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Catalogs of DVDs released 1999 -- 2004

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July 1

Anglo-Saxon Attitudes (1992) Two-disc set with three episodes of the U.K. miniseries. A biting satire based on Angus Wilson's acclaimed novel skewers British social and academic hypocrisy to the very core. Richard Johnson stars as Gerald Middleton, a distinguished, retired historian coming to terms with his life's folly. As a student, Middleton witnessed the unearthing of the Melpham idol, a pagan fertility figure that electrified modern medieval scholarship by turning up in the grave of a 7th-century bishop. He also began an affair with Dollie (Tara Fitzgerald) -- the fiancee of his best friend, the man who had privately confessed to planting the idol as a hoax. Those events sowed the seeds of tragedy that haunt the middle-aged Middleton as he wrestles with his monstrously overbearing wife and their three emotionally dysfunctional children. To gain peace, he determines to discover the truth about the mysterious idol and his own life's folly. $39.99. (Acorn Media).


Aria (1987) Ten short films directed by 10 acclaimed directors; each piece is a visual riff on a musical aria. Directors: Robert Altman, Bruce Beresford, Bill Bryden, Jean-Luc Godard, Derek Jarman, Franc Roddam, Nicolas Roeg, Ken Russell, Charles Sturridge, Julien Temple. Stars: Bridget Fonda, Theresa Russell, Tilda Swinton, Elizabeth Hurley, John Hurt, Buck Henry, Beverly D'Angelo, more. Extras: Photo gallery of 200 on-set shots. (Warner).
City of Men (2008 -- Brazil) Douglas Silva, Darlan Cunha, Rodrigo dos Santos. Extras: "City of Men: Unveiling the Reality" featurette. (Miramax)
The Closer: Season Three Four-disc set with 14 episodes, $39.98. Extras: "The Art of Interrogation" featurette, gag reel, unaired scenes. (Warner).
Dogtown: Second Chance National Geographic teams up with the top-notch veterinarians and trainers at Best Friend's Sanctuary to learn what it takes to rehabilitate abandoned, abused and problem pets and find them loving homes; $19.98. (Warner).
Down the Barrel (2007) Documentary follows the world's top surfers -- Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Kalani Robb and Joel Parkinson -- around the globe to take a visually stunning look at what makes surfing the most exhilarating sport on the planet; $19.95. (ESPN Home Entertainment/Genius Products).
Drillbit Taylor (2008) Owen Wilson, Leslie Mann, David Dorfman, Danny McBride, Josh Peck. Available in an Extended Survival Edition DVD, theatrical version DVD, and Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Commentey, deleted and extended scenes, Line-O-Rama, gag reel Extended Survival Edition adds five featurettes and additional footage. (Paramount).
Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control (2008) Masi Oka, Jayma Mays, Nate Torrence. Maxwell Smart's techie friends have their own comedy adventure in this direct-to-video feature timed to exploit the big-screen adaptation of "Get Smart." Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Warner).
Heathers 20th High School Reunion Edition (1989) Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Shannen Doherty, Lisanne Falk, Kim Walker. Two-disc set. Newly remastered. Extras: "Return To Westerburg High" documentary that revisits the high school where "Heathers" was filmed, includes new interviews with director Michael Lehmann, writer Daniel Waters, and producer Denise Di Novi; commentary by Lehmann, Waters and Di Novi; "Swatch Dogs and Diet Coke Heads" featurette; original ending screenplay excerpt (DVD-ROM). (Anchor Bay).
Heaven (1987) Dir.: Diane Keaton. Created and directed by the multi-talented Diane Keaton, "Heaven" takes a wonderfully lighthearted look at the Great Beyond. (Warner).
Mad Men: Season One Four-disc set with 13 episodes, $49.98. Extras: Commentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes. Available on Blu-ray Disc. (Lionsgate).
Meet the Browns (2008) Dir.: Tyler Perry; Tyler Perry, David Mann, Tamela Mann, Lance Gross, Chloe Bailey, Mariana Talbert, Angela Bassett, Rick Fox, Sofia Vergara, Irma P. Hall. Available as a single-disc with the feature only, a two-disc standard DVD set and a two-disc Blu-ray set, both with extras. Extras: Commentary by Tyler Perry, six featurettes, digital copy. (Lionsgate).
