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OnVideo June 1996 Releases

A modern fairy tale romance starring Mary Stuart Masterson as a typical, workaholic businesswoman content with her anti-social lifestyle whose world turns topsy-turvy when she starts receiving floral arrangements from a secret admirer (Christian Slater). Set against the magical backdrop of New York City in the springtime.
Director:Michael Goldenberg. Stars: Mary Stuart Masterson, Christian Slater. CC (PG 88 min.) Romantic-comedy 1996 (New Line N4409V) No SRP Available: 6/25
3 stars go back

Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin team up as partners in slack and sloth tricked into visiting the Arizona desert by their ecologically correct girlfriends. The boys stumble on what appears to be a new shopping mall but is in reality an ecological experimental bio-dome. Faster than you can say waste product the pair are sealed in for a year sans cigarettes, fast food and MTV.
Director: Jason Bloom. Stars: Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin. CC (PG-13 120 min.) Comedy 1996 (MGM/UA 905533) No SRP Available: 6/11
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Sean Penn wrote and directed this tale of morality, ethics and pathos, about two men on a collision course with fate. It's been six years since the lives of Freddy Gale (Jack Nicholson) and John Booth (David Morse) collided in a single act of destiny -- a chance incident that sentenced Booth to prison and turned Freddy's life into a living hell driven by one single objective: revenge. Booth took a life from Freddy, and Freddy won't rest until Booth pays with his own. Now Booth is out of jail and he's got 72 hours before Gale tracks him down.
Director: Sean Penn. Stars: Jack Nicholson, David Morse, Anjelica Huston, Robin Wright. CC (R 117 min.) Drama 1995 (Miramax 7404) No SRP Available: 6/18
2 stars go back

Based on a true story, this riveting film stars Sean Penn as a condemned murderer close to execution who searches for inner peace by soliciting the help of the Church. Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon puts in a tour-de-force performance as Sister Helen Prejean, the nun who attempts to guide the killer on his spiritual journey.
Director: Tim Robbins. Stars: Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn. CC (R 122 min.) Drama 1995 (PolyGram 800-638-243-3) No SRP Available: 6/25
4 stars go back

This sequel to 1991's "Father of the Bride" (itself a remake of the 1950 classic of the same name) brings back Steve Martin as the father of the bride who now finds that he's on his way to be a grandfather. If dad feels that he's too young to be in that position, his mid-life crisis is exacerbated when he finds out that wife Diane Keaton is pregnant -- making him now too old to be a dad. Oh what problems!
Director: Charles Shyer. Stars: Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Martin Short. CC (PG-13 106 min.) Comedy 1995 (Touchstone 6695) No SRP Available: 6/11
3 stars go back

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are back as the cantankerous old neighbors of Washaba, Minn., whose mouths run on faster than any other part of their bodies. This time out they've set aside their decades-old fishing competition to save their favorite bait shop, which is threatened by restaurant-owner Sophia Loren. What they don't bargain for is Sophia's fortitude ... and her attempt to win Matthau's heart.
Director: Howard Deutch. Stars: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Sophia Loren. CC (PG-13 101 min.) Comedy 1995 (Warner Bros. 14191) No SRP Available: 6/4
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As the title suggests, the screen heats up with the pairing of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, albeit on opposite sides of the law. De Niro plays a lifelong, professional criminal bent on his ruthless robberies and Pacino is perfect as a workaholic LAPD detective out to put an end to De Niro's career. Val Kilmer sizzles as De Niro's henchman. Director Michael ("Miami Vice") Mann stylizes the mean streets of Long Beach, Calif. in a beautiful representation of the underbelly of crime, U.S.A.
Director: Michael Mann. Stars: Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, Jon Voight. CC (R 171 min.) Action-Thriller 1995 (Warner Bros. 14192) No SRP Available: 6/18
3 stars go back

Fifteen years after its theatrical release, "Heavy Metal," the legendary, animated, cult science fiction classic finally makes its way to home video, with am additional three minute never- before-seen segment. With a heavy rock soundtrack and provocative animation sequences, the film weaves together six visionary stories of sci-fi, fantasy and sword and sorcerer overtones. It's staggering visuals, featuring surreal animation and pushing-the- envelope eroticism, project an alternative reality that bombast against the gestalt of "heavy metal" classics.
Director: Gerald Potterton. CC (R 90 min.) Adult Animation 1981 (Columbia TriStar 74653) No SRP Available: 6/4
5 stars go

