This film tells the gritty, urban, street-side story of today's professional basketball players and some of the men who manipulate the sport. Duane Martin plays a dazzling high school basketball player who must decide to either pursue the hot track to big money pro-ball or take the opportunity to better himself and go to college. Leon and Tupac Shakur play the two men who attempt to influence the high schooler to go one way or the other. The film is highlighted by a chart-topping soundtrack.
CC (R 1:37) ACTION 1994 (NEW LINE 76673) No SRP go back

This startling courtroom thriller takes place in medieval France as a Parisian lawyer, standing on the brink of modernity, moves to a small, quiet, country village to take a position as a public defender. Beneath the "simple pleasures" of the small town he discovers that feudal culture and superstition still reigns, and he's faced with cases of witchcraft, bestiality, corruption, and murder.
CC (R 1:42) DRAMA 1994 (MIRAMAX 2560) No SRP go back

This is the story of a struggling rock band--heavy on the metal but light in the brains--so desperate to get their demo tape played that they comically take over a radio station. When the police get called in, the situation changes from comedy to farce as they hold off the cops with a water pistol and bargain for temporary insanity. Stars Brendan Fraser with co-star bits by Michael Richards and Michael McKean.
CC (PG-13 1:21) COMEDY 1994 (FOXVIDEO 8602) No SRP go back

This enjoyable family film features a thoroughly delightful seal who steals the show. Andre, an orphaned seal pup, is taken in by the daughter of the harbor master of Rockport, Maine, despite the protests and consternation of the family and the town's residents. Much to the joy of everyone, Andre's antics, intelligence, and loyalty brings the family--and the town--together. For children of all ages.
CC (PG 1:34) FAMILY 1994 (PARAMOUNT 33138) No SRP go back

This fantastic tale follows the adventures of an 11- year-old boy who brings hope to the losing California Angels baseball team when a band of mischievous angels answer his prayer for the reunion of his family and the return of his father, who has promised to come home only in the unlikely event that "the Angels win the pennant." Both the team and the family get an extra shot at success. Stars Danny Glover, Tony Danza and Christopher Lloyd.
CC (PG 1:43) FAMILY COMEDY 1994 (WALT DISNEY 2753) $19.99go back

This John Hughe's comedy is a delightful slapstick babyland adventure with a twist: Baby Binky is out on the town, visiting wondrous places, all by himself. Frantically hunted by his mother (Lara Flynn Boyle) and turned into a celebrity by the media, Baby Binky stays one step ahead of a trio of bumbling con artists (led by Joe Mantegna) eager to collect the reward being offered by his wealthy parents.
CC (PG 1:39) COMEDY 1994 (FOXVIDEO 8639) No SRP go back

This high-energy buddy-cop action-comedy stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as a pair of Miami detectives who must find a million dollars in stolen heroin before their department is closed down. The duo track a master thief into the Miami underworld, dodging bullets and bad guys, and getting involved with a sexy witness.
CC (R 119 min.) Action/Adventure 1995 (Columbia TriStar 10713) No SRP go

Full of bizarre plot twists and turns, this mystery-thriller stars Laurence Fishburne as a CIA agent whose assignment is to infiltrate an industrial espionage firm. Once inside, Fishburne is seduced by Ellen Barkin, whose goal is to over through the organization's boss. Neither character comes up smelling like roses. Not the best outing for Barkin or Fishburne.
CC (R 1:48) THRILLER 1995 (TOUCHSTONE 2757) No SRP go back

Based on the best-selling autobiography of writer-poet Jim Carroll, this film is a true story of the confusion and chaos that success can bring. Carroll was a member of the hottest high school basketball team in New York City, but the fame lead him and his teammates to live on the edge -- until the wild night life and tough city streets ended in self- destruction. Stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg and Lorraine Bracco.
CC (R 102 min.) Drama 1995 (PolyGram Video 800-635-899-3) $94.99 SRPgo back

Gotham's Dark Knight goes up against some new villains, Two-Face and The Riddler, in this third edition of Warner Bros.' comic book hero franchise. This time out he's got the help of Robin and the interest of a beautiful criminal psychologist. Stars Val Kilmer, Chris O'Donnell, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones and Nicole Kidman.
CC (PG-13 122 min.) Action/Adventure 1995 (Warner 15100) $19.95 SRPgo back

America's top dog is back and he's brought along his friends (the Newton family) from the first Beethoven film--as well as some surprises: four cuddly little ones to be exact. Beethoven's fallen in love with Missy, a saucy St. Bernard, but their offspring have become expendable pawns for Missy's nasty owner in an ugly divorce. Fortunately, the Newton's come to the rescue--but not before everyone has their fair share of fun.
CC (PG 1:29) COMEDY 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 81608) No SRP go back

Passion, betrayal and violence sweep across Europe as the lives of three individuals are intertwined in three separate stories in this anthology nominated for a Best Foreign Film Academy Award. In "Words," a young Macedonian monk finds himself protecting the life of an Albanian girl who has mysteriously run away from her village; the two quickly become star-crossed lovers, angering the girl's family to the point of murder. "Faces" focuses on the passionate love affair between a photo editor and a photographer in London. "Pictures" finds a young man returning to his village only to discover that persistent violence has dramatically changed the lives of his neighbors.
CC (NR 112 min.) Drama 1995 (PolyGram Video 800-635-525-3) $94.99 SRP go back

This classic film by famed cinema genius Luis Bunuel has been out of circulation for nearly two decades but still retains its frank freshness and vitality. Dreams and reality cross and merge as Catherine Deneuve plays a bored Parisian housewife who turns to prostitution to overcome her lack of affection for her husband. Her double life allows her to live out the sexual fantasies that will ultimately change her life.
CC (R 100 min.) Drama 1967 (Miramax 5923) No SRP go back

This very funny Spanish import, which won the 1993 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, tells the story of a handsome, young Spanish Civil War deserter who is befriended and given refuge by a free-thinking, eccentric old artist. To his pleasant surprise, the soldier is also befriended by the artist's four daughters, who each in turn seduce the young man in their own, unique way. An erotic comedy released in both subtitled and dubbed versions.
CC (R 1:49) FOREIGN/COMEDY 1993 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 79373 [subtitled]/79963 [dubbed]) No SRP go back

Eddie Murphy returns for a third bout as Axel Foley, the wise-cracking Detroit cop who consistently turns staid Beverly Hills on its heels. This time around Foley's pursuit of ruthless killers takes him to Southern California's popular theme park Wonderworld, where he uncovers a brazen counterfeiting scheme. Bronson Pinchot and Judge Reinhold also return for the action.
CC (R 1:45) ACTION/COMEDY 1994 (PARAMOUNT 32219) No SRP go back

Adam Sandler plays 27-year-old Billy Madison, a spoiled rotten, lazy youth who lives merely to enjoy himself. Billy's idyllic life is suddenly disrupted when he learns that dad is not leaving him the chain of billion dollar hotels that he had expected as his inheritance. So Billy makes the wager of his life: he bets that he can return to school and finish grades 1 to 12 in just six months -- if he can overcome the distraction of his sexy third grade teacher.
CC (PG-13 1:30) Comedy 1995 (MCA/Universal 82395) No SRPgo back

City crime is running rampant, the police are on strike, and the mayor is held hostage by the mob. Who do you call? Why Blankman, of course. But wait. Blankman is really mild- mannered Darryl Walker (Damon Wayans) with no special powers, no money, no name, and wearing only his grandmother's housecoat as a cape. Can his weapons (homemade gizmos) work against the bad guys? Tune in to this funny comedy to get the answer.
CC (PG-13 1:36) COMEDY 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 78693) No SRP go back

This explosive action thriller has more pops per frame than any film in recent memory. Boston's top bomb squad expert (Jeff Bridges) hunts a diabolical terrorist whose expertise makes him more menacing and skilled than anyone has come up against before. When all the evidence points to the demolition champ's mentor (played by Tommy Lee Jones), the stakes in the game go sky high.
CC (R 2:01) ACTION 1994 (MGM/UA 904807) No SRP go back

Nick Nolte has a knack for playing disciplined, honest, high- principled men. From teachers to reporters to cops, Nolte wears his morality on his sleeve. In this outing, he plays a "holier-than-thou" basketball coach whose team is slipping because he won't give in to the pressure to "buy" the best players ("blue chips"). Faced with another losing season, he must choose between winning and maintaining his integrity.
CC (PG-13 1:48) DRAMA 1994 (PARAMOUNT 32741) No SRP go back

Jessica Lange received a Golden Globe Best Actress Award for her role as an army wife whose scandalous and unpredictable behavior surprisingly becomes the salvation of her family. Set in 1962, the film explores the passions of Carly Marshall (Lange) and her military scientist husband (Tommy Lee Jones) as they confront a top secret nuclear test cover-up that threatens their life. The last film directed by legendary British filmmaker Tony Richardson.
CC (PG-13 1:41) DRAMA 1994 (ORION OHV-8783) No SRPgo back

What happens when three unpredictable women team up to go on the road? Well, when its Whoopie Goldberg, Drew Barrymore and Mary-Louise Parker, almost anything goes. The three very dissimilar women attempt to make a break with their pasts as they share a trip across the country, each shedding memories and the armor that protects them until they coalesce into a warm, family unit.
CC (R 1:53) DRAMA 1995 (WARNER 13570) No SRP go back

TV's 1970s inimicable Brady Bunch -- mom, dad, three daughters, three sons and Alice the maid -- are all right here in the 1990s, still wearing double knits, paisleys and mini-skirts despite the changes around them. Still, the stress of the present does creep in to their lives: unless dad comes up with $20,000 in back taxes, it's goodbye house. It's comedy a la nostalgia for Gen Xers.
CC (PG-13 1:28) COMEDY 1995 (PARAMOUNT 32952) No SRP go back

This intriguing sci-fi-horror film takes the idea of leading edge virtual reality technology and twists it into a horrible death-and- madness dealing game. Edward ("Terminator 2") Furlong plays a lonely 16-year-old boy who falls under the spell of a CD-ROM interactive virtual reality game that turns him into a killer and threatens to destroy the boundaries between fantasy and reality.
CC (R 1:36) SCI-FI/HORROR 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 72773) No SRP go back

A dynamic but stern prep school instructor (Albert Finney) is forced out of his job and into the painful realization that he is unpopular both in the classroom and at home, where he's ridiculed by his young wife (Greta Scacchi). Only a student's kindness gives him the inspiration to rebuild his life. Also stars Matthew Modine.
CC (R 97 min.) Drama 1994 (Paramount 32881) No SRPgo back

A slick New York assassin (Anthony LaPaglia), renowned for his lack of conscience, accepts an unusual hit --a beautiful woman (Mimi Rogers) who is not only expecting him but more than willing to be murdered. What happens when the hit man falls for his target?
CC (R 96 min.) Thriller 1995 (Republic Pictures 6160) No SRPgo back

Woody Allen's Broadway play made it to the big screen and earned Dianne Wiest an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Against the colorful tapestry of bathtub gin and leggy flappers, a fledgling Greenwich Village playwright (John Cusack) is tapped to direct a big time production. But there's a catch: he must cast a gangster's untalented showgirl moll (Jennifer Tilly) and deal with one of Broadway's luminaries (Wiest) hired to play the lead. Typical Allen comedy-chaos.
CC (R 1:35) COMEDY 1994 (MIRAMAX 4368) No SRP go back

This lightweight comedy features Matthew Modine, Paul Reiser and Randy Quaid as a trio of dads who get weekend custody of their kids and a crash course in advanced parenthood. Each has a unique situation: one has three kids, a girlfriend and an overly roving eye; another has communication problems with his teen-age daughter; and the third has had only three dates in a year -- and one was with his cousin. Yet they discover that although marriages may end, families last forever.
CC (PG-13 1:47) Comedy 1995 (FoxVideo 8751) No SRP go back

