by Rubin in the 1960s artistic counterculture and provides an evocative portrait of a vibrant and mysterious artist. Formats: DVD. (Juno Films).

Bernie the Dolphin 2

(2019) Lola Sultan, Logan Allen, Kevin Sorbo, Patrick Muldoon. Kevin and Holly are thrilled that their dolphin friend Bernie has come back to the harbor. But so has their old enemy Winston, who’s just gotten out of prison. As the kids have fun with playful dolphin Rascal and sassy parrot Mango, Winston is forced by his old partner to help kidnap the talented Bernie. Can Kevin and Holly uncover the scheme and save their splashy friend before it’s too late? Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Lionsgate).

Beverly Hills Cop 3-Movie Collection 4K Ultra HD

"Beverly Hills Cop," "Beverly Hills Cop II" and "Beverly Hills Cop III," newly remastered. Celebrating its 35th anniversary, the action-comedy Classic "Beverly Hills Cop" follows the one-and-only Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy), a street-smart cop from Detroit. Tracking down his best friend's killer in Beverly Hills, Axel smashes through the local barriers in a hilarious, high-speed pursuit of justice. Formats: 4K Ultra HD. A 3-Movie Blu-ray Collection will be available January 14, 2020. Extras: Two never-before-seen deleted scenes; four new behind-the-scenes featurettes incorporating vintage 1984 interviews; an isolated audio track of the original score by Harold Faltermeyer; “BHC Mixtape ‘84”, which allows viewers to go directly to the scenes featuring the hit songs “The Heat Is On,” “Neutron Dance,” “New Attitude,” “Stir It Up,” “Do You Really,” and “Nasty Girl.” Vintage extras: Commentary by director Martin Brest, "Beverly Hills Cop—The Phenomenon Begins," "A Glimpse Inside the Casting Process," "The Music of Beverly Hills Cop," location map, theatrical trailer. (Paramount).

Bonanza: The Official Tenth Season

(1968-69) Volume One is a four-disc set with all 16 episodes, Volume Two is a four-disk set with 14 episodes, digitally remastered and restored from original 35mm film material. "Bonanza" was one of the longest running westerns in the history of television and follows the photo for Bonanza: The Official Tenth Season fictional story of Ben Cartwright (Lome Greene) and his three sons, Adam (Pernell Roberts), Ross (Dan Blocker), and Little Joe (Michael Landon) as they defend their thousand-acre ranch, known as the Ponderosa, from threatening outsiders. In the 10th season, Hoss is in line for a hanging when he is accused of murdering a wealthy man, while Ben Cartwright is put in charge of a vicious criminal with no help from the City of Virginia. Dangers continue to face the Cartwrights in the lawless west as they fight to keep justice and peace in the community. The jam packed tenth season includes guest stars Yaphet Kotto, John Marley, Tom Bosley, Slim Pickens, Jack Kruschen and many more. Formats: DVD. Volume One Extras: On location and behind-the-scenes photos, new introduction and epilogue by actor Mitch Vogel (Jamie Hunter Cartwright), commentary by of Andrew J. Klyde (Bonanza Ventures) on "Mark of Guilt." Volume Two Extras: On location and behind-the-scenes photos, original vintage network trailer for "The Fence," photo gallery of the "Ponderosa Soundstage Dedication Ceremony," excerpt from the February 17, 1969 episode the "The Jack Benny Birthday Special" featuring Dan Blocker. (CBS/Paramount).


(2019) Paul Anthony Rogers, Michael Armata, Anthony Hoang, Jordan Mitchell-Love, Eddie Nason. A group of friends make a bet to survive on an island. Unbeknownst to them, a mysterious old creature begins hunting them throughout the night. What began as an innocent bet quickly turns into a fight for survival and, as night falls, this becomes a fight to the death that no one had anticipated. Formats: DVD, VOD. (Uncork'd Entertainment).
photo for Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

