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New Release: February MGM Limited Edition Collection

Due February

15 Classic Films Coming to DVD
For The First Time Ever

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Announces Film Classics Available Through Online Retailers
During the Month of February

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s “manufacturing on demand” (“MOD”) program continues to expand with the newest selection of films as part of MGM’s Limited Edition Collection. These 15 films will be available through major online retailers in February. This group of releases features classics from 1951 to 1990 including performances by Hollywood’s greats – Robert Mitchum, Frankie Avalon, Rock Hudson, Sid Haig, Brooke Shields, and Kathy Bates, to name just a few.

Enjoy your favorite movies from across the decades including:

The Big Night (1951) – A lonely adolescent seeks revenge on the man who mercilessly beat his father. Stars John Barrymore Jr.; Joan Lorring; Preston Foster; Howard St. John. Directed by Joseph Losey.
Southwest Passage (1954) – A Western explorer has a unique scheme to open a new Southwest desert route for the U.S. Cavalry by using camels as pack animals. His trek is imperiled by a phony law-avoiding doctor, his woman, the constant search for water, and attacking Native Americans. Stars Rod Cameron; Joanne Dru. Directed by Ray Nazarro.
Three Bad Sisters (1956) – A millionaire dies in a plane crash, leaving one evil daughter to conspire against her siblings for the family inheritance. Stars Marla English; Kathleen Hughes; Sara Shane; John Bromfield. Directed by Gilbert L. Kay.
Timbuktu (1958) – In 1940’s Timbuktu, a colonel and his beautiful wife arrive to conflicts between their French garrison and Tuareg rebels. An American mercenary sets his eyes on the colonel’s wife, while a kidnapped holy man must be returned to bring peace.
Stars Victor Mature; Yvonne De Carlo. Directed by Jacques Tourneru.
The Wonderful Country (1959) - Robert Mitchum portrays a gunrunner willing to sell his services to the highest bidder, only to have his loyalty captured by a Ranger's beautiful wife
(Julie London). Stars Robert Mitchum; Julie London; Gary Merrill; Jack Oakie; Albert Dekker; Pedro Armendariz. Directed by Robert Parrish.
Sinful Davey (1969) – In 1821 a young Scotsman decides to emulate his father, a notorious rogue and highwayman. Unfortunately, he is handicapped by the fact that his childhood playmate is equally determined to track him down and save his soul.... Stars John Hurt;
Pamela Franklin; Robert Morley; Fidelma Murphy. Directed by John Huston.
Hell’s Boats (1970) – An American commander, serving under the British Royal Army in 1942, is assigned to blockade the island of Malta and told to formulate a plan to destroy the Nazi arsenal in Sicily. Stars James Franciscus; Monte Markham; Ronald Allen; Elizabeth Shepherd;
Peter Burton. Directed by Paul Wendkos.
Hornet’s Nest (1970) – Rock Hudson portrays an American Army officer who joins forces with his Italian rescuers after they save him from a German attack in this suspenseful WWII drama that co-stars Sylva Koscina. Stars Rock Hudson; Sylva Koscina; Sergio Fantoni; Jacques Sernas. Directed by Franco Cirino; Phil Karlson.
Savage Sisters (1974) – Three beautiful women become involved in an island revolution and find themselves battling soldiers, revolutionaries and bandits. Stars Gloria Hendry; Cheri Caffaro; Rosanna Ortiz; John Ashley; Sid Haig; Eddie Garcia; Rita Gomez. Directed by Eddie Romero.
Wanda Nevada (1979) – A gambler wins an orphaned girl in a poker game, and together they prospect for gold in the Grand Canyon. Stars Peter Fonda; Brooke Shields; Henry Fonda. Directed by Peter Fonda.
The American Snitch (1983) – Satire spoof about a "National Enquirer"-type tabloid, featuring a cast of celebrity look-alikes. Stars Fred McCarren; Lane Smith; Andre De Sheilds; George Lindsey; Toni Kalen; Tom Aldredge. Directed by Richard A. Harris.
Number One with a Bullet (1987) – Two police detectives escort a known mobster back to Los Angeles for testimony but lose him to an assassin's bullet. The detectives soon uncover a plot that leads right back to their own department. Robert Carradine; Billy Dee Williams;
Valerie Bertinelli; Peter Graves. Directed by Jack Smight.
Summer Heat (1987) – Set in the late 1930's, the young wife of a Southern tobacco farmer falls in love with a handsome hired hand, pushing her marriage to the brink of destruction.
Stars Lori Singer; Anthony Edwards; Bruce Abbott; Kathy Bates. Directed by Michie Gleason.
Spellbinder (1988) – A Los Angeles attorney rescues a mysterious woman, not realizing that this stranger will lead him into a nightmare of illusion and betrayal. Stars Tim Daly; Kelly Preston; Rick Rossovich; Audra Lindley. Directed by Janet Greek.
Cool Blue (1990) – A struggling artist's life is turned upside down by an afternoon romance with a beautiful stranger. Stars Woody Harrelson; Hank Azaria; Ely Pouget;). Directed by Mark Mullin; Richard Shepard.

Important Note: These films have been manufactured from the best-quality video master currently available and have not been remastered or restored specifically for these DVD releases.