This oddball Summer Camp comedy revolves around a group of teenagers who blackmail an out-of-work drama teacher (Christopher Lloyd) to pose as the owner of a summer camp of their own invention. With no parents, no rules and no counselors, calamity prevails as the kids indulge themselves in their favorite fantasies, culminating in the greatest ruse of all --"Parents Day."
>CC (PG 1:35) COMEDY 1994 (HOLLYWOOD 3078) No SRP go back

This misguided comedy by director Michael Moore ("Roger & Me") postulates a near-future in which the U.S. economy is in such trouble that only a mobilization against a common enemy will spur Americans to improve the country's finances. The unlikely enemy: Canada. Unfortunately, an overzealous Niagara Falls sheriff (John Candy) gets the wrong idea and invades our neighbors to the North. Co-stars Rip Torn and Rhea Perlman.
CC (R 95 min.) Comedy 1995 (PolyGram Video 800-633-233-3) $95.99 SRP go back

This sequel to "Candyman" brings back the hook-handed murderer who is summoned to this world by chanting his name five times in front of a mirror. When a young schoolteacher, haunted by the gruesome murder of her father, finds the Candyman's appearance in a student's school drawings, she tries to dispel his fears and begins the chant. Faster than you can say celluloid gore, the Candyman appears, wrecking carnage on the screen.
CC (R 1:39) Horror 1995 (Polygram) $95.99 SRP go back

The second of the famous Harvey Comics characters to make it to the big screen (the first was "Richie Rich"), "Casper the Friendly Ghost's" combination of live-action and animation won over a loyal summer audience. A pleasant family viewing experience.
CC (PG-13) Family 1995 (MCA/Universal) $22.98 SRPgo back

This surprise hit features first kisses, first loves, and first betrayals as it follows the lives of three girlhood friends, reunited in college, who eagerly experience life to the fullest. Featured is Minnie Driver as Benny, a modest, self-conscious dreamer who falls for and gets the best-looking boy on campus, Jack, played by Chris ("Batman Forever") O'Donnell.
CC (PG-13 1:40) Melodrama 1995 (HBO 91214) No SRP go back

Billy Crystal and Jack Palance are back in the saddles again in this sequel to the smash hit about city slickers on vacation at a Western dude ranch. This time around Crystal discovers a treasure map hidden in the hat he inherited from Curly, the grizzled cow-poke of the first "City Slickers," and, along with his brother (played by Jon Lovitz), best friend (Daniel Stern) and Curly's brother (Palance), he heads out in search of gold.
CC (PG-13 1:45) COMEDY 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 71193) No SRP go back

This detective comedy follows the trail of M.L. Pogue (Dana Carvey), the key witness to a crime. The only problem is, he can't seem to remember the details. In fact, he doesn't know if he's a master detective, a high fashion model or a world renowned professor. Fighting a rare case of amnesia, Pogue enlists the help of a femme-fatale and his eye-patched dog to help him sniff out the missing links as he stumbles down memory lane.
CC (PG-13 1:42) COMEDY 1994 (MGM/UA 904588) No SRP go back

This third installment in the CIA agent Jack Ryan franchise (based on the Tom Clancy thrillers) has the idiosyncratic spy (Harrison Ford) appointed acting Deputy Director of Intelligence. His first assignment, the investigation of the murder of one of the President's friends, leads him into hot water with the President, the Agency, and the Washington elite. An action-packed adventure.
CC (PG-13 2:21) THRILLER 1994 (PARAMOUNT 32463) No SRP go back

This hit thriller tells the story of a young boy who witnesses the suicide of a prominent Mob attorney and, in the process, learns a devastating piece of information involving the whereabouts of a murdered U.S. Senator. Pursued both by the mob and by a politically ambitious federal prosecutor (Tommy Lee Jones), the boy turns to a feisty and resourceful attorney (Susan Sarandon) to defend his rights and protect his life.
CC (PG-13 2:01) THRILLER 1994 (WARNER 13233) No SRP go back

Martin Short plays Clifford, a precocious and calculating 10-year-old who unexpectedly comes to visit his uncle Martin (Charles Grodin). The smart, hyperactive and dangerous kid is obsessed with visiting Dinosaurworld, a mega-amusement park in Los Angeles, and when uncle Martin breaks his promise to take him there, a wild and comic mis- adventure and battle of the wills and wits explodes on the screen. Co-stars Mary Steenburgen and Dabney Coleman.
CC (PG 1:30) COMEDY 1994 (ORION OHV-8786) No SRgo backP

This surprise summer hit stars Alicia Silverstone as a way cool Beverly Hills high schooler who's rich, popular and almost 16. Not only does she look good, she loves to let the world benefit from her expertise in all of life's important issues - like dating and fashion. She takes care of her dad, her teachers and other students. She's totally in control - until she encounters her own matters of the heart.
CC (PG-13 97 min.) Comedy 1995 (Paramount 33215) No SRP go back

When a New York psychologist (Bruce Willis in a stretch role) moves to Los Angeles to escape the memory of the bizarre suicide of a patient, his encounters there prove as shocking as the chilling event he left behind. Immediately he finds himself entangled in an explosive sexual relationship with an enigmatic woman and becomes embroiled in the investigation of the brutal murder of a friend and colleague.
CC (R 2:01) THRILLER 1994 (BUENA VISTA) No SRP go back

In a mysterious expanse of unexplored Africa, a field expedition searches for the legendary Lost City of Zinj and its fabled diamonds, the latter needed for new communications technologies. What the trekkers find is startling: a gorilla civilization in which they are the endangered species. Fun in the rain forest from Michael Crichton's novel.
CC (PG-13 109 min.) Action/Adventure 1995 (Paramount 33038) No SRP go back

The Robbersons are the model suburban family. Dad (Chevy Chase) is the perfect mild-mannered accountant; Mrs. Robberson (Diane Wiest) is the perfect supermom. When a pair of cops (headed up by Jack Palance) use their house to stake out a mobster, the Robberson's stake out the two cops. Mom feeds and coddles them while dad wants to help solve the case based on his years of watching TV crime shows. What happens to the cops is criminal.
CC (PG 1:33) COMEDY 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 58713) No SRP go back

In a change of pace from recent weirdos he's played, Ray Liotta stars here as a newly widowed jingle writer who must find a housekeeper to watch over his little girl. It's an impossible task until Corrina Washington (Whoopie Goldberg) walks through the door. Corrina's smart, funny and typically Whoopie Goldberg at her finest. And, best of all, she magically changes everyone's lives. A sweet family film.
CC (PG 2:15) FAMILY 1994 (NEW LINE N4013) No SRP go back

Kiefer Sutherland and Woody Harrelson play two true-blue American cowboys--adventurous, independent, straight- shooting--who were the pride of New Mexico until they let the National Rodeo Finals slip though their fingers. Now they must travel to the real badlands--the urban jungle of New York City--to track down a pal and his daughter who have vanished amidst the skyscrapers. The modern-day cowboys trade in sagebrush and cactus for crowded subways, surly commuters, lusty ladies and deadly thugs. Guess who comes out on top?
CC (PG-13 1:47) ACTION-COMEDY 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82006) No SRP go back

This underwater thriller takes place on the USS Alabama, a nuclear-powered submarine that gets an unconfirmed order to launch its nuclear missiles. The sub's commander (Gene Hackman) and executive officer (Denzel Washington) face off over the validity of the orders and control of the sub with the fate of the world hanging between them.
CC (R 126 min.) Action 1995 (Hollywood 5255) No SRP go back

Director Spike Lee turned his camera in a nostalgic direction when he made this touching and humorous film about life in a Brooklyn family during the 1970s. The family, headed up by a loving but careworn mother (Alfre Woodard) who struggles to make ends meet on her teacher's salary for her out-of-work Jazz musician husband and five kids, faces the joys and sorrows of everyday life together with hard work, self-reliance and a strong sense of humor.
CC (PG-13 1:54) FAMILY 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82069) No SRP go back

Everyone's favorite peewee hockey team is back. This time around the little skaters have been chosen to compete in the Jr. Goodwill Games to represent the U.S. against the best from around the world. Now they have to face off against the meanest team that ever sliced up the ice and a coach (Emilio Estevez) who's let the big time go to his head. Will the Ducks get tough again?
CC (PG 1:46) COMEDY 1994 (WALT DISNEY 2553) $19.99 go back

This chilling drama by famed director of the weird Roman Polanski takes place in the course of one 24- hour period at a secluded beach house somewhere in Latin America. A young woman (Sigourney Weaver) meets a man (Ben Kingsley) she believes tortured her 15 years earlier, and takes the opportunity to get even. The lines between justice and revenge begin to blur: Can she ever be sure she has the right man. Powerful material.
CC (R 1:42) DRAMA 1994 (NEW LINE 4119) No SRPgo back

Quentin Tarantino stars as a mysterious man who rises out of a Las Vegas swimming pool to gamble with everybody's lives: from an escaped bank robber and his lounge-singing ex-girlfriend to a hotshot Vegas casino-owner and a superstitious motel owner. A hip mystery thriller. Also stars Dylan McDermott, Nancy Travis and James Belushi.
CC (R 101 min.) Drama 1995 (HBO 91258) No SRPgo back

Bruce Willis is back for a third go round in the "Die Hard" franchise. This time he joins up with Samuel L. Jackson to foil a group of criminals (headed up by Jeremy Irons) who start blowing up New York City to cover a more heinous crime. There's so much action and violence here that fans of this genre will be riveted to their seats for the entire running time. Great fun viewing.
CC (R 131 min.) Action/Adventure 1995 (FoxVideo 8858) No SRP go back

This "politically correct" melodrama stars Michael Douglas as a hot shot executive, sexually harassed by his new boss and former lover (Demi Moore), who decides to make an issue of things and fights back to save his career and his marriage. The film is based on the Michael ("Jurassic Park") Crichton novel and is filled with espionage, high-tech toys and plot surprises. Directed by Barry Levinson.
CC (R 2:09) SUSPENSE THRILLER 1994 (WARNER 13575) No SRP go back

Tim Daly and Sean Young star in this comedy take on the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde horror story. A struggling young research scientist inherits a secret formula created by his great-grandfather, Dr. Jekyll, and he rushes to use it to make a great discovery. Unfortunately, a few accidental additions to the formula periodically transforms the good scientist into the evil, voluptuous Helen Hyde, who wrecks havoc on his sanity - and his love life.
CC (PG-13 92 min.) Comedy 1995 (HBO Home Video 93790) No SRP go back

This psychological thriller stars Kathy Bates as Dolores Claiborne, wrongfully accused of murdering her abusive husband 18 years ago. Now, standing over the dead body of her employer, Dolores is accused of another murder. Will an overzealous detective (Christopher Plummer) prove her guilty or will her estranged daughter (Jennifer Jason Leigh), who knows more than she's telling, come to her mom's aid?
CC (R 132 min.) Thriller 1995 (Columbia TriStar 74753) No SRP go back

This wildly wonderful film stars Johnny Depp as a handsome stranger who claims to be Don Juan, the legendary lover who seduced a thousand women. His outrageous behavior leads him to a shrink (Marlon Brando) who dares Depp to prove his assertion. Their interaction invigorates the doctor's own broken spirit and rekindles the passion in his life. Co-stars Faye Dunaway.
CC (PG 92 min.) Romantic Comedy 1995 (New Line 4027) No SRPgo back