(2019) Matthew Goode, Tuppence Middleton, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle Dockery, Allen Leech, Kate Phillips, Joanne Froggatt, Laura Carmichael, Imelda Staunton, Robert James-Collier, Sophie McShera, Raquel Cassidy, Jim Carter, Phyllis Logan. Based on the award-winning television series, the movie sees the original cast return, alongside a host of newcomers, and chronicles the Crawley family one year after the conclusion of the series, as they prepare for the most important moment of their lives: an impending visit from the Royal Family. Read more about "Downton Abbey" in the December Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: Feature commentary with director Michael Engler; deleted scenes; cast conversations; "The Royal Visit"; "True to the Twenties"; "Welcome to Downton Abbey" behind-the-scenes look at the grandeur of Highclere Castle and how it serves as a cornerstone in the Downton Abbey franchise; "The Brilliance of (Downton Abbey writer) Julian Fellowes. Blu-ray adds "Downton Abbey Series Recap." (Universal).
photo for Famine


(2011) Karyn Halpin, Nathan Durec, Glenn Hoffmann. Two years after a high-school prank that nearly killed popular teacher Mr. Balszack during the school's annual famine, the graduating class of Sloppy Secondary try to forget the incident and decide to hold a 24-hour famine in hopes of making it an annual event again. It isn't long before students and staff start turning up dead at the hands of a killer masquerading as the school's mascot. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. (Unearthed Films).

A Feast of Man

(2017) Laurence Joseph Bond, Jesse Rudoy, Chris Shields, Katey Parker, Frank Mosley. When Gallagher, a wealthy and eccentric New York playboy prone to mischief dies unexpectedly, his closest socialite friends -- Dickie, Wolf, Judy, and Judy's fiancé, Ted -- are summoned to the late aristocrat's country home for a viewing of his video will. Only things don't go quite as photo for A Feast of ManWolf, the executor of the estate, had planned -- Gallagher's posthumous wish is to put his dearly beloved to the test: Each one will become a millionaire overnight if they can unanimously agree to consume his dead body and the group has until the end of the weekend to reach a decision. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Indiepix Films).

Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season

(2018) Two-disc set with all 13 episodes. The continuation of the ‘90s ABC series "Full House" in which eldest daughter D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) is now a veterinarian and recently widowed mother trying to raise three boys on her own. She's joined by her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and best friend Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) and Kimmy’s teenage daughter Ramona (Soni Bringas), who move in to lend their support and help raise D.J.’s kids. Additional members from the Full House original cast make guest appearances throughout the series. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Warner).

Gags the Clown

(2018) Lauren Ashley Carter, Tracey Perez, Evan Gamble, Aaron Christensen. Inspired by the viral media frenzy and worldwide phenomenon of "clown roaming." A small city in Wisconsin is terrorized by a mysterious clown who roams the streets late at night with nothing more than a handful of black balloons. The local news stations scramble to break the story on who he is and what he wants while a group of high schoolers see the clown’s arrival as an excuse to create a little trouble themselves. The police try to maintain order in a city that has gone clown crazy and a conservative podcast host vows to put a stop to the clown known as Gags while broadcasting his “clown hunt” on social media for the world to see. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: Original 2016 short film, gag(s) reel, featurette, and more. (Doppelgänger Releasing/Bloody Disgusting).
photo for guide-saints

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

(2006) Robert Downey Jr., Shia LaBeouf, Dianne Wiest, Channing Tatum. A coming-of-age drama that captures the mid-1980s in the toughest neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. Dito (Downey), called home after 15 years because his father (Chazz Palminteri) is ill, encounters old friends -- the ones he lost, the ones he left behind, the ones he can't help but remember. These are Dito's saints. An honest account of a bittersweet return to a neighborhood where relationships can never be what they once were, Dito's story is about to come to terms with a father's rage and a father's love. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. (MVD Marquee Collection).

Monochrome: Black White & Blue

(2018) Director Jon Brewer ("B.B. King: The Life of Riley") lovingly defragments the history of not only blues music but also the plight of the people in America's deep south, bringing the photo for Monochrome: Black White & Bluestory of blues to life through powerful interviews, live musical performances and sweeping landscapes. Featuring a remarkable list of renowned artists and luminaries such as Morgan Freeman, Chuck Berry, Bill Wyman, B.B. King, Jake Bugg, Carlos Santana, Ronnie Wood Eric Clapton, Robert Cray and many more. From America's deep South, to Detroit and New York this captivating and enlightening documentary special traces the evolution of blues through pivotal moments in American history. Formats: DVD. (MVD Visual).


