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OnVideo February 1996 Releases

The loveable but highly endangered Giant Pandas are the true stars of this family adventure, shot on location in the animal's natural habitat. The plot is pure adventure: A young boy joins his father, a naturalist specializing in pandas, in a remote preserve. When the pair are confronted by poachers who have trapped a mother panda and her baby, everyone is separated, and the boy and the pandas must make it safely home.
CC (PG 85 min.) Family 1995 (Warner 16300) $19.98 SRP Available: 2/13 go back

This action-adventure spoof is a comedy version of "Cliffhanger" meets "The River Wild" meets "Home Alone." Daniel Stern (of "City Slickers" and "Home Alone") plays a goofy messenger-boy set up for a murder who escapes to the wilderness as the leader of a ragtag group of scouts. While out backpacking, Stern and the boys encounter all manner of slapstick adventures, fighting off both nature and villains. CC (PG-13 85 min.) Comedy 1995 (FoxVideo 8898) No SRP Available: 2/6 go back

This drama, based on a real-life story, stretches the imagination as Michelle Pfeiffer plays a former Marine officer who gives up a nine-year military career to pursue her dream of becoming an English teacher. Her first assignment: teach a class of tough, inner-city teenagers who, despite decent test scores, have come to accept failure as a fact of life. Pfeiffer doesn't miss a beat in learning the slang and strength needed to help these kids. Great soundtrack. CC (R 99 min.) Drama 1995 (Hollywood 5781) No SRP Available: 2/13 go back

This high-tech cyber-thriller features newcomers Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie as a pair of hackers who break into a corporate computer system and uncover an embezzling scheme masked by a virus. Called "The Plague," the virus promises to unleash a horrific ecological disaster. Before you can say nanosecond, the hackers are marked by the FBI for a crime they didn't commit and must pool their skills with other hackers to launch a massive cyberspace attack. CC (PG-13 104 min.) Science Fiction 1995 (MGM/UA 905190) No SRP Available: 2/20 go back

This film version of the hit award-winning off-Broadway comedy about love and intimacy in the '90s stars Steven ("Wings") Weber as a young gay actor/waiter who, having decided to become celibate because the risk of AIDS has taken all the joy out of sex, finally meets Mr. Right and struggles with the issues of dating, love and commitment. Also stars Patrick Stewart, Sigourney Weaver, Christine Baranski, Nathan Lane and Olympia Dukakis. CC (R 92 min.) Romantic Comedy 1995 (Orion OHV-5079) No SRP Available: 2/13 go back

This film within a film tracks the misadventures on the set of a film being made by a young filmmaker (played by "Pulp Fiction's" Steve Buscemi). The story, which switches back and forth between the film being made and those making it, features numerous interwoven plots, two seductions, eight dreams, two explosions, one fist fight, and four goatees: Sometimes what's behind the camera is more interesting than what happens in front of it. CC (R 92 min.) Comedy 1995 (Columbia TriStar 49183) No SRP Available: 2/13 go back

In this Disney-animated revision of American history (geared more to merchandising than accuracy), "Pocahontas" tells the story of the Native American woman who befriended British adventurer Captain John Smith at the ill-fated Jamestown settlement in the New World. Watered down for Disney audiences, the story features two funny sidekicks for Pocahontas: a mischievous raccoon and a spirited hummingbird. Skepticism aside, kids love the film and the products: Be sure to tell them the real story when they grow up. CC (G 81 min.) Animated 1995 (Walt Disney 5741) $26.99 SRP Available: 2/28 go back

Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze and John Leguizamo star as three "girls" who just wanna have fun. En route to Hollywood fresh from their victory at a drag queen beauty contest in New York City, Noxeema, Vida and Chi Chi are forced to take an unwelcome detour when their 1967 Cadillac convertible breaks down in the straight- laced Midwestern town of Snyderville. After the initial shock wears off, the "girls'" glitz and glamour wakes up the sleepy locals. CC (PG-13 109 min.) Comedy 1995 (MCA/Universal 82216) No SRP Available: 2/20 go back

Steven Seagal reprises his role as the mild-mannered but tough ex-Navy seal cook Casey Ryback as "Under Siege" goes into dry dock and trades water wings for railroad tracks. Ryback is traveling on a Denver-to-Los Angeles passenger train when, sure enough, it's highjacked by a maniac who converts it into a terrorist command center in order to seize control of a satellite super-weapon. Naturally, only one person stands between safety and all-out annihilation ... CC (R 100 min.) Action-Adventure 1995 (Warner 13665) No SRP Available: 2/6 go back

This wild and wooly film follows the evolution of award-winning designer Isaac Mizrahi's 1994 fashion collection -- from conception and inspiration through the actual show on the runway. This sometimes hilarious look at the fast pace of fashion and haute couture gives an insider's view of what goes on in the insular world that determines what millions of consumers will wear. Features supermodels Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss and others. CC (R 76 min.) Documentary 1995 (Miramax 5914) No SRP Available: 2/20 go back

This psychological thriller features an all-star cast (Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Chazz Palminteri, Kevin Pollak and Kevin Spacey) in a boat hijacking that goes awry. Five hard-core thieves intercept a shipment of drugs on a ship in Long Beach Harbor only to have their plans backfire when a devastating explosion leaves 29 people dead. A U.S. Customs Agent must unravel the mystery and track down the faceless, brutal killer behind the heinous crime. CC (R 106 min.) Thriller 1995 (PolyGram 800-630-227-3) $96.99 SRP Available: 2/06 go back

This cyber-thriller set in 1999 features Denzel Washington as an ex-cop with an unspeakably tragic past and an equally grim future. Unfairly imprisoned, he's given one last chance to redeem himself: He must track down a vicious computer-generated murderer who has escaped from cyberspace and entered the real world. The ensuing chase breaks down the barriers between virtual reality and the streets of Los Angeles.
CC (R 107 min.) Science Fiction 1995 (Paramount 33144) No SRP Available: 2/13 go back

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