Wesley Snipes gave up a promising career as a "serious" actor to pursue a string of no-brain action-adventure parts, and this one is no exception. Here he plays a U.S. Marshall hot on the track of a crack team of daredevil skydiving techno-terrorists (headed up by Gary Busey, another talent with a habit of "chewing scenery" as a nasty villain) who killed his brother and kidnapped his prisoner. Snipes takes to the sky (with sexy Yancy Butler as his sidekick) to pursue his foes.
CC (R 1:41) ACTION-ADVENTURE 1994 (PARAMOUNT 32734) No SRP go back

Jim Carrey has a knack for making comedy hits ("Ace Ventura," "The Mask") and "Dumb & Dumber" has cinched his position as the hottest movie moneymaker in recent memory. This time around he brings Jeff Daniels along for the ride as the pair play pathetic dimwits who embark on a cross-country road trip hoping to return a briefcase full of cash to its rightful owner, a beautiful socialite played by Mary Swanson. A "no-brainer" laugh fest.
CC (PG-13 1:50) COMEDY 1994 (NEW LINE N4036) No SRP go back

Idiosyncratic director Tim ("Batman") Burton brings to the screen the true and hilarious story of aspiring Hollywood visionary film director Ed Wood. Wood, played by Johnny Depp, is the infamous B-movie director of such cult classics as "Plan 9 From Outer Space," and the film follows his career as he pulls together a ragtag band of actors to create a series of truly horrible films. Co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Martin Landau (as a down-and-out Bela Lugosi).
CC (R 2:06) DRAMA 1994 (TOUCHSTONE 2758) No SRP go back

This is the heroic story of the life of rodeo legend Lane Frost (played by TV heart-throb Luke Perry) and his struggles for success both in and out of the ring. Plenty of bull-riding and tossing here. Co-stars Stephen Baldwin as Lane's hard-nose, soft-hearted best friend and Cynthia Geary as the woman whose love makes dreams come true. Features a great C&W sound track.
CC (PG-13 1:44) DRAMA 1994 (NEW LINE 72603) No SRP go back

This charming story of an eccentric Welsh village stars Hugh Grant as an English mapmaker sent out to measure the height of Fynnon Garw, the local geographic landmark. When he determines that Fynnon Garw is 15 feet too short to officially qualify as a "mountain," the townspeople contrive all manner of ways to get the mapmaker to remeasure the hill and declare it a mountain - even if their methods are a bit shady.
CC (PG 96 min.) Comedy 1995 (Miramax 6208) No SRP go back

Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O'Donnell star in this idiosyncratic comedy about two straight Los Angeles undercover cops who track murderous jewel thieves to the anything goes sex fantasy island of "Eden." Aykroyd gains entry posing as a maintenance man; O'Donnell goes undercover as a worldly dominatrix; The closer the detectives get to uncovering the truth, the harder it becomes to stay covered up. Dana Delany also stars as the long-legged, sexy island headmistress.
CC (R 2:00) COMEDY 1994 (HBO 91164) No SRgo backP

Set in the streamy world of an atmospheric strip club, the film tells the overlapping stories of the various patrons and "lap- dancers" who foray into a world of voyeurism and deceit after dark. Overrated by the wannabe-hip film critics and doesn't really live up to its name.
CC (R 114 min.) Erotic Drama 1995 (Miramax ) No SRPgo back

This enjoyable family adventure, set against the backdrop of the Canadian wilderness, tells the story of how a young boy and his dog forge a special bond that neither time nor distance can break. When their boat capsizes in turbulent waters off the Pacific Northwest, a 14-year-old boy and his recently adopted stray Golden Labrador are washed ashore. Alone in the wilds, the boy and the dog (Yellow) fight to survive against all odds.
CC (PG 1:21) FAMILY 1995 (FoxVideo Family Feature 8730) $19.98go back

This stunning film is at once a story of the grand Peking Opera and a story about China since the first quarter of this century. It follows the lives of two lifelong friends and the woman who comes between them, and their movement through the turbulence and violence of the cultural and physical revolutions that tore apart the fabric of the country and the people who lived there.
CC (R 2:37) FOREIGN DRAMA 1993 (BUENA VISTA) No SRP go back

This funny satire of rap and hip-hop follows a documentary filmmaker (Kasi Lemmons) as she infiltrates the behind-the-scenes world of a rap band. Her job: to find the illusive answers to such important questions as why have all the group's managers met tragic deaths, how many rappers are named "Ice," and why all the hats?
CC (R 1:27) COMEDY 1994 (FOXVIDEO 5853) No SRP go back

This reworking of the Arthurian legend of Camelot stars Sean Connery as the aging but wise King Arthur, preparing to wed Lady Guinevere (Julia Ormond). Their match is well-planned: Arthur's armies will protect her country and their love will nourish their souls. Into this seeming happiness rides the reckless Lancelot (Richard Gere), whom Arthur accepts as a brave and true knight but who also stirs up new feelings in Guinevere.
CC (PG-13 134 min.) Action/Adventure 1995 (Columbia TriStar 71173) No SRP go back

The stone age cartoon characters finally made it to the big screen this summer and they were a smash hit despite rock-headed critics. Chanting Yabba-Dabba-Doo, moviegoers embraced John Goodman, Elizabeth Perkins, Rick Moranis and Rosie O'Donnell as Fred and Wilma Flintstone and Barney and Betty Rubble. Some rotten Bedrock denizens plan to steal some big-time bucks and set out to set-up Fred. Will the frame work? Will the Ice Age melt? See you on the screen.
CC (PG 1:31) FAMILY 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 81744) $19.98 go back

Here's a twist on your average reincarnation film: A man who has it all - a loving wife, an adorable son - is killed in a car crash and comes back to life as ... a dog. Fluke makes every attempt to get back with his family as "Man's best friend" until he discovers that the new man in his former wife's life is his old best friend. Stars Matthew Modine, Nancy Travis and Eric Stoltz.
CC (PG 95 min.) Comedy 1995 (MGM/UA 904951) No SRP go back

A whirlwind love affair highlights this gentle romantic comedy from producer-director-star Bill Crystal when Mickey, an NBA referee, escorts his father's casket to France and meets airline representative Ellen (Debra Winger). Though love and matrimony bloom, the pair have problems reconciling their careers and marriage, and love soon turns to despair. Still, one can never really "Forget Paris."
CC (PG-13 101 min.) Romantic Comedy 1995 (Columbia TriStar 11993) No SRP go

"Gump" comes to home video after clocking in as the fifth highest grossing film of all-time and garnering three Golden Globe awards. Starring Tom Hanks and featuring impressive, tasteful special effects, "Gump" chronicles the adventures of a slow-witted but wise Southerner whose generosity and sweet spirit propel him into a series of extraordinary experiences--from college football star to decorated war hero to millionaire entrepreneur.
CC (PG-13 2:22) DRAMA 1994 (PARAMOUNT 32583) $22.95go back

This sleeper box office hit of 1994 tells the story of eight friends, five priests,, 11 wedding dresses, 16 parents- in-law, 2000 champagne glasses and two people who should be together but insist on staying apart. Hugh Grant plays a lovelorn bachelor who thinks he should get married but doesn't know exactly how to do it, and Andie MacDowell plays the elusive woman who teaches him a new way of looking at love.
CC (R 1:57) COMEDY 1994 (Polygram 8006317693) $96.99 go back

This enticing sequel to the surprise hit of 1993 picks up two years after Willy has been set free from an aquatic park. Young Jesse and the Orca re-discover each other on a camping trip but trouble is brewing: an offshore oil spill threatens Willy and his whale family. On the brink of disaster, Willy calls upon Jesse to return him and his siblings back to the open sea.
CC (PG 98 min.) Family 1995 (Warner 18200) $22.98 SRP go back

Meg Ryan does an excellent turn here as a neurotic jilted lover who jets to Paris to track down her wayward fiance (Timothy Hutton). On the plane she meets up with a shady Frenchman (Kevin Kline in a wacky role) and the pair embark on a romantic adventure that neither had bargained for. A gentle comedy.
CC (PG-13 111 min.) Romantic Comedy 1995 (FoxVideo 8823) No SRP go back

This urban thriller is about a street-wise kid named Fresh who grows up on the tough streets of Brooklyn. In his world, criminals dictate the way of life and survival means looking the other way. But Fresh strives to create a better future for himself and his family, and he plays against all odds to devise an ingenious scheme to overthrow the local gangsters and beat them at their own game.
CC (R 1:52) THRILLER 1994 (MIRAMAX) No SRP go back

This funky comedy stars Ice Cube as an "alright" guy who gets into some crazy situations in South Central L.A. He's lost his job, he's fighting with his girl friend, and he has to look out for his friend Smokey, who has 24 hours to pay back Deebo, a thug who's as nasty as can be. It's Friday; will Saturday ever come around? Co-stars Chris Tucker and Nia Long.
CC (R 91 min.) Comedy 1995 (New Line N4188) No SRPgo back

When a British foreign diplomat in West Africa is caught with his pants down with the sultry wife of a powerful presidential candidate, he's coerced into making amends in a seemingly easy way: convince an influential physician to change his vote against a project favored by the candidate. But the physician proves to be as honest as everyone else is corrupt, and the diplomat soon must contend with that honesty, more lusty women, and power hungry politicians. Stars Sean Connery in a rare comedic role.
CC (R 1:35) COMEDY 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 81726) No SRP go back

It's about time Goofy got his own movie -- a whole new generation of kids can now appreciate the crazy dog's -- uh, well, goofiness. In this full-length animated feature, Goofy is a baby- boomer dad with a teen-age son, Max, who's more interested in rock 'n' roll and new-found girlfriend Roxanne than the cross-country summer vacation road trip dad's got planned. With Goofy, of course, "quality time" is wacky time, so sit back and enjoy the fun.
CC (G 78 min.) Animated 1995 (Buena Vista 4658) $22.99 SRPgo back

This heartwarming tale of a talking pig preceded the much more successful "Babe," another saga of a porker raconteur. When Gordy's family is trucked off to the mysterious "up North," he toddles off to find them, along the way befriending two kids. Because Gordy's new pals are "pure of heart," they're the only humans who can hear him, and together they experience one caper after another. For the truly young at heart.
CC (G 90 min.) Family 1995 (Walt Disney ) $14.99 SRP go

This quiet comedy-drama hits the mark with fine-tuned interactive performances by Nicolas Cage and Shirley MacLaine. Cage plays a by-the-book Secret Service agent assigned to protect MacLaine, a cantankerous former First Lady whose life seems to have only one purpose: to humiliate the agents assigned her. Cage wants to be where the action is; MacLaine wants to be anywhere where she's not hemmed in by guards. The friction between the two makes for highly enjoyable viewing. A must see.
CC (PG-13 1:39) COMEDY-DRAMA 1994 (COLUMBIA-TRISTAR 78703) No SRP go

This rollercoaster ride of friendship, obsession and murder is based on a true story. Two highly creative teenage girls, best friends whose camaraderie knows no bounds, hit a seemingly impossible barrier to their friendship: faced with separation, the two devise a plan to get rid of the "obstacle" (one of their mothers) that prevents them from staying together "forever." The end result is a crime that shocked a nation.
CC (R 1:39) DRAMA 1994 (MIRAMAX 4371) No SRP go back

This silly comedy features a group of overweight kids who rule Camp Hope, a summer outing where big is beautiful. When a fitness guru muscles his way into their Shangri-La, the boys are in for some rigorous training. But after weeks of frustration, starvation and humiliation, they finally unite to turn the camp back to a place where misfits are in and bakery goods are better than buff biceps.
CC (PG 1:37) Comedy 1995 (Walt Disney 3463) No SRPgo back