(2018) Alex Kendrick, Ben Davies, Priscilla C. Shirer, Shari Rigby, Elizabeth Becka, Holly A. Morris, Kendrick Cross. An inspirational, edge-of-your-seat experience in the family-friendly sports drama. Life changes overnight for coach John Harrison (Kendrick) after he loses his basketball team and is challenged by the school’s principal, Olivia (Shirer), to coach a new sport he doesn’t know or like. As John questions his own worth, he dares to help the least likely runner take on the biggest race of the year. Filled with a powerful mix of faith, humor and heart. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: Audio commentary with director Alex Kendrick and producer Stephen Kendrick; Bloopers & Outtakes; additional scenes; "The Making of Overcomer"; "The Theme of Identity"; "The Power of Forgiveness"; “Overcomer” (lip sync music video) featuring Mandisa; "Overcomer in 60 Seconds" quick fun film recap; "Overcomer" resources video. Blu-ray adds "The Heart of Overcomer"; "Creating the Opening Drone Shot"; "Working with the Kendricks"; "Looks Behind-the-Scenes of: Editing, Composing, Coloring and Sound Design"; "Enough” (lyric video) featuring Koryn Hawthorne; "Don’t Mess with the Editors": Check out what the editors of Overcomer created on the side for a little fun. (Sony).
photo for Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood

(2019) Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adrianna Barraza, Yvette Monreal, Joaquin Cosio, Oscar Jaenada. Almost four decades after he drew first blood, Sylvester Stallone is back as John Rambo. Now, Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission in a deadly journey of vengeance. Read more about "Rambo: Last Blood" in the December Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: “Drawing Last Blood: Multipart Production Diary” featurette, "From First Note to Last Blood: Music for the Massacres” featurette, trailer. (Lionsgate).

Robbie Basho - Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma Of Robbie Basho

(2015) A feature-length documentary on the extraordinary life and visionary music of the American guitarist, singer and mystic Robbie Basho. Before his bizarre accidental death at the hands of a chiropractor, Robbie Basho was sure that his compositions would not outlast him. photo for Robbie Basho - Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma Of Robbie BashoOrphaned during infancy, diagnosed with synaesthesia (a union of the senses that caused him to interpret sound as color) and claiming to be the reincarnation of a 17th century poet -- the Baltimore-born, Berkeley-based guitarist and singer's musical output was equally as outlandish as his persona. In his brief and troubled life he laid the foundations for radical changes to the musical landscape of America during the 1960s and '70s but reaped little more than a sparse (if fervent) following during his lifetime. Featuring interviews with Basho's former students, contemporaries and few close friends (including Pete Townshend, William Ackerman, Henry Kaiser and Country Joe McDonald), the documentary integrates new information and anecdotes on Basho with previously uncovered archive material and photography of the landscapes and natural phenomena that informed his work. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. (MVD Visual).

Silver Bullet BLU-RAY DEBUT

(1985) Gary Busey, Everett McGill, Corey Haim. Collector’s Edition. Adaptation of Stephen King's novelette, "Cycle of the Werewolf." A peaceful town is suddenly terrorized by a maniacal killer. The townsfolk think a madman is on the loose, but a wheelchair-bound 13-year-old (Haim) knows the truth ... a werewolf is on the hunt. With the help of his Uncle Red (Busey), young Marty Coslaw sets out to stop the half-man/half-beast before he sinks his teeth into another innocent victim. Extras: Commentary, featurettes, trailers, TV spot, radio spot, still gallery. (Scream Factory).


(2019) Omar Epps, Ellen Adair, Kristina Reyes, Jamie Kennedy, Tom Atkins. On Halloween night in 2015, Patrick “Trick” Weaver massacred his classmates at a costume party. After being arrested, he managed to escape police custody, but not before being shot five times by Detective Mike Denver (Epps). Everyone believes Trick must be dead, but when a masked killer reappears the following Halloween, and every Halloween after that, they realize the nightmare is not over. With Trick wreaking havoc and killing innocent people in increasingly terrifying ways, Denver will stop at nothing to finish what he started and bring the carnage to an end. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: "The Making of Trick” featuring interviews with the cast and crew. (RLJE Films).
photo for Universal Horror Collection Vol. 3

Universal Horror Collection Vol. 3

Four tales of terror from the archives of Universal Pictures, the true home of classic horror. This collection includes such horror stars as Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr. and Basil Rathbone. A ruthless king rises to power with the help of his mad and murderous executioner in "Tower of London." A mad scientist transforms a carnival performer into a murderous monster in "Man Made Monster." In "The Black Cat," a group of greedy heirs find themselves stuck in a creepy mansion where, one by one, people turn up dead. What started out as a treasure-making scheme ends up deadly for a group of people stuck in a haunted castle with a killer known as “the Phantom” in "Horror Island." Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Commentaries, trailers, image galleries. (Scream Factory).
photo for Where's My Roy Cohn?