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985) Dir.: Paul Schrader; Ken Ogata, Masayuki Shionoya. Music by Philip Glass. New, restored high-definition digital transfer of the director's cut, supervised and approved by director Paul Schrader and cinematographer John Bailey in a two-disc set. Extras: Optional English and Japanese voice-over narrations, the former by Roy Scheider, the latter by Ken Ogata; new audio commentary featuring Schrader and producer Alan Poul; "The Strange Case of Yukio Mishima," a 55-minute BBC documentary about the author; new interviews with Donald Richie and John Nathan, collaborators and friends of Yukio Mishima; new interviews with Bailey, producers Tom Luddy and Mata Yamamoto, composer Philip Glass, and production designer Eiko Ishioka; new audio interview with co-screenwriter Chieko Schrader; video interview excerpt featuring Mishima talking about writing; booklet featuring a new essay by critic Kevin Jackson and a piece on the film's censorship in Japan. (The Criterion Collection).
My Blueberry Nights (2005) Dir.: Wong Kar Wail; Norah Jones, Jude Law, David Strathairn, Rachel Weisz, Natalie Portman. Extras: Deleted scenes, Q&A with director Wong Kar Wai, "The Making of My Blueberry Nights," stills gallery. (The Weinstein Co./Genius Products).
Patriotism (1966) Written and directed by Yukio Mishima. New, restored high-definition digital transfer of the Japanese and English versions of the short film, with optional Japanese or English intertitles. Extras: A 45-minute audio recording of Yukio Mishima speaking to the Foreign Correspondents' Association of Japan; a 45-minute making-of documentary, featuring crew from the film's production; interview excerpts featuring Mishima discussing war and death; new essay by renowned critic and historian Tony Rayns, Mishima's original novella, and Mishima's extensive notes on the film's production. (The Criterion Collection).
Rebus, Set 3 Four-disc set with four mysteries centering on maverick detective John Rebus, from Ian Rankin's best-selling detective novels. Haunted by his own failings and the human tragedies he faces every day, Detective Inspector Rebus pursues truth beneath the leaden skies of modern-day Edinburgh, $49.99. (Acorn Media).
The Royal Diaries (2000 -- TV) Three documentaries that view the world through the eyes of three very different teenage princesses: "Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile, Egypt, 57 B.C.," "Isabel: Jewel of Castilla, Spain, 1466" and "Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England, 1544"; based on the Scholastic book series; $14.95. (Genius Products).
Sex and Death 101 (2008) Simon Baker, Winona Ryder, Patton Oswalt, Mindy Cohn, Leslie Bibb, Julie Bowen, Sophie Monk, Dash Mihok, Neil Flynn. Simon Baker stars as a successful executive whose life is turned upside down by an e-mail that includes the names of everyone he's had sex with and ever will have sex with; Winona Ryder stars as "Death Nell," a mysterious femme fatale who becomes an urban folk hero when she targets men guilty of sex crimes against women. Extras: Commentary by writer-director Daniel Waters, behind-the-scenes featurette "101 Perversions." (Anchor Bay).
Shotgun Stories (2007) Michael Shannon, Douglas Ligon, Barlow Jacobs, Natalie Canerday, Glenda Pannell, Lynnsee Provence. Follows a blood feud between two sets of half brothers in the cotton fields and back roads of Arkansas. (Liberation/Genius Products).
Stonehenge Decoded National Geographic special transports viewers back in time to decipher the most enduring archaeological mystery of all time -- who built Stonehenge and why. Through a collaboration of groundbreaking new discoveries, recreations and engineering-inspired CGI, Stonehenge comes alive again in ways never before possible, precisely as it stood the day after it was completed. Narrated by Donald Sutherland; $19.98. (Warner).
The Streets of San Francisco: The Second Season, Volume One (1973) Three-disc set with 11 episodes, $42.99. (Paramount).
30 days: Season Two Two-disc set with six episodes, $29.95. Extras: Commentary. (Arts Alliance America).