The talented Jeff Goldblum's choice of roles is inexplicable. For every "The Fly" and "Jurassic Park" there's three "Hideaways" --weird films that go nowhere. In this one, he plays a man who dies and is brought back to life by doctors -- but doesn't return alone. When he recovers, he discovers that he's telepathically linked to a deranged killer, and must "watch" as the killer stalks a series of young women. Co-stars Christine Lahti and Alicia Silverstone.
CC (R 103 min.) Horror 1995 (Columbia 73463) No SRPgo back

John Singleton's third directorial outing features Omar Epps, Kristy Swanson, Ice Cube, Laurence Fishburne and Michael Rapaport in an uncompromising study of the lives of three freshmen during their first semester at college. In addition to normal adolescent problems and hormone attacks, they face serious prejudice, intolerance, racism and sexism among the student body. Even the Ivy Tower has crumbled before urban grit.
CC (R 2:07) Drama 1995 (Columbia TriStar 73393) No SRP go back

What better place for a large and lumbering black man, on the run from loan sharks, to hide out in than the comfy white suburbs, the land of Volvos and manicured lawns? With Sinbad as the man-who-came-to-dinner (actually he's mistaken by suburbanite Phil Hartman for an old boyhood camp friend) and a fairly dysfunctional suburban family there's no end to the opportunities for laughs.
CC (PG 1:59) COMEDY 1995 (HOLLYWOOD) No SRP go back

Set in the mid-1950s, this comedy revolves around the genius Albert Einstein (Walter Matthau) and his brainy niece (Meg Ryan). She's engaged to a drab scientist and Einstein decides to give up figuring out the universe to find her a new lover. Who does the world's smartest man come up with: Tim Robbins, a grease monkey at the local garage. Is this really what the big bang is all about?
CC (PG 1:32) COMEDY 1994 (PARAMOUNT 32678) No SRP go back

Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts star as competing newspaper reporters in this romantic thriller set in the world of Chicago journalism. Roberts is a cub reporter whose resourcefulness and quick wit is matched only by her competitive spirit, something which spells trouble for seasoned columnist-turned novelist Nolte. Sparks fly as they outwit and out-scoop each other, nearly getting them killed as they vie for the ultimate front page story.

Gary Oldman stars as Ludwig Van Beethoven in this fascinating biography of the musical genius. Although he was world famous, Beethoven never married: he was difficult and unsympathetic and, although he had had numerous liaisons, he remained unattached. After his death a cryptic letter surfaces, leading to one of history's most compelling romantic mysteries: Who among the many women he seduced was Beethoven's immortal beloved?
CC (R 2:01) BIOGRAPHY 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 74763) No SRP go back

In this silly comedy, Pauly Shore plays a slacker who signs up with a friend for an Army hitch in order to cash in on the perks: free room and board and a steady salary. But the pair are definitely not what the Army had in mind when they advertised for "a few good men"--after barely surviving basic training, the misfits are called to active duty in the African desert, where they stumble upon the opportunity to save the day.
CC (PG 1:33) COMEDY 1994 (HOLLYWOOD) No SRP go back

The Inkwell Beach on the ritzy resort island of Martha's Vineyard is a vacation haven for the rich and the restless. Here, in 1976, 16-year-old Drew Tate, uninterested in the rites of puberty, is sent, by his mother and his militant, ex-Black Panther father to spend a summer holiday with wealthy relatives. The shy teenager, unavoidably drawn into the island's social scene, begins to find feelings he never knew existed, and learns a lot more than anyone expected about the opposite sex.
CC (R 1:52) COMEDY 1994 (TOUCHSTONE 3371) No SRP go back

Richard Gere plays a successful architect with a personal life on shaky ground. He's separated from his beautiful but aloof wife (Sharon Stone) and is having an affair with a passionate writer (Lolita Davidovich). Unfortunately, his relationships begin to unravel and he finds himself on a collision course headed toward the fateful moment when he must confront all his true feelings.
CC (R 1:42) DRAMA 1994 (PARAMOUNT 32242) No SRP go back

Anne Rice's celebrated cult novel of vampire love and lust made it to the big screen amidst a flurry of bad publicity over the decision to star Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat. Still, the film pleased audiences of all stripes, and the story, about a disillusioned young man (Brad Pitt) who joins the vampire world in the 18th century and tells his story to interviewer Christian Slater in the 20th, went on to become a 1994 blockbuster hit (over $100 million).
CC (R 2:03) HORROR DRAMA 1994 (WARNER 13176) No SRPgo back

Based on the androgynous character Pat (Julia Sweeny) from TV's Saturday Night Live, this film explores the enigmatic masculine/feminine person's activities and idiosyncrasies that nauseate and offend friends and foes alike. As peculiar as Pat may seem, his/her passion runs deep. And when Pat exposes Pat's true self to find love with the equally androgynous Chris, the resulting spectacle is stunning.
CC (PG-13 1:18) COMEDY 1994 (TOUCHSTONE 2751) No SRP go back

This inner city drama revolves around Jason, a young man who's life has been overshadowed by the violent death of his father, Mad Dog. In the role of family patriarch, Jason vows to keep his little brother, Joshua, off the streets and out of prison. Jason's life changes when he meets Lyric, a young woman who opens his eyes to a world of beauty, hope, dreams and love. But the dreams shatter when he discovers that Joshua is spinning out of control, threatening to destroy all their lives.
CC (R 2:00) DRAMA 1994 (POLYGRAM 800-633-711-3) $94.99 go back

Nick Nolte stretches himself here as Thomas Jefferson, the true father of our country. This Merchant Ivory ("Remains of the Day," "Howards End") production chronicles Jefferson's life and loves when he was America's ambassador to France. Jefferson was a brilliant statesman, inventor, architect and renaissance man, and his talent wasn't confined to parchment, as his love affairs with one of his slaves (played by Sally Hemings) and a married woman (Greta Scacchi) attested.
CC (PG-13 149 min.) Historical Drama 1995 (Touchstone 4708) No SRPgo back

On paper this probably looked like a great idea: get Johnny Brennan and Kamal, the two New York lads known as the Jerky Boys, who rocketed to stardom on the basis of their popular audio tapes of prank phone calls, and weave a movie around them. It didn't quite come to box office fruition: the story line about an angry mob boss who wants to get even for a crank call is for fans of the duo only.
CC (R 91 min.) Comedy 1995 Touchstone 3624) No SRPgo back

Science fiction writer William Gibson penned this film about a future in which information is the ultimate commodity and people will do anything to get it. With a computer chip implanted in his brain, Johnny Mnemonic (Keanu Reeves) is a courier who transports data for the highest bidder. His latest job is a killer, though -not only does the info overload his circuits but a crime syndicate wants his head - literally.
CC (R 98 min.) Science Fiction 1995 (Columbia TriStar 73473) No SRP go back

Sylvester Stallone stars in this sci-fi yarn set in the year 2139 when the crumbling legal system has merged with the police to create an all-powerful hybrid of law and order: The Judges. The most resolute and fearful keeper of the law is Judge Dredd but, in a plot to overthrow the government, he's framed and sentenced to life imprisonment. In true action-adventure style, the Judge escapes to seek revenge - and justice.
CC (R 96 min.) Science Fiction 1995 (Buena Vista 5261) No SRP go back

This live-action adventure is the unique story of Mowgli, a five-year-old orphan abandoned in the wilds of the Indian jungle. Taught to survive by his jungle friends ■ a bear, a wolf and a panther ■ Mowgli meets his greatest challenge when he's reintroduced to civilization. Stars Jason Scoot Lee, Sam Neill, Cary Elwes and John Cleese.
CC (G 1:41) FAMILY 1994 (DISNEY 4604) $22.99 go back

This light comedy stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Emma Thompson as three dedicated, goal-directed scientific researchers who take a fantastic journey into the unexpected. In order to test an experimental drug, Schwarzenegger allows himself to be implanted with a human egg and impregnated. What starts out as a daring experiment leads to wondrous and unexpected consequences as Schwarzenegger and Thompson fall for each other. It's fun just to see Arnold pregnant.
CC (PG-13 1:50) COMEDY 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82213) No SRP go back

What does it take to make a silly dinosaur story into the world's highest grossing movie of all time? First, start out with a taut best-seller by science fiction-technology- thriller writer Michael Crichton. Then add the screenwriting hands of Crichton and David Koepp and pay an enormous amount of money for great (nay, fantastic) special effects. But most importantly, take the whole project and put it under the tutelage of Steven Spielberg. Need we say more?
CC (PG-13 2:07) SCIENCE FICTION 1993 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 81409) $24.98 go back

Pauly Shore plays his usual loser personae in this comedy about a young man who can't hold down a job and finds himself homeless when his mother skips off for Las Vegas. With characteristic laziness, he hits on the idea of becoming a juror on a long trial - he'll get food, housing and $5.00 a day. But what he does to the justice system is no laughing matter. Co-stars Tia Carrere.
CC (R 88 min.) Comedy 1995 (Columbia TriStar 06723) No SRPgo back

Eight years after a brutal Florida Everglades murder, a respected Harvard law professor (Sean Connery) tries to save the convicted man on Death Row (Blair Underwood) who swears he's innocent. Retracing the original investigation, Connery comes across the small-town detective (Laurence Fishburne) who investigated the original crime and uncovers the lethal mastermind (Ed Harris) of a deadly game
CC (R 1:42) Drama 1995 (Warner 13623) No SRPgo back

This new addition to the Lassie ouvre features the eighth generation descendant of the original collie who stared in 1943's "Lassie Come Home." This edition follows the Turner family as they leave Baltimore to make a new start in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The move is hard on everyone, especially 13- year-old Matt, until Lassie, a homeless collie, shows up to provide her help and unflinching loyalty.
CC (PG 1:32) FAMILY 1994 (PARAMOUNT 33034) $19.98 go back

David Caruso, late of TV's "NYPD Blue," made his big screen debut in this cop thriller about an ex-con out on parole who's reluctantly lured back for one more heist. Caught by a police detective, he's offered a deal: his freedom in return for turning informer on a ferociously wired gangster. Stars Nicolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson and Helen Hunt.
CC (R 101 min.) Drama 1995 (Fox 8782) No SRPgo back

This sweeping family epic was the surprise hit of the first quarter of the year. The film follows the saga of the Montana Ludlow family, their loves and disappointments, from the end of the 19th century through the early part of the 20th century. Old U.S. Calvary Col. William Ludlow (Hopkins) retires from the madness of the world but his three sons venture forth, into World War I and the passions and rivalries of the new century.
CC (R 2:14) DRAMA 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 78723) No SRP go back

This Western-comedy stars Paul ("`Crocodile' Dundee") Hogan as Lightning Jack, a bumbling desperado who is a legend among men...in his own mind. Lightning Jack can only dream of becoming one of the most wanted men in the country. After his gang is ambushed, Jack teams up with a mute outlaw (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and the pair enter the history books in their own way.
CC (PG-13 1:36) WESTERN/COMEDY 1994 (HBO VIDEO) No SRP go back

This sexy import from Mexico tells the story of Tita, the youngest daughter of a tyrannical matriarch, doomed by tradition to take care of her mother and forgo her love for Pedro, a dashing young neighbor. To be near his love, Pedro marries Tita's older sister, and the pair maintain a clandestine love affair reflected in the food Tita makes for the family's meals: at times hot and spicy, at times sad and remorseful.
CC (R 1:45) DRAMA 1993 (TOUCHSTONE 2111) No SRP go back