Where's My Roy Cohn?

(2019) Roy Cohn personified the dark arts of American politics, turning empty vessels into dangerous demagogues - from Joseph McCarthy to his final project, Donald J. Trump. This thriller-like exposé connects the dots, revealing how a deeply troubled master manipulator shaped our current American nightmare. Documentary unearths the origins of a seditious manipulator's ascent, revealing how an enigmatic and disturbed man shaped our current political world. This shocking film exposes Roy Cohn's malign influence and contextualizes him as a modern Machiavelli, tracing his rise to national prominence -- first as prosecutor of the Rosenberg’s, then as handmaiden to Joseph McCarthy, and, finally, mentoring the ascent of Donald Trump. From director Matt Tyrnauer ("Studio 54," "Valentino: The Last Emperor") comes this fascinating look at the man who personified the dark arts of 20th-century politics. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, Digital. Extras: Commentary with director Matt Tyrnauer and producer Marie Brenner, Q&A with Tyrnaue. (Sony).

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December 24

Adopt a Highway

(2019) Ethan Hawke, Elaine Hendrix, Diane Gaeta, Mo McRae, Chris Sullivan, Betty Gabriel. Russ Millings has just been released from prison after serving 21 years for a 3rd strike conviction for possessing an ounce of marijuana. As he tries to adapt to a world he doesn’t recognize -- including trying to learn how to use the Internet -- he finds an abandoned baby in a dumpster behind the fast food restaurant where he works as a dishwasher. Unsure of what to do, and caught between impulses of kindness and panic, Russ soon realizes this could be his chance at redemption. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. (RLJE Films).

The Gallows Act II

(2019) Ema Horvath, Chris Milligan, Brittany Falardeau. Sequel to 2015’s "The Gallows." When teenage vlogger and aspiring actress Auna Rue logs onto a sinister website, she’s trapped in the malevolent world of a cursed stage play, "The Gallows." After performing a passage from the play for her tiny online fan base, Auna instantly achieves the stardom she seeks — as well as a twisted challenge from a deadly spirit (The Hangman) in this nightmarish supernatural thriller. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, Digital. Extras: Audio Commentary with writers and directors Travis Cluff & Chris Lofing, “Summoning the Hangman: Staging The Gallows Act II” featurette, deleted scenes. (Lionsgate).

Jim Allison: Breakthrough

(2019) The astounding, true story of one warm-hearted, stubborn man’s visionary quest to find a cure for cancer. Narrated by Woody Harrelson, the film traces Allison’s remarkable life from his school-boy days in Friday Night Lights, Creationist Texas all the way to Stockholm, Sweden where, in December of 2018, he accepted the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Today, Allison is a name to be reckoned with throughout the scientific world — he won the Nobel Prize for discovering the immune system’s role in defeating cancer. But for decades he waged a lonely struggle against the skepticism of the medical establishment and the resistance of Big Pharma. Using intimate interviews with Allison and a set of scientific leaders, paired with the use of graphics and archival material, the documentary takes us into the inspiring and dramatic world of cutting-edge medicine, and into the heart of a true American pioneer, in a film that is both emotionally compelling and deeply entertaining. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Giant Pictures).
photo for Judy


(2019) Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock, Rufus Sewell, Michael Gambon. Legendary performer Judy Garland (Renée Zellweger) arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts. While preparing for the shows, Garland battles with management, reminisces with friends and adoring fans, and embarks on a whirlwind romance with soon-to-be fifth husband Mickey Deans — all while bravely struggling to overcome intensifying anxiety and physical decline. Read more about "Judy" in the December Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: “From the Heart: The Making of Judy” featurette, "Judy" image gallery, theatrical trailer. (Lionsgate).

