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OnVideo January 1996 Releases

This family film follows the adventures of a group of young misfits in Elma, Texas, who form their own soccer team under the tutelage of their newly arrived British school teacher (Olivia d'Abo). Unfortunately, the kids don't know the World Cup from a coffee cup, and they need the help of the local sheriff (Steve Guttenburg) to get into shape.
CC (PG 99 min.) Family 1995 (Walt Disney 6693) $19.99 SRP Available: 1/31 go back

An ambitious black rookie cop (Michael Boatman), anxious to help clean up the streets, busts the wrong man (Ice Cube) for the murder of a businessman's wife. When he discovers the mistake, he teams up with a female trooper (Lori Petty) to help set the man free, along the way uncovering a dangerous conspiracy in the sheriff's department.
CC (PG-13 110 min.) Thriller 1995 (Buena Vista 5264) No SRP Available: 1/03 go back

A young boy discovers unforgettable lessons about life when he gets a cupboard and a three-inch toy Indian for birthday presents. When he locks the toy in the cupboard over night, it comes alive, leading the boy into a new reality and a new sense of wonderment. Problems arise when a friend places a plastic cowboy into the cupboard and it too comes alive. Directed by the Muppets' Frank Oz.
CC (PG 97 min.) Family 1995 (Columbia TriStar 11640) $22.95 SRP Available: 1/16 go back

This comedy/adventure puts another spin on Mark Twain's classic talel when an Earthquake in Southern California transports a typical 14-year-old little league ball player back to the 12th century and right into the middle of the legendary kingdom of Camelot. There, with the help of some very modern gadgets, he must help restore King Arthur's fading glory -- and find a way back home.
CC (PG 90 min.) Family 1995 (Walt Disney 5938) $19.99 SRP Available: 1/31 go back

A day in the life of a group of contemporary teenagers caught in the melee of modern, urban America. Passionate and realistic, this unrated drama caused quite a stir for its raw sex and uncompromised vision of the beauty and tragedy of youth when it was released earlier this year.
CC (NR 102 min.) Drama 1995 (Vidmark VM6311) $96.99 SRP Available: 1/15 go back

A private detective goes up against the diabolic evil from the other side in this Clive Barker ("Hellraiser," "Candyman," "Nightbreed") horror thriller. Scott Bakula uncovers more than he bargained for when he stumbles upon a mystery involving a world- famous magician and the fatal accident that befell him: he encounters spirals of secrets, deceit and unimaginable terror.
CC (R 120 min.) Horror 1995 (MGM/UA 905200) No SRP Available: 1/17 go back

Sandra Bullock stars in this cyber thriller about a lonely computer scientist who stumbles onto a deadly conspiracy involving a new Internet program that allows the user to access highly sensitive government databases. All of a sudden the young woman finds that every record of her existence has been altered and she must go on the run to uncover who or what is manipulating her life.
CC (PG-13 114 min.) Science Fiction 1995 (Columbia TriStar 11613) No SRP Available: 1/09 go back

This screwball comedy that harkens back to the romantic comedies of the 1930s features Hugh Grant as a spoiled-rich child psychologist who has plenty of money, plenty of grown-up boy-toys and a confirmed distaste for marriage. When his long-term girl friend (Julianne Moore) lets it be known that she's pregnant, Grant's world gets thrown for a loop as he's torn between fun and commitment.
CC (PG-13 103 min.) Comedy 1995 (FoxVideo 8924) No SRP Available: 1/16 go back

When a group of goof-off seniors are caught vandalizing the high school administrator's house, they're sent to detention where they have to write a letter to the President outlining "ways to improve the educational system." When the trouble-makers get invited to Washington, D.C., their "field trip" turns into a politically incorrect misadventure.
CC (R 91 min.) Comedy 1995 (New Line N4153) No SRP Available: 1/30 go back

This provocative, erotic drama caused stirs in the film industry when it became the first major studio release to carry an NC-17 rating. The story follows the rise of a Vegas stripper from a sleazy club to near the top as an understudy in a legitimate casino show. Features elaborate, exotic dance numbers and explicit sexual encounters. Stars Elizabeth Berkeley and Kyle MacLachlan. Trimmed slightly by director Paul Verhoeven to get an R rating for home video.
CC (R 130 min., NC-17 131 min.) Drama 1995 (MGM/UA 905525) No SRP Available: 1/02 go back

Julia Roberts stars as a contemporary Southern wife and mother who's perfect life becomes a perfect mess: She must suddenly come to terms with her husband's (Dennis Quid) infidelity. When she steps back to examine her hustle-bustle life from a new perspective she turns around and yanks the rug out from under her family and her straight-laced Southern town.
CC (R 105 min.) Comedy 1995 (Warner 14217) No SRP Available: 1/30 go back

Set in a future where the Earth is covered with water, this splashy adventure epic highlights the goofy acting of Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper as opposing forces in an explosive battle of good vs. evil. Costner plays the legendary "Mariner" who must fight off the psychotic "Deacon" (Hopper) as they both seek the secret that will lead them to the whereabouts of the mythical place called "Dryland."
CC (PG-13 136 min.) Action-Adventure 1995 (MCA/Universal 82419) No SRP Available: 1/23 go back

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