This gigantic blockbuster comes to home video as one of the best sellers of all time. Disney's 32nd animated film is the adventure-filled story of Simba, a heroic young lion struggling to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his destined role as the king of the jungle. This has to be the most heavily merchandised Disney film of all time, and the merchandising will pick up even more as the video's release date approaches. Be forewarned.
CC (G 1:28) FAMILY ANIMATION 1994 (WALT DISNEY 2977) $26.99 go back

It's apropos that this film came out during the summer when baseball went on strike and shutout millions of kids from the great American pastime. Ironically, "Little Big League" is all about rediscovering the child within, and how giving in to fun can also lead to the gold. All hell breaks loose when a 12-year-old baseball fan (Luke Edwards) inherits the Minnesota Twins and takes over as manager, bringing the team out of a slump and into the league playoffs.
CC (PG 2:00) FAMILY 1994 (COLUMBIA- TRISTAR 72833) No SRP go back

This odd little film revolves around a young American boy believed to be the reincarnation of an important Buddhist spiritual leader. When a Tibetan monk travels to Seattle to visit the boy, he meets up with distrusting parents and an incredulous youngster. But a children's book on Prince Siddhartha changes all that, and the monk, the boy and his father take off for a Tibetan monastery in Bhutan to uncover the truth.
CC (PG 2:03) FAMILY 1994 (BUENA VISTA 2548) No SRP go back

Rick Moranis and Ed O'Neil star as rival coaches of a small town's two pop warner football teams, one typically composed of "underdogs" and "misfits" and the other a well-oiled crunching machine. Guess who heads up the oddballs? Surprisingly, the film did well with girls as well as boys, due in part to the key female character: the underdog's star fullback, Becky "The Icebox" O'Shea. A fun family outing.
CC (PG 1:46) FAMILY 1994 (WARNER HOME VIDEO 16200) $24.96 go back

Tim Roth and Edward Furlong star as two brothers in this critically acclaimed gangster drama by fresh-out-of-film school James Gray. A member of the Russian Jewish Mafia returns him to his native Brooklyn to pull off a job, where he's forced to come to grips with his family and his violent past. Co-stars Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell and Moira Kelly.
CC (R 98 min.) Drama 1995 (Live 69979) $96.98 SRPgo back

Warner Bros. made a valiant attempt to re-market this family film after it got a great critical response but lagged at the box office. Unfortunately, a second time around didn't help this gentle film about the power of one girl's spirit to change her life and the fortunes of those around her. A privileged young girl from England is transported from her care-free home in India to a strict Manhattan boarding school during WWI and is left alone and penniless when her father is lost at sea. Based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett ("The Secret Garden").
CC (G 97 min.) Family 1995 (Warner 19100) $24.94 SRPgo back

Based on the long running comedy film series created 70 years ago by film legend Hal Roach, this wide- screen feature remake of the "Our Gang" comedies (directed by pop culture maven Penelope Spheeris) follows the antics of Spanky, Alfalfa, Froggy, Stymie, Buckwheat, Porky and Petey-the-dog as the He-Man Womun Haters Club encounters its biggest problem: not bullies or parents, but the fact that Alfalfa has fallen in love with Darla--a GIRL!!!
CC (PG 1:23) COMEDY 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82144) $24.98 go back

This latest version of the classic Louisa May Alcott novel boasts an impressive cast: Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Gabriel Byrne, Trini Alvarado, Samantha Mathis, Mary Wickes and Eric Stoltz. Set in New England during the Civil War, the story revolves around the March family's four daughters, "little" women growing up and exploring their talents, friendships, selfish impulses, pleasures, frustrations, loves, losses, grief and joys. A must for the family.
CC (PG 1:58) FAMILY DRAMA 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 01023) No SRP go back

Always ready to jump on the bandwagon, Hollywood here tries to "upscale" the current rash of made-for-TV child- custody dramas that have become a Sunday night network staple. In this one, Jessica Lange plays an adoptive mother who gives an abandoned baby a new chance at life; Halle Berry portrays the birth mother who reclaims her son after rehabilitating herself. The film digs into the issues and emotions surrounding the ensuing custody battle.
CC (R 108 min.) Drama 1995 (Paramount 32836) No SRPgo back

Writer-director Keenen Ivory Wayans (TV's "In Living Color") stars with Charles S. Dutton (TV's "Roc") along with newcomer Jada Pinkett ("Jason's Lyric") in this action packed comedy about a cop (Wayans) expelled from the force after a botched drug bust. As a private investigator, he sells his services to the highest bidder, taking big risks for small change. Along with his sexy "Girl Friday" (Pinkett), he's hired by a D.E.A. friend to track down his ex-girl friend and $20 million in missing loot.
CC (R 1:40) ACTION-COMEDY 1994 (HOLLYWOOD 3611) No SRP go back

Chris O'Donnell and Drew Barrymore star in this youthful road picture about a conservative college student who meets and falls in love with a beautiful and rebellious young woman, abandoning his future in order to run away with her. They leave Seattle and head south, encountering wild fun, adventures, passions and emotional crossroads that will change their lives forever.
CC (PG-13 106 min.) Drama 1995 (Touchstone ) No SRP go back

This historical drama transports viewers through the sometimes comic inner workings of the Royal Family of England circa 1788, a time of humor, tragedy, political intrigue and the beginnings of the decline of the British Empire. King George III, you will recall, lost the American colonies in the war for independence. Maybe he wasn't so crazy after all! Stars Nigel Hawthorne, Helen Mirren, Ian Holm and Amanda Donohoe.
CC (R 110 min.) Historical Drama 1995 (Hallmark Home Entertainment 65013) No SRPgo back

This sequel follows the continuing adventures of the motley Cleveland Indians crew as they once again gear up for a hard-fought pennant race. Returning for another run around the bases are Charlie Sheen as the streaky pitcher `Wild Thing,' Tom Berenger as a veteran catcher-turned-rookie manager and Corbin Bernsen as an aging third baseman who finds himself in a front office squeeze. Plenty of family baseball fun.
CC (PG 1:45) COMEDY 1994 (WARNER BROS. 13356) No SRP go back

Starring, co-written and executive-produced by Damon Wayans, this film follows the grueling (and comedic) exploits of Major Benson Winifred Payne, a career officer who, after spending a lifetime in military hot-spots around the world, pulls the toughest assignment of all: shaping up the Junior R.O.T.C. at the private Madison Academy. Based on the 1955 Charlton Heston-starrer "The Private War of Major Benson."
CC (PG-13 98 min.) Comedy 1995 (MCA/Universal 82323) No SRPgo back

This comedy features Chevy Chase in a familiar role: a bumbling anti-hero, here a fiance trying to ingratiate himself with the son of his wife-to- be (Farrah Fawcett). The youngster, played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas of TV's "Home Improvement," has other plans and attempts to "scare off" his potential stepfather. Chase becomes his typical comedy foil, this time as a YMCA Indian Guide facing rain dances, obstacle courses and wild bears.
CC (PG 1:37) Comedy 1995 (Walt Disney 4703) No SRP go back

The classic "monster tale," here presented by Kenneth Branagh. Branagh plays Victor Frankenstein, creator of the creature (Robert DeNiro) brought to life from the dead. Struck by the horror of what he has produced, Frankenstein attempts to kill the monster but collapses in the effort. Nursed back to health by his love (Helena Bonhamn Carter), Frankenstein returns home, only to find out that the monster still lives, and is seeking his maker to wreck vengeance.
CC (R 2:03) HORROR 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 78713) No SRP go back

The surprise comedy hit of the year has finally wound its way to video and the wait is well deserved. This special-effects-crazy film stars Jim Carrey as a mild-mannered bank clerk who discovers a mysterious, ancient mask that brings his innermost desires to wild, screaming life. Once he dons the strange visage, Carrey becomes a wise-cracking green tornado who takes Edge City by storm and leaves everyone s-s-s-s-smokin'!
CC (PG-13 1:41) COMEDY 1994 (NEW LINE N4011) $19.98 go back

This Western action comedy is the latest in a recent line of movies appropriated from TV series ("The Addams Family," "The Flintstones" and "The Beverly Hillbillies"). In this version of the 1957--1960 TV hit, Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) hustles to ante up the entry fee for a stratospheric high rollers' poker game, along the way getting involved with an unpredictable female con artist (Jodie Foster) and an unflappable lawman (James Garner).
CC (PG 2:07) WESTERN COMEDY 1994 (WARNER 13374 No SRP go back

Dolph Lundgren stars in this actioner about a team of ex-Special Forces agents hired by a group of con-men to overtake a small exotic island for its cache of precious jade. Once on the island, however, some of the agents defect to help defend the islanders against the con-men and their newly recruited savage army. Plenty of "rip-roaring" action for lovers of this genre.
CC (R 102 min.) Action/Adventure 1995 (Buena Vista 5444) No SRP go back

This urban drama weaves a vibrant web of life in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles, where two feisty best friends turn into enemies when they become pregnant by the same man, Ernesto, a local drug dealer. When Ernesto is killed by a rival gang, the boys of Echo Park seek revenge, and the Echo Park Girls must fight to protect themselves. For the two girls, raised on guns and the law of the 'hood, the real struggle is to survive.
CC (R 1:32) DRAMA 1994 (HBO 91188) No SRP go back

Sarah Jessica Parker, Mia Farrow and Antonio Banderas star in this sexy comedy about a young woman who finally gets the wedding engagement she wants...only to get wet feet. But her family is no help: her mother is having an affair with her grandmother's hunk-of-a-male-nurse while her newlywed sister is sharing her bed with a high school friend. What's a girl to do?
CC (PG-13 1:35) COMEDY 1995 (HOLLYWOOD 2752) No SRPgo back

The highly successful TV show about six color-coded teen-age superheroes is transferred to the big screen with mixed results. The evil 6,000-year-old Ooze comes back to life with plans to destroy the world. It's up to the rangers to foil his plan. While the film has strong female role models (two of the six rangers are girls) there's a tad too much violence for the intended young audience.
CC (PG 96 min.) Action/Adventure 1995 (FoxVideo 8901) $22.98 SRP go back

This light-hearted comedy stars Melanie Griffith as a kind-hearted "working girl" and Ed Harris as a shy single father. When Harris' 12-year-old son and his friends pool their pennies in order to buy a "peek" at a naked lady, they meet up with "V" (Griffith), who saves them from a would-be mugger. Harris' son see's in "V" more than a beautiful body: He sees the perfect wife for his widowed science teacher dad--if they can overcome their radically different lifestyles .
CC (PG-13 1:50) COMEDY 1994 (PARAMOUNT 32973) No SRP go back

Writer-producer John Hughes has taken the 1947 classic holiday film about a department store Santa who claims to be the real thing and updated it for a slightly more cynical audience. Elizabeth Perkins stars as the embittered store executive who believes in the blunt truth, even when it means telling her six- year-old daughter that there is no Santa; Richard Attenborough is the Santa who changes all that.
CC (G 113 min.) Family 1995 (FoxVideo 8689) $14.98 SRP go

Steve Martin stars in this offbeat comedy about a suicide prevention hotline in Venice, California (long home to a variety of "nuts"). It's Christmas eve and Martin and his dedicated staff are about to go just a little crazy: the hotline is to be evicted to make way for a condo, Martin is about to be dumped by his fiancee, he'll tango with a lonely cross- dresser, and he'll tangle with a gun-toting Claus dresser -- all in the Yuletide spirit. For Martin fans.
CC (PG-13 1:37) COMEDY 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 01013) No SRP go back

This delightful children's film stars Dodger, an adorable and well-trained monkey who not only charms people along the Venice, California boardwalk but picks their pockets as well. When Dodger's trainer (Harvey Keitel) is approached by some big-time crooks to pull off a million-dollar heist, the monkey decides that he needs his freedom and makes his way to an innocent little girl named Eva. Eva loves Dodger, but his old habits come to the fore, plunging everyone into monkey trouble.
CC (PG 1:33) FAMILY COMEDY 1994 (NEW LINE 58553) No SRPgo back