The Kill Team

(2019) Alexander Skarsgård, Nat Wolff, Adam Long, Jonathan Whitesell, Rob Morrow. Based on a true story, The Kill Team follows Andrew Briggman (Wolff), a young soldier in the US invasion of Afghanistan who witnesses other recruits killing innocent civilians under the direction of a sadistic leader, Sergeant Deeks (Skarsgård). Andrew considers reporting them to higher-ups, but the heavily armed, increasingly violent platoon becomes suspicious that someone in their ranks has turned on them — and Andrew begins to fear that he’ll be the next target. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: ”The Reality of Courage: Making The Kill Team” featurette, deleted scenes, audio commentary with writer-director Dan Krauss. (Lionsgate).
photo for Twin Flower

Twin Flower

(2018 -- Italy) Anastasiya Bogach, Kallil Kone. In writer-director Laura Luchetti's strikingly photographed second feature, two teenage runaways forge a relationship haunted by their respective pasts. Anna is eluding a human trafficker for whom her father worked, and Basim is a refugee from the Ivory Coast in search of gainful employment. Together they embark on a dangerous trip across the tough but breathtaking terrain of Sardinia in the hopes of overcoming their personal demons. The remarkable chemistry between Bogach and Kone -- both nonprofessional actors -- carries Luchetti's powerful film about coming of age in the throes of the refugee crisis. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. Extras: Bonus short film: "Cerdita" (Written and directed by Carlota Pereda, Spain, 15 minutes): Sara is mercilessly bullied by her peers for being overweight but a turn of events will soon change everyone's fates in a most alarming fashion. (Film Movement).

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December 31

The Peanut Butter Solution

(1985 -- Canada) Mathew Mackay, Siluck Saysanasy, Alison Darcy, Michael Hogan. If you were a child in the 80s, you were likely traumatized for life by repeated viewings of this film on photo for cable or VHS. If you’ve never seen it, nothing can prepare you for the damage that awaits your psyche. For their premiere release, Severin Kids presents the “notoriously strange and creepy” Canadian kiddie feature about burning winos, sudden baldness, psychotic teachers, suburban abductions, juvenile sweatshops and the icky concoction that grows long lustrous pubes. It plays like an Afterschool Special telling kids their hair will fall out, peers will make fun of them, and they will be whisked away to a demented underworld where Celine Dion sings and children beg for their lives. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: Extended U.S. theatrical release version; new commentary with producer Rock Demers and actor Mathew Mackay, moderated by Filmmaker Ara Ball; "Human Beings Are the Same All Over" interview with producer Rock Demers; "Conrad’s Peanut Butter Solution" interview with Siluck Saysanasy; "Tales for All - Paul Corupe on Rock Demers and the Canadian Kids Film"; Canadian trailer; original US trailer. (Severin Films).


(2019) Nicolas Cage, Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand, LaMonica Garrett, Michael Imperioli. A big-game hunter (Nicolas Cage) for zoos has booked passage on a shipping freighter with a fresh haul of exotic and deadly animals from the Amazon, including a rare white Jaguar. Also on the freighter is a political assassin being extradited to the U.S in secret. Two days into the journey, the assassin escapes and releases the captive animals, throwing the ship into chaos. Frank feverishly stalks the ship’s cramped corridors in hot pursuit of his prey. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. Extras: "The Making of Primal." (Lionsgate).

The Titfield Thunderbolt

(1953) Stanley Holloway, Naunton Wayne, George Relp, John Gregson, Hugh Griffith. A comical and delightful tale of community spirit, written by celebrated Ealing Studios regular and Academy Award-winner T.E.B. Clarke ("The Lavender Hill Mob"), directed by Charles Crichton ("A Fish Called Wanda," The Lavender Hill Mob) the comedy tells the story of the inhabitants of the tiny village of Titfield, who endeavor to prove that their single-track railway is a vital form of transportation in this digitally-restored classic from Ealing Studios, whose output from the 1940s and 1950s helped define the Golden Age for British Cinema and the birthplace of the most delectable crop of films to decorate postwar cinema. After British Railways announce the closure of the Titfield to Mallingford branch line, a group of local residents make a bid to run it themselves, backed by a wealthy member of the community. Unfortunately, this puts them into direct competition with Crump and Pearce, two unsavory characters who own the local bus company who've introduced a brand new single-decker bus to Titfield and are determined to cease the running of the train by means fair or foul. Ealing's first color film, digitally restored. Formats: Blu-ray, Digital. Extras: "Making the Titfield Thunderbolt," "The Lion Locomotive," locations featurette, home movie footage from cinematographer Douglas Slocombe, Slocombe on Charles Crichton audio interview, original trailer, archival stills gallery. (Film Movement Classics).

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