Originally subtitled "Beyond Cyberspace," the film's name has been changed to better reflect the tenor of the production: Cyberman Jobe (Matt Frewer replacing Jeff Fahey from the original) decides that he wants to take over the world and the best way to do that is to hijack all the computers. Naturally a good scientist (Patrick Bergin) gets in the way and stands up to Jobe in cyberspace.
Director: Farhad Mann. Stars: Patrick Bergin, Matt Frewer, Ely Pouget. CC (PG-13 93 min.) Science fiction 1996 (New Line 4408V) No SRP Available: 6/11
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This aching and loving study of two desperate souls connecting for a brief moment in time garnered a best actor Academy Award for Nicolas Cage. Cage plays an avowed alcoholic who drinks his life away and heads to Las Vegas for one final binge. On the strip he picks up a street-smart hooker, Elisabeth Shue, another loser on the road of life. What might have been another excess in their lives turns out instead to become a romantic epiphany.
Director: Mike Figgis. Stars: Nicolas Cage, Elisabeth Shue. CC (R 120 min.) Drama 1995 (MGM/UA 905524) No SRP Available: 6/4
5 stars go

Woody Allen fans will enjoy this comedy about a New York City Sportswriter (Allen) who becomes obsessed with learning the identity of his adopted son's biological mother. While his marriage to Helena Bonham Carter (she's in the midst of a flirtation with Peter Weller) goes awry, Allen hunts down the errant mom, only to find out that she's a high-priced call-girl (played by Academy Award-winning Mira Sorvino). Overseeing the comedy is an out-of-place Greek chorus.
Director: Woody Allen. Stars: Woody Allen, Mira Sorvino, Olymoia Dukakis, David Ogden Stiers. CC (99 R min.) Comedy 1995 (Miramax 7173) No SRP Available: 6/18
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Shakespeare's tragedy is brought up to almost-modern times in this critically well-received production with a cast featuring Sir Ian McKellen, Nigel Hawthrone and Maggie Smith. McKellen plays Richard III as a charismatic malcontent who fights for the throne with a devious mix of treachery, seduction and murder; the twist is that the characters and action are re-imagined in a Europe of the 1930s where a long and bloody civil war has divided the nation.
Director: Richard Loncraine. Stars: Sir Ian McKellen, Annette Bening, Robert Downey Jr., Nigel Hawthorne, Maggie Smith. CC (R 120 min.) Drama 1995 (MGM/UA 905528) No SRP Available: 6/18
3 stars go

This remake and updating of the 1954 modern-day fairy tale struck warm notes in the hearts of the American moviegoing public despite unflattering comparisons to the original. Julia Ormond plays the poor daughter of the chauffeur to the wealthy Larrabee family who goes off to Paris a girl and comes back a sophisticated woman. Now she's being courted by the two Larrabee brothers (Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear) and she stands in the way of a billion dollar deal.
Director: Sydney Pollack. Stars: Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear. CC (PG 127 min.) Romantic Comedy 1995 (Paramount ) No SRP Available: 6/11
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This first wide screen adaptation of a Jane Austen novel in more than 50 years triggered off a host of accolades for director Ang Lee, star/screenwriter Emma Thompson and co-star Kate Winslet. This tale of morals and manners in 19th century English society has Thompson and Winslet as sisters whose once opulent life has been reduced to poverty when their father dies. Now struggling to make ends meet, the pair also search for romantic fulfillment in a society obsessed with financial and social status.
Director: Ang Lee. Stars: Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant. CC (PG 136 min.) Drama 1995 (Columbia TriStar 11593) No SRP Available: 6/25
4 stars go back

This exciting Jean-Claude Van Damme thriller pits the action hunk against a team of terrorists intent on extorting a billion dollars from the U.S. Government. It's sudden death at the Stanley Cup hockey finals in Pittsburgh's Civic Arena when 17,000 fans, including the Vice President of the United States, become unwitting hostages as the terrorists threaten to blow up the building. Van Damme, there with his family, is set into action when his daughter is abducted by the bad guys.
Director: Peter Hyams. Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Powers Boothe, Dorian Harewood. CC (R 111 min.) Action-Thriller 1995 (MCA/Universal 82591) No SRP Available: 6/11
3 stars go back

This romantic comedy features hot Sandra Bullock and Denis Leary as a blue-collar couple who are stuck spending a weekend on a blue-blood island. Co-written by Leary, the romantic comedy finds Bullock and Leary as longtime partners in love whose relationship has come to a crossroads ... at exactly the wrong moment.
Director: Bill Bennett. Stars: Sandra Bullock, Denis Leary. CC (R 96 min.) Romance 1996 (MGM/UA 14159) No SRP Available: 6/11
2 stars go


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