Based on the incredibly successful game of the same name, "Kombat" is the story of an evil sorcerer who has lead a powerful prince to victory against his enemies for nine generations. If he's victorious in the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament, the desolation and evil that have flourished in the Outworld will reign over the Earth forever. Only three human warriors stand in the way.
CC (PG-13 101 min.) Action/Adventure 1995 (New Line N4310) No SRP go back

MURDER IN THE FIRST Based on a true story, this powerful drama follows the uplifting and extraordinary relationship between two young men -- an Alcatraz convict, played by Kevin Bacon, and a principled young attorney, played by Christian Slater. The convict, incarcerated during the Depression for stealing $5.00, is placed in solitary confinement for three years. The young attorney, compelled to show the abuse and abominable conditions at "The Rock," defends the young convict and takes on the prison and the U.S. Government.
CC (R 2:03) DRAMA 1995 (WARNER 13895) No SRPgo back

Starring Jimmy Smits, Edward James Olmos and Esai Morales, this film follows the lives of three generations of the Sanchez family, from their adventurous journey from Mexico to California in the 1920s through the turbulent 1950s right up to the stark realities of the 1990s. At the core is the ongoing struggle to live the American dream.
CC (R 121 min.) Drama 1995 (New Line N4152) No SRP go back

This sequel to "My Girl" picks up where the original left off. Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky) has gotten older and more curious about her past. Dad (Dan Aykroyd) and new (and pregnant) mom (Jamie Lee Curtis) are settled in to their new life. With Dad's reluctant blessing, Anna heads off to L.A. to discover her real mother's mysterious identity and find her place in the evolving family drama.
CC (PG 1:39) FAMILY 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 27623) No SRP go back

Lieutenant Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) is back again, this time as a happy "house husband" since his retirement from the force. An evil terrorist plot, headed up by the mean and nasty Rocco (Fred Ward) and his accomplice, the luscious Tanya, pulls Drebin from his new life to join his crime-fighting buddies. In the tradition of "Naked Gun" movies, a slapstick free-for-all finale demolishes an Academy Awards ceremony.
CC (PG-13 1:23) COMEDY 1994 (PARAMOUNT 32741) No SRP go back

Oliver Stone's controversial and extremely violent opus is a densely layered, jump-cutting mix of video, documentary, animation and rear-projection techniques to draw the viewer into the world of a pair of sociopathic killers. Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis play Mickey and Mallory Knox, a modern American couple whose killing ways make them pop culture heroes when their exploits are ballyhooed in and through the media. Pseudo-social commentary from a master of exploitation.
CC (R 1:59) ACTION DRAMA 1994 (WARNER 13228) No SRP go back

This is the touching story of a young woman (Jodie Foster) raised in a remote cabin in the North Carolina woods. Although she speaks a strange, impenetrable language, Nell becomes a source a great wisdom and inspiration to the doctor (Liam Neeson) and psychologist (Natasha Richardson) whose lives are unexpectedly transformed as they decide whether or not to bring the mysterious woman into contemporary society.
CC (PG-13 1:54) DRAMA 1994 (FoxVideo 8737) Mo SRPgo back

For once, a coming of age film about a young girl. Since the death of her parents, 17-year-old Julie (played by newcomer Hilary Swank) has directed her anger at her grandmother, at the all-male "posse" that harasses her, and at herself as she struggles to become a woman. Enter enigmatic karate teacher Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), who takes Julie on as a student and teaches her to find the strength to defeat her foes and be herself.
CC (PG 1:47) ACTION 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 73253) No SRP go back

This first-ever full-length stop-motion animated movie is a fantastically weird film that follows the misadventures of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. Bored with his annual Halloween routine, Jack stumbles upon the entry to Christmastown and decides to become a substitute Santa. His attempts to create a new and improved holiday soon goes seriously astray. Directed by Tim Burton and scored by Danny Elfman.
CC (PG 1:16) ANIMATED 1993 (TOUCHSTONE) $19.99go back

Paul Newman puts in a stellar performance as a 60-year-old, small-town New York construction worker with no steady work, no love and no money. Estranged for years from his family, he suddenly finds himself face-to-face with his son, an out-of-work college professor. Now he has a chance to turn things around and piece his life together, but the eccentric townfolks are betting against him.
Co-stars Jessica Tandy and Melanie Griffith. CC (R 1:50) Drama 1994 (Paramount 32941) No SRP go back

Ray ("Unlawful Entry") Liotta stars as a decorated marine exiled to a remote prison island who must battle for freedom against a ruthless prison warden and a savage band of prisoners in the year 2022. The island is divided into two opposing camps: the anarchistic savage "outsiders" and the peaceful "insiders." Liotta's quest for freedom is stifled when the outsiders decide to annihilate the insiders' village. Plenty of action in this ■The Count of Monte Christo■ meets ■The Road Warrior■ sci-fi epic.
CC (R 1:48) SCIENCE FICTION 1994 (HBO 90982) No SRP go back

This odd-ball Rob Reiner comedy stars Elijah Wood as the title character, a ten-year-old boy who, feeling unappreciated by his mother and father, finds a lawyer, declares himself a "free agent," and searches the world for the "perfect parents." The international quest for the ultimate mother and father is fueled by the acting talents of Jon Lovitz, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bruce Willis.
CC (PG 1:27) FAMILY 1994 (NEW LINE 71163) No SRP go back

This powerful and raw drama of a contemporary Maori family in urban New Zealand was a smash Down Under and won more than 15 film festival awards. One woman struggles desperately to keep her family together in a world of violence and brutality while her husband, a hard-drinking, volatile personality, threatenas to tear the family apart.
CC (R 102 min.) Drama 1995 (New Line N4177) No SRP go back

This comedy stars Marisa Tomei as a hopeless romantic who, since the age of 11, has been convinced (by Ouija boards and fortune tellers) that the only man in the world for her is named Damon Bradley. Now, just days before her safe wedding to a podiatrist, she receives a call from a friend of her fiance's. His name: Damon Bradley. Marisa quickly rushes to meet her "soul mate," along the way bumping into a seeming Mr. Right (Robert Downey, Jr.) who is not the Damon-of-her dreams. How will true love prevail?

OUTBREAK This action thriller charts the terrifying course of a deadly virus, which is carried by a monkey host from Africa to a small California town where it quickly begins infecting the population. Almost ripped from the front page coverage of the lethal Ebola virus outbreak in Zaire, this speculative adventure features Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo as specialists racing to stop the disease. Co-stars Morgan Freeman and Donald Sutherland.
CC (R 2:08) Thriller 1995 (Warner 13632) No SRPgo back

This live-action/animated fantasy adventure stars Macaulay Culkin as a timid young boy who enters an empty library to seek refuge from a storm. Thrust into the magical world of "The Pagemaster," a timeless place of wonder and discovery, the boy meets the legendary characters of literary classics--from "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" to the treacherous pirates from "Treasure Island." The youngster must confront grave dangers and conquer his greatest fears before he can find his way home.
CC (G 1:16) FAMILY 1994 (FOXVIDEO 8641) $22.98go back

Directed by Mario Van Peebles and starring Kadeem Hardison, Courtney B. Vance and Bokeem Woodbine, the film follows the true story of the Black Panther movement of the 1960s and its on-going struggle for equality.
CC (R 123 min.) Historical Drama 1995 (PolyGram 800-636-309-3) 95.99 SRPgo back

Putting out a daily newspaper is akin to working in a madhouse: it's non-stop editorial bedlam. This Ron Howard directed film takes a long look at one hectic day in the life of a newspaper and it's chief protagonists: the harried newspaperman (Michael Keaton) trying to scoop the competition, the ambitious Managing Editor (Glenn Close) more in tune with a budget than printing the truth, a paranoid reporter (Randy Quaid) who sleeps in his office, and a Senior Editor who must come to grips with cancer.
CC (R 1:52) DRAMA 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82005) No SRP go back

Free-spirited Dottie Perez (Marisa Tomei) is leaving Cuba for America, her head filled with dreams of movies, mascara and John Wayne. Strait-laced Juan Perez (Alfred Molina) is headed for a reunion with the wife (Anjelica Huston) he hasn't seen for 20 years. When a overworked immigration worker thinks the pair are married, the stage is set for a merry marital mixup.
CC (R 135 min.) Drama 1995 (Hallmark Home Ent. (Goldwyn) 75043) No SRPgo back

Luc Bresson, director of the acclaimed "La Femme Nikita" (about a female punk turned into a cold-blooded murdering machine by the French secret service) has here put together another hip thriller, this time about a young girl orphaned when her family is murdered in a drug deal gone awry. The youngster takes shelter with a neighbor who turns out to be a professional hitman. Together they strike up a makeshift father-daughter bond that forever changes their lives.
CC (R 1:49) ACTION- DRAMA 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 74743) No SRP go back

Director Quentin Tarantino's sleazy and gory three-part anthology of neo-film noir vignettes modeled after 1940's pulp fictions surprised the critics not for its superb acting, direction and writing but for its box office take: more than $100 million and still growing. Stars John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Bruce Willis, Amanda Plummer, Eric Stoltz, Rosanna Arquette, and Christopher Walken.
CC (R 164 min.) Drama 1994 (Miramax 3614) No SRPgo back

Based on the novel by legendary science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein, this film tells the horrifying story of Earth's invasion by an insidious alien parasite that attaches itself to human hosts, absorbing an individual's knowledge and memory and feeding on the victim's consciousness. Only the government's covert Office of Scientific Intelligence can save the world from the rapidly multiplying epidemic. Stars Donald Sutherland.
CC (R 1:49) SCIENCE FICTION 1994 (HOLLYWOOD 3628) No SRP go back

THE QUICK AND THE DEAD Sharon Stone puts on her fringed panties and rides out West in this revenge-tinged gunslinging epic which features Gene Hackman as the evil mayor and undisputed ruler of once-friendly Redemption. Hackman has turned the town into a haven for thugs, reprobates and miscreants of every type. Into this monument to evil rides Stone, a six-shooter strapped to her hip and revenge burning in her heart. Haven't we seen this before?
CC (R 1:45) Western 1995 (Columbia TriStar 73513) No SRP go back

Robert Redford's stints behind the camera are never boring, from "Ordinary People" through "The Milagro Beanfield War" to "A River Runs Through It." His close workings of characterizations and underlying themes are always heightened by fine acting and screenplays. "Quiz Show" is no exception: the film follows the TV Quiz Show scandals of the 1950s with strong outings by Rob Morrow, Ralph Fiennes, and John Turturro.
CC (PG-13 2:13) DRAMA 1994 (HOLLYWOOD 2558) No SRPgo back

It's opening night for radio station WBN (during the era of live radio) and the excitement mounts as show time nears. But the real action is behind-the-scenes as someone is murdering the company employees one by one. Station secretary Penny (Mary Stuart Masterson) and her estranged writer husband Roger (Brian Benben) must join forces to find the ingenious killer. Co-stars as loony suspects are Christopher Lloyd, Ned Beatty, Corbin Bernsen and Jeffrey Tambor.