'Til Death Do Us Part Three-disc set with 13 episodes of the TV series that let director John Waters run amok with a campy marriage of madcap melodrama and macabre humor. Waters is the host of this wickedly amusing anthology series about what happens after the honeymoon. Known to the viewer simply as "The Groom Reaper," Waters leads us through slyly sinful stories of vindictive and vicious husbands and wives with each cautionary tale ending in one spouse pushing up the daisies -- always to the delight of our naughty narrator. $29.98. Extras: Bonus footage. (BCI).
The 2007 Newport Music Festival Connoisseur's Collection. Every year since 1969, music lovers have flocked to the opulent Gilded Age mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, for an international festival of chamber music. Filmed live at the 2007 festival, this special collection of concerts and highlights includes the Newport debut of 20-year-old American pianist Adam Golka, music by Chopin, Lizst, and Mozart, and an all-Schumann program. Approximately 15 hours on 10 DVDs, $124.99. Extras: Bonus performances and commentary clips featuring festival director Dr. mark P. Malkovich. (Acorn Media).
Vantage Point (2008) Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt. Available in single-disc, two-disc and Blu-ray Disc editions. Two-disc set extras: Commentary by director Pete Travis, bonus digital copy of the film, deleted scene, "An Inside Perspective" interviews with cast and crew, "Plotting an Assassination" Interview with first-time screenwriter Barry Levy. (Sony).
Walker Texas Ranger: The Fifth Season (1997-98) Seven-disc set with 25 episodes, $54.99. (Paramount).
Wild China (2005) BBC documentary, just in time for the Beijing Summer Olympics. Two-disc set; $29.98. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Warner).
Yankee Stadium: Baseball's Cathedral (2005) MLB official DVD documentary commemorating the most storied ballpark in America. Attending a Yankees game in the Bronx has been called a spiritual experience. Fans and ballplayers have congregated in Yankee Stadium for more than 80 years to witness history -- they cheer their hearts out, realize their dreams and heal their souls in the ultimate baseball cathedral. Since Opening Day in 1923, Yankee Stadium has gracefully grown through the years in stature as part of the American cultural fabric. Narrated by Chazz Palminteri. $26.99. Extras: Exclusive Yankee Stadium commemorative ticket with coin, Lou Gehrig speech, Mickey Mantle's 1964 World Series Game 3 walk-off home run, Chris Chambliss' 1976 ALCS Game 5 walk-off HR, Yankees return after Thurman Munson's funeral, George Brett and the Pine Tar Game, highlights from Jim Abbott's no hitter, Don Mattingly's HR in 1995 ALDS Game 2, highlights from 1999 World Series Game 4, Derek Jeter's 2001 ALDS dive, Hideki Matsui's First Major League grand slam, Aaron Boone's 2003 ALCS Game 7 HR, tour of Yankee Stadium from "Cathedrals of the Game" (Shout! Factory).

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July 8

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet: Best of Ricky & Dave Four-disc set with 24 episodes, culled from the show's 14-year run, that focus on the trials and triumphs of the Nelson sons as they grow from boys to men. Extras: Early radio show episodes, "Ricky Sings" featurette, "Ozzie & Harriet Trivia Game," 12 music performances by Ricky ("Fools Rush In," "Hello Mary Lou," "Young Emotions," That's All," "Stood Up," "Just Because," "Waiting In School," "I am Confessin," "Boppin' the Blues," "Fire Breathing Dragon," "Right by My Side," and "You'll Never Know What You're Missing"). Endorsed and produced in tandem with the Nelson Family. $34.99. (Shout! Factory).
The Batman: The Complete Fifth Season Two-disc set with 13 episodes, $19.98. Extras: "Joining Forces: The Batman's Legendary Team-Ups" featurettes, "The Batman: Justice League Profiles." (Warner).
