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Top Movie Releases for April 2020

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Movies are rated on a scale of one to five, with five denoting a classic. For more information on how we rate, check out our
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  • The Rhythm Section

    photo for The Rhythm Section Blake Lively stars as Stephanie Patrick, a woman on a path of self-destruction after her family is tragically killed in a plane crash. When she discovers the wreck was no accident, Stephanie enters the dark, complex world of international espionage seeking vengeance. Her search leads to Iain Boyd (Jude Law), a former MI6 agent who trains her to hunt down those responsible. With nothing left to lose, Stephanie transforms from victim to assassin and discovers that neither revenge nor the truth are what they appear. Vitals: Director: Reed Morano. Stars: Blake Lively, Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown, Max Casella, Raza Jaffrey, Daniel Mays, Richard Brake, Geoff Bell. 2020, CC, MPAA rating: R, 109 min., Action Thriller, Box office gross: $5.437 million, Paramount. Blu-ray extras: Deleted and extended scenes, multiple featurettes. 2 stars

  • Guns Akimbo

    photo for Guns Akimbo Miles’s (Daniel Radcliffe) nerdy existence as a video game developer takes a dramatic turn when he inadvertently gets caught up as the next contestant with SKIZM, an underground gang livestreaming real-life death matches. While Miles excels at running away from everything, that won’t help him outlast Nix (Samara Weaving), a killer at the top of her game. Vitals: Director: Jason Lei Howden. Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Samara Weaving, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Ned Dennehy, Grant Bowler, Edwin Wright, Rhys Darb. 2019, CC, MPAA rating: R, 98 min., Action Comedy, Box office gross: $.956 million, Lionsgate. Extras: Audio commentary with writer-director Jason Lei Howden, “Welcome to SKIZM” featurette, “Nix vs. Dane Stunt Sequence Exploration” featurette. 2 stars

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