Director Robert Altman has satirized and parodied virtually every facet of American life, from the Korean War ("M*A*S*H") to country music ("Nashville") to gambling ("California Splits") to the Western "McCabe and Mrs. Miller") and even Hollywood itself ("The Player"). Now he's turned his rabid camera toward the world of high fashion and filled it with sex, greed, murder and a cast of Hollywood "who's who," 31 top stars from Danny Aiello to Forest Whitaker. A must to see.
CC (R 2:12) COMEDY 1994 (MIRAMAX 4438) No SRP go

In this oddball comedy, Dennis Leary plays a hapless cat burglar who bungles his last heist and gets caught in the cross fire of a bickering yuppie couple (Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis). Forced to hide out in their house, he takes the pair hostage, only to become a referee in a chaotic annual family dinner filled with an assortment of annoying relatives.
CC (R 1:37) COMEDY 1994 (TOUCHSTONE 2748) No SRP go back

This Penny Marshall comedy stars Danny DeVito as an unemployed ex-advertising executive who's so desperate for a job that he accepts a temporary assignment to teach a basic comprehension class to a group of U.S. Army recruits who are close to flunking basic training. The Army is hardly prepared for DeVito's radical teaching style and DeVito is barely equipped for the Army. From this stems the pathos and the comedy. Co-stars Gregory Hines.
CC (PG-13 2:08) COMEDY 1994 (TOUCHSTONE 2754) No SRP go back

Macaulay Culkin stars as Richie Rich, the "poor little rich boy" of comic book fame. As the wealthiest kid in the world, Richie gets batting tips from Reggie Jackson and personal fitness training from supermodel Claudia Schiffer. With the help of his sandlot pals, some incredible high-tech gadgets, and his own board room savvy, he saves his parents and the Rich family fortune from the scheming John Larroquette.
CC (PG 1:35) COMEDY 1994 (WARNER 17500) No SRP go back

This action-packed adventure stars Meryl Streep as a mother who organizes a white water rafting trip to celebrate her son's birthday and salvage her shaky marriage. A former river guide, she's no longer the risk-taker she was in her youth, and her skills and courage are put to the test when the family encounters three evil strangers who turn their vacation into a living hell. Also stars Kevin Bacon and David Strathairn.
CC (PG-13 1:52) ACTION 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82008) No SRP go back

This satirical story of a turn-of-the-century health and fitness sanitarium run by the real-life Dr. Harvey Kellogg follows the fortunes and foibles of five people as they frequent the spa: a young married couple (Matthew Broderick and Bridget Fonda) seeking interior cleansing, a man (John Cusack) trying to set up a breakfast food business, Dr. Kellogg (Anthony Hopkins) and his anti-sex, anti-meat philosophy, and Kellogg's unpleasant, freeloading adopted son (Dana Carvey).
CC (R 2:00) COMEDY 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 73423) No SRP go

Liam Neeson portrays the 18th century Scottish hero Robert Roy MacGregor (Rob Roy) and Jessica Lange plays the woman who stole his heart in this passionate epic adventure set against a background of murder and betrayal. A classic, true story of good vs. evil replete with mystery, romance and sword fights.
CC (R 120 min.) Historical Drama 1995 (MGM/UA 905228) No SRPgo back

Peter Falk and D.B. Sweeney put in fine performances in this under-rated comedy about a somewhat contentious relationship between a hot young surgeon and his ornery grandfather. The film spans some 35 years in their lives, allowing us to see their relationship as "roommates" grow and mature. Co-stars Julianne Moore and Ellen Burstyn.
CC (PG 119 min.) Comedy 1995 (Hollywood Pictures 2559) No SRPgo back

Susan Sarandon and Sam Shepard lead an outstanding ensemble cast in this melodrama about an eccentric, tough and obsessively maternal mother who fights to regain control of her shaky life. Estranged from her husband and mother of seven sons, she stands poised to pursue a whole new way of life. But when tragedy strikes one of her sons she must re-examine everything she cherishes and face the prospect that things will never be the same.
CC (PG-13 1:38) DRAMA 1994 (NEW LINE N4075) No SRPgo back

Billed as an inventive new Christmas fable, this blend of modern- day humor and old-fashioned sentiment stars Tim Allen as a divorced father whose relationship with his son is on rocky ground. When dad puts on a Santa suit at Christmas time, he unexpectedly becomes the new Santa Clause, mending his relationship with his son and finding the answers to such questions as "How does Santa get into the houses that have no chimneys?
CC (PG 97 min.) Comedy 1994 (Hollywood Pictures 3633) $19.95 SRPgo back

This saga of NAZI brutality and one man's heroics during World War II Poland took the lion's share of last year's Oscars and for good reason: it's definitely a classic and definitely Steven Spielberg's directorial masterpiece. With topnotch acting from pros and amateurs alike, the film is filled with enough poignancy, drama, heartbreak, excitement and epiphany to make its three hour length seem to be all too short. A must see.
CC (R ) DRAMA 1993 (MCA/UNIVERSAL) go back

Albert Brooks stars in this baseball comedy as a hard-luck scout for the Yankees whose latest find has an emotional collapse the first time he take's the mound. Sent to Mexico to scout for other players, he comes up with one (Brendan Fraser) whose pitches are too fast to be seen. Back in New York, the eccentric pitcher blocks out his past, and when it comes time to star in the World Series, he has but one problem--he's not in the mood to play. A weak outing.
CC (PG-13 1:41) COMEDY 1994 (FOXVIDEO 8674) No SRP go back

This mythic tale is about a young girl sent to live with her grandparents on the west coast of Ireland. There she hears the tale of the beautiful creature, half-woman, half-seal, who married one of her ancestors. She also finds out about her lost little brother, washed out to sea when the family left the island of Roan Inish for the mainland. Is her brother still alive, roaming the island with the help of seals?
CC (PG 102 min.) Drama 1995 (Columbia TriStar Home Video 50923) No SRP go back

First introduced in the 1930s, "The Shadow," alter-ego of wealthy New York playboy Lamont Cranston, fought crime with the aid of his mind-clouding abilities and a network of people whose lives he'd saved. In this radio-era recreation, "The Shadow" (Alec Baldwin) fights off the last descendent of the Genghis Khan (John Lone), an evil occultist bent on taking over the city with the Atomic Bomb. Penelope Ann Miller co-stars as the tantalizing telepathic socialite Margo Lane.
CC (PG-13 1:52) ACTION ADVENTURE 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82007) No SRP go back

Three young men in search of the perfect roommate encounter losers, psychos and undesirables, until Hugo comes along. But when they find him dead in his room, a suitcase of cash beside him, the roomates enter a deadly world of drug dealers, back stabbers and lunacy. As the police move in, the roommates realize that their most terrifying enemy might be very close to home...perhaps right under their roof.
CC (R 1:32) THRILLER 1995 (POLYGRAM 8006352753)go back

Tim Robbins stars as Andy Dufresne, a mild-mannered New England banker convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. In prison his introverted manner causes him to be despised by the other inmates, but he eventually strikes up an unlikely friendship with a seasoned lifer (Morgan Freeman) and his gang. Dufresne's financial smarts endear him to the prison guards and the warden: he exchanges banking knowledge for protection and privileges. Over a 20 year period, Dufresne keeps his sanity and dignity through hope and mental force.
CC (R 2:23) DRAMA 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 74593) No SRPgo back

Recluse cabinet-maker Michael McCann (Steve Martin), the last man in the world who would want fatherhood, adopts a beguiling baby girl; Abandoned by her father and left alone when her mother dies, she wanders into his cabin one night. As a single dad, Michael experiences all the joys of fatherhood--from warming bottles to little league baseball. But when the real father, a local politician, comes back into the picture, the pair's bond grows stronger as they strive to fight the law and stay together.
CC (PG-13 1:46) COMEDY 1994 (TOUCHSTONE 3081) No SRP go back

This entertaining comedy is about a close-knit family and what happens to them when their 20-year-old daughter reveals she's pregnant but won't reveal the father's name. Soon the family, friends and the whole town are abuzz, guessing who the father of her "whippersnapper" might be. Based on a novel by Roddy Doyle, whose "The Commitments" was a smash success in 1991.
CC (R 1:35) COMEDY 1994 (BUENA VISTA) No SRP go back

DNA from outer space, sent to Earth in response to humankind's space efforts, is genetically engineered by scientists to create a creature that takes the shape of a stunning young woman. When she escapes observation, an elite team of experts is formed to track her down before she can mate with human men and produce offspring that will destroy all of humanity. Stars Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen and Forest Whitaker.
CC (R 120 min.) Science Fiction 1995 (MGM/UA 905208) No SRP go back

Michael Keaton and Geena Davis play competitive speech writers (he's republican, she's democratic) from opposing Senatorial campaigns who meet and fall in love. As professional spin doctors, the two face a shot-for-shot campaign battle with the usual components of lying, cheating and deception while occasionally rendezvousing on the phone, at a bar or in the bedroom. A charming romantic comedy for the 1990s.
CC (PG- 13 1:39) ROMANTIC COMEDY 1994 (MGM/UA 905102) No SRP go back

What's faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap big bridges in a single bound, and will blow up when it slows down below 50 MPH? Why its a bus, of course, and it was one of the surprise smash hits of the summer. Piloted by stouthearted SWAT cop Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock and propelled by the nastiness of Dennis Hopper, "Speed" has enough explosions and crashes to satisfy all but the totally jaded action fan. Hold on to your seats!
CC (R 1:56) ACTION 1994 (FOXVIDEO) $19.98 go back

This surprise smash hit from last year stars Kurt Russell and James Spader as two very different men working to unravel the mystery of a curious artifact, identified as the "Stargate," which has been unearthed at the Great Pyramids of Giza. As they unlock its power, they're transported millions of light years from Earth to a strange and alien world where they must overcome an enigmatic ruler (Jaye Davidson) if they're ever to find a way back home.
CC (PG-13 1:59) SCIENCE FICTION 1994 (LIVE 60190) No SRP go back

TV series "Star Trek" and "Star Trek Generations" meet on the big screen as the U.S.S. Enterprise's Captains James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) come face-to-face to confront a formidable enemy willing to destroy entire civilizations to attain his goal. The perfectly mean Dr. Soran is played by Malcolm MacDowell and the spectacular special effects are played by Industrial Light & Magic.
CC (PG 1:57) SCIENCE FICTION 1994 (Paramount 32988) No SRPgo back

This socio-political comedy about life in modern Cuba (never thought you'd see one of those, huh?) concerns the budding relationship between a gay artist and a straight party member and what happens to their newfound friendship when a ballsy, brash and beautiful female enters the scene. Directed by Tomas Gutierrez Alea ("Memories of Underdevelopment").
CC (R 113 min.) Comedy (Spanish) 1995 (Miramax) No SRP go

Set in a world on the brink of crisis (isn't it always?), this action-packed adventure film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and the late Raul Julia in a no-holds-barred battle of strength and skill. Van Damme plays an Allied Nations commando who leads an unlikely band of street fighters on a covert mission to rescue high-ranking hostages held in the grip of a psychotic, self-styled warlord (Julia). The fate of humanity hinges on the results (doesn't it always?).
CC (PG-13 1:42) ACTION-ADVENTURE 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82366) No SRP go back

Stuart Smalley ("Saturday Night Live's" Al Franken) is the comically neurotic star of a cable- access "self-help" show, "Daily Affirmation," that is cancelled by a "rage-aholic" station manager. This triggers a "shame spiral" for the big-hearted twelve-stepper Stuart who, along with his best friend (Laura San Giacomo) must confront the army of denial that threatens Stuart's dysfunctional family and future.
CC (PG-13 97 min.) Comedy 1995 (Paramount 33065) No SRPgo back

HBO's "Tales From the Crypt" follows in the time-honored tradition of irreverence set by the original 1950s comic book of the same name, and this film, a wide-screen TV spin-off, keeps that ritual intact. Here the fearsome fun begins as a mysterious renegade is forced to defend a motley crew of boarding house residents from an army of insatiable demons headed up by the seductively evil Collector (Billy Zane).
CC (R 1:32) HORROR 1995 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82325) No SRPgo back