Batman Begins Limited Edition Gift Set (2005) Dir.: Christopher Nolan; Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe, Morgan Freeman, Mark Boone, Jr., Gus Lewis, Linus Roache, Rade Serbedzija. Available in three configurations: The Batman Begins Limited Edition Gift Set Blu-ray Disc is a single Blu-ray Disc packed in a motion art lenticular box with "The Dark Knight" prologue (the first six minutes of the film); a 32-page booklet including an all-new DC Comic comic book adaptation of "The Dark Knight" prologue, photos, script pages and story boards; five "Batman Begins" collectible postcards. A single-disc Blu-ray edition (without all the goodies) is also available. The standard DVD of the Batman Begins Limited Edition Gift Set is a two-disc set in a gift box with a Batman-branded 128 MB flash drive with 18 images from the upcoming "The Dark Knight," five collectible Batman postcards, more. (Warner).
Batman: Gotham Knight (2005) Third DC Universe animated original PG-13 movie, timed for release with the much anticipated theatrical release of "The Dark Knight." Weaves six interlocking stories that reveal Bruce Wayne's journey to the Dark Knight, each with stylish art from some of the world's most revered animation visionaries: Shojiro Nishimi, Futoshi Higashide, Hiroshi Morioka, Yasuhiro Aoki and Toshiyuki Kubooka, with stories written by several of the most talented writers of film, comic books, and animation, including Josh Olson, David S. Goyer, Alan Burnett, Jordan Goldberg, Greg Rucka, Brian Azzarello. Available on single-disc, two-disc and Blu-ray Disc editions. Extras: "A Mirror for the Bat: The Evil Denizens of Gotham City" documentary covering Gotham City's most nefarious, "Sneak Peek: Wonder Woman" DC Universe animated original movie, commentary. Two-disc and Blu-ray editions add "Batman and Me a Devotion of Destiny: The Bob Kane Story" comprehensive chronology of the remarkable life of the creator of Batman, "Batman: The Animated Series" bonus episodes. (Warner).
Bill Monroe: Father of Bluegrass Music (1993) Intimate and detailed portrait of this unique musical innovator. Features performances by Bill Monroe & the Blue Grass Boys, Lester Flatt, Emmylou Harris, Paul McCartney, the Osborne Brothers, Dolly Parton, Ricky Skaggs, Marty Stuart, John Hartford and a once-in-a-lifetime Blue Grass Boys reunion featuring Del McCoury, Chubby Wise and Bill Keith. The documentary features archival footage and rare 1990s performances from Monroe's final years including many of the greatest songs from his six decades of recording, such as "Uncle Pen" and "Muleskinner Blues." features performances by Bill Monroe & the Blue Grass Boys, Lester Flatt, Emmylou Harris, Paul McCartney, the Osborne Brothers, Dolly Parton, Ricky Skaggs, Marty Stuart, John Hartford and a once-in-a-lifetime Blue Grass Boys reunion featuring Del McCoury, Chubby Wise and Bill Keith. The film features archival footage and rare 1990s performances from Monroe's final years, including many of the greatest songs from his six decades of recording, such as "Uncle Pen" and "Muleskinner Blues." $19.95. (MVD).
Bone Eater (2007 -- TV) Bruce Boxleitner, William Katt, Walter Koenig, Veronica Hamel, Gil Gerard. Construction workers break ground on what is said to be Indian holy ground, unleashing an evil spirit known as the Bone Eater. (Lionsgate).
Cannon: Season One, Volume One Four-disc set with 12 episodes, including the two-part pilot; $39.99. (Paramount).
Chop Shop (2007) Alejandro Polanco, Isamar Gonzales, Ahmad Razvi. Director Ramin Bahrani ("Man Push Cart") dazzles audieces with another heartbreaking drama that reveals the underbelly of life in New York's Iron Triangle. Set in the sprawling junkyards on the outskirts of Queens, 12-year-old street orphan Alejandro struggles to make a better life for himself and his older sister by working in one of the hundreds of auto-body repair shops. (Koch Lorber).
Death on Demand (2008) Jerry Broome, Krista Grotte. A wealthy college student arranges a Webcast from a haunted house -- where an ice climber and adventurer murdered his family and hanged himself. Guess what happens. (MTI Home Video).
December Ends (2006) Josh Janowicz, Alex Thayer, Justin Matthews. Drama tracks three teenagers as their lives perilously intertwine in the high-stakes world of drug dealing. (Echo Bridge Home Entertainment).