A ghetto funeral parlor sets the stage for this anthology of horror tales hosted by a mortician (Clarence Williams III). When three inner city street kids show up to retrieve some drugs from a dead friend's coffin, the mortician leads them trough the gruesome adventures of some of the parlor's current "guests." In this 'hood,' they find out, everyday life has some unspeakable terrors.
CC (R 98 min.) Horror 1995 (HBO 91217) No SRPgo back

This missed attempt at creating a cult-film (which is what MGM/UA certainly had in mind) is based on a popular comic strip about a "warrior chick" who stands up to the evil guys in the year 2033. Its post-apocalyptic time again, the ecology has been ravished, and water is the most important commodity. Naturally, Water & Power (headed up by a nasty Malcolm McDowell) is hoarding the water supply and has kidnapped Tank Girl's sister to boot. So Tank Girl (an anorexic Lori Petty) goes after them, encountering weirdos and mutants along the way. One bright spot: Tank Girl's sidekick, Naomi Watts. No tanks.
CC (R 120 min.) Sci-Fi 1995 (MGM/UA 905118) No SRP go back

Dare-devil pro skydiving instructor Ditch Brodie (Charlie Sheen) is hurled into the world of international espionage and intrigue when a beautiful and mysterious woman (Natassja Kinski) signs up for a parachute jump and dies when her chute fails to open. When Ditch is blamed for her death, he sets out to discover the truth behind the bizarre accident; he soon learns that the mystery woman is still alive, and was once a former deep-cover KGB agent. Uh-oh!
CC (PG-13 2:12) THRILLER 1994 (HOLLYWOOD 3461) No SRP go back

The three young ninjas are back for fast action, this time accompanying their Grandfather Mori to Japan to present a ceremonial dagger he won 50 years ago to the winner of a modern ninja tournament. The dagger, as it turns out, is also the key to a secret cave of gold which has Grandpa's old enemies and a trio of spaced-out heavy metal rockers in hot pursuit. Kick back and relax, kids.
CC (PG 1:33) FAMILY 1994 (COLUMBIA THRUSTER 79673) No SRPgo back

Highlighted by beautiful Lara Flynn Boyle, this sexually forward comedy follows the exploits of three unusual college roommates: Alex, an aspiring actress mistakenly assigned to an all-male dorm, Stuart, the campus stud, and Eddy, an introspective thinker. When the University won't correct the mistake, the threesome must fend for themselves in very intimate quarters. Some serious and seriously funny sexual encounters explode.
CC (R 1:33) COMEDY 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 76153) No SRP go back

In the year 2004 time travel is a reality and a new type of criminal has used it to plunder the past to control financial markets and nations. Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Timecop engaged in a fierce manhunt for a corrupt senator who has acquired this power to change history. With time literally running out, Van Damme must not only stop the villain, he must also confront the temptation to alter history and prevent the murder of his wife.
CC (R 1:39) SCIENCE FICTION 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82169) No SRP go back

TOM AND VIV This fascinating and critically-acclaimed, though slow-moving, film tells the tale of T.S. Elliot, arguably the greatest poet of the 20th century, and his mismatched marriage to his unpredictable first wife, Vivienne. After a whirlwind courtship, the lovers elope and begin a tumultuous life together. The passion of their relationship provides inspiration for Elliot's writing, but also tears them apart. Stars Willem Dafoe and Miranda Richardson.
CC (PG-13 1:55) Bio-Drama 1995 (Miramax 4441) No SRP go back

"Saturday Night Live's" Chris Farley plays Tommy, a not-so-bright young man who triumphantly graduates college with a D+ average after seven years to return to Sandusky, Ohio, to help run the family auto business. But when his dad dies, Tommy finds out that his stepmother and her devoted son are after the family business. Now it's up to Tommy to save the day. Co-stars Rob Lowe, Bo Derek and Brian Dennehy.
CC (PG 98 min.) Comedy 1995 (Paramount 33131) No SRPgo back

Nicolas Cage, Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz play the larcenous Firpo Brothers, spending the Christmas holidays in Paradise, Pa. Bill (Cage) is doing his best to keep pathological liar Dave (Lovitz) and kleptomaniac Alvin (Carvey) out of trouble but somehow he's lured into robbing a bank with them. The heist is a snap when compared to getting out of town ■ the unsuspecting, holiday-minded townsfolk shower the brothers with kindness, trapping the three in "paradise."
CC (PG-13 1:41) COMEDY 1994 (FOXVIDEO 8690) No SRP go back

This lady-in-distress thriller stars Joanne Whalley-Kilmer as a self-sufficient working mother selected to serve as a juror on the murder trial of a notorious gangster (Armand Assante). Almost immediately she gets intimidated by the mobster's henchmen, lead by a corrupt ex-cop (William Hurt), who pressure her to deliver a hung jury to get the murderous capo's acquittal. Her only hope: the fiery and determinedly idealistic U.S. Attorney, played by Gabriel Byrne.
CC (R 1:47) THRILLER 1994 (WARNER 13575) No SRP go back

This delightfully animated fairy tale tells the story of a loveable troll named Stanley (voiced by Dom DeLuise) whose kind heart and green thumb angers the evil Queen Gnorga (Cloris Leachman), who bans him to a place where "nothing grows": New York City. When the troll finds a place to practice his green thumb, the evil Queen comes after him, and Stanley enlists the aid of two children to save the day.
CC (G 1:16) FAMILY 1994 (WARNER 16100) $19.99 go back

In this fast-paced action adventure, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays special agent Harry Tasker, a top spy in the ultra-secret Omega Sector. To his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis), Harry's just a boring computer salesman. When Harry's two lives unexpectedly collide, however, both he and Helen find themselves in the clutches of international terrorists, fighting to save not only their marriage but their lives. This one receives the "Dole seal of Approval."
CC (R 1:54) ACTION ADVENTURE 1994 (FOXVIDEO 8640) No SRP go back

This was rotund comedian John Candy's last film, released several months after his untimely death. In this spoof of Westerns, the townspeople of Prosperity are not feeling too prosperous and the whole town decides to pack it in and head back--EAST! They hire a hapless wagon master (Candy) to led them on their travels, not suspecting that he'll misguide the first American quitters past Indians, hired guns and their own terrible secrets.
CC (PG-13 1:47) WESTERN COMEDY 1994 (LIVE 69991) $99.98 go back

Kevin Costner and Elijah Wood star in this heartwarming tale of the close-knit Simmons family and their remarkable Mississippi summer of 1970. With the help of their friends, Stu (Wood) and Linda Simmons build the ultimate treehouse, a place of wonder and magic. At the same time their father (Costner), a recently returned Vietnam vet, is struggling to rebuild his life. When a neighbor family of bullies set siege to the treehouse, the Simmons pull together and discover startling insights into themselves, and the world.
CC (PG-13 2:06) FAMILY 1994 (MCA/UNIVERSAL 82214) No SRP go back

This unusual romantic drama is based on the heartwarming true story of a remarkable couple, Deric and Diana Longden, who share their lives in perfect harmony, amusing each other with good humor to meet Diana's mysterious illness. Deric is devoted to Diana, but also becomes attracted to a blind novelist who possesses the same fighting streak as his wife. When the two women meet, Diana realizes that her final legacy will be the purest gift of love.
CC DRAMA 1994 (BUENA VISTA) No SRP go back

Freddy Krueger, the crazed slasher of "The Nightmare on Elm Street" series, returns in this film within a film. Director Wes Craven (the creator of the "Nightmare" films) has returned to Elm Street with a new twist on terror: his dreams have begun to dictate real-life horrors for the stars of the original "Nightmare" and Freddy is stalking the real cast and crew. Craven (who plays himself) must now come up with a screenplay to keep Freddy inside the movie dimension.
CC (R 1:51) HORROR 1994 (NEW LINE N4120) No SRP go back

Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia play Alice and Michael Green, a loving couple whose marriage is filled with genuine passion, caring and sharing. They have two beautiful young daughters but also a hidden painful secret: Alice has a problem she's been hiding from herself and her family, a problem that eventually develops into an overwhelming crisis which threatens to tear at the fabric of the tightly-knit family.
CC (R 2:06) DRAMA 1994 (TOUCHSTONE 2549) No SRP go back

This sleeper of a hit stars Sandra Bullock as a lonely Chicago subway token-taker who's in love with a handsome stranger she's only see from afar - until the day he's pushed onto the tracks and she saves his life. She's at his side while he's in a coma, and his family thinks they're engaged. Trouble is, now she falls in love with the victim's brother. Great comedic entanglements and miscues. Co-stars Bill Pullman.
CC (PG 113 min.) Comedy 1995 (Hollywood Pictures ) No SRP go back

This sequel to ■White Fang■ follows the further adventures of Henry Casey and his beloved dog-wolf, White Fang. A carefree trip down a river turns into an extraordinary encounter with a Native American tribe whose ancient tribal lands are under assault from a group of ruthless gold miners. Henry and White Fang must risk their lives to save themselves and the proud Indians.
CC (PG 1:47) FAMILY 1994 (WALT DISNEY 2554) No SRP go back

This is a light-hearted comedy with a hint of murder mystery thrown in for good measure. A sexy stranger (Natasha Richardson) moves to the lovely Irish town of Widow's Peak, turning the quiet village upside down with devious lies and shocking secrets. She seduces the men, enrages the women and unleashes a major scandal, all as part of an astonishing plan only fully revealed in the film's final frames. Also stars Mia Farrow and the great Joan Plowright.
CC (PG 1:38) COMEDY 1994 (NEW LINE 72783) No SRP go back

Academia meets homelessness in this campus comedy about a transient named Simon (Joe Pesci) who sets up housekeeping in the basement of the Harvard Library. Opportunity knocks when a student (Brendan Fraser) drops the only copy of his prized senior thesis through a sidewalk grate and right into Simon's hands. In the spirit of a true entrepreneur, Simon makes a trade: a real-life favor for each page returned.
CC (PG- 13 1:41) COMEDY 1994 (WARNER 13079) No SRP go back

This updating of the Werewolf legend stars Jack Nicholson as a Manhattan book editor haunted by fears of losing his job. When his car hits a wolf on a remote road, little does he know that the bite he receives will forever alter his life. His slow transformation to a darker beast strengthens his resolve to fight for his job against a sniveling upstart (James Spader), while his new virility causes the unscrupulous publishing magnate's daughter (Michelle Pfeiffer) to fall in love with him. An action-packed finale seals the fate of all concerned.
CC (R 2:05) HORROR 1994 (COLUMBIA TRISTAR 71153) No SRP go back

Kevin Costner tries his hand at a Western again in this true story of the legendary American lawman and sometimes outlaw Wyatt Earp. From childhood to his career as a much feared gun-slinging frontier Marshall, the film faithfully explores the values and nuances of Earp's family and life. Dennis Quaid plays the infamous Doc Holliday and Gene Hackman plays the patriarch of the Earp family, Nicholas.
CC (PG-13 3:11) WESTERN 1994 (WARNER 13177) No SRP go back

Comedian Martin Lawrence brandishes wild comic antics in this, his debut stand-up comedy concert. Fusing high octane physical gymnastics and rapid fire verbal assault, Lawrence's humor travels from racism to relationships, from the L.A. riots to bodily functions, from Rodney King to Jeffrey Dahmer. Lawrence is uncensored and unpredictable, untamed and unbelievably funny. Recorded at Brooklyn Academy of Music's Majestic Theater.
CC (R 1:25) COMEDY 1994 (HBO 91142) No SRP go back