Don Camillo/The Return of Don Camillo (1953/1956 -- Italy) Fernandel. Classic '50s film adaptations of Giovanni Guareschi's popular comic novel, "The Little World of Don Camillo," about a rivalry between a communist mayor and a village priest that turns into a battle of class and ideology among the villagers in a small town in Italy. (Koch Lorber).
Fastlane: The Complete Series Six-disc set with 22 episodes, $59.98. Extras: "Fastlane: Road Kill" unaired and extended Scenes from the original pilot, "Hot Stuff: Inside the Candy Store -- Evolution of a Series," " Stunning Rides: Muscle Machines and Kit Cars," "Smoking Stars: The Cast," "Sizzling Action: Stunts and Chases," "Fastlane: Junk Yard": outtakes and bloopers. (Warner).
Flakes (2007) Zooey Deschanel, Aaron Stanford, Izabella Miko, Christopher Lloyd. Comedy about the denizens of a bohemian cereal restaurant in New Orleans who fight a capitalist who rips off their idea and opens a competing venture. (Genius Products).
I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Fifth Season Four-disc set with 26 episodes, $39.95. (Sony).
Impact Point (aka Breaking Point) (2008) Brian Austin Green, Melissa Keller, Kayla Ewell, Linden Ashby. A professional beach volleyball player must deal with a psychotic stalker. Extras: "Serve It Up: Training for Impact Point" featurette, digital copy of the film. (Sony).
Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Volume One Three-disc set with 11 episodes, $40.99. (Paramount).
Jekyll (2007) Matt Keeslar, Jonathan Silverman, Desmond Askew, Alanna Ubach. Modern take on Robert Louis Stevenson's horror thriller. While researching a cure for cancer, Dr. Henry Jekyll creates a computer-generated alter-ego, Mr. Hyde, a creature of animal appetites and uncontrollable impulses who goes on a killing spree (Warner).
Jet Li's Fearless: Director's Cut (2006) Dir.: Ronny Yu; Jet Li. Three versions of the film: original theatrical, unrated and unrated director's cut. Released in time for the theatrical "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor," starring Li and Brendan Fraser. Extras: Deleted scenes, "A Fearless Journey" featurette. (Universal).
Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) Rick Schroder, Victoria Pratt, Peter Fonda, Steven Grayhm, Mike Dopud. Telefilm adaptation of Jules Verne's novel; release to DVD timed for the July 11 theatrical release of "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D." (Genius Entertainment).
Mon oncle Antoine (1971) Dir.: Claude Jutra; Jacques Gagnon, Lyne Champagne, Jean Duceppe. New, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised and approved by director of photography Michel Brault. Two-disc set.Extras: "On-Screen: Mon oncle Antoine," a 2007 documentary tracing the making and history of the film; "Claude Jutra, an Unfinished Story," a 2002 documentary that attempts to unravel "the Jutra mystery," featuring interviews with Brault, Bernardo Bertolucci, actors Genevieve Bujold and Saul Rubinek. and actor-director Paule Baillargeon; "A Chairy Tale," a 1957 experimental short co-directed by Jutra and Norman McLaren; theatrical trailer; plus a new essay by film scholar Andre Loiselle. (The Criterion Collection).
Monk: Season Six Four-disc set with 16 episodes, $59.98. Extras:Cast and crew commentaries. (Universal).
The Mummy - Special Edition (1932) Dir.: Karl Freund; Boris Karloff, Zita Johann. Digitally remastered as part of the Universal Legacy Series. Extras: "Mummy Dearest: A Horror Tradition Unearthed," commentary by film historian Paul M. Jenson, posters and stills, trailer gallery (for all five original Mummy films), "He Who Made the Monsters: The Life and Art of (make-up artist) Jack Pierce, "Unraveling the Legacy of the Mummy," "Universal Horror" documentary narrated by Kenneth Branagh. (Universal).
The Mummy: Deluxe Edition (1999) Dir.: Stephen Sommers; Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Oded Fehr, Kevin J. O'Conner. Digitally restored two-disc set released in time for the theatrical "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor," starring Jet Li and Brendan Fraser. Extras: Commentaries, "An Army to Rule the World" special effects featurette, deleted scenes, "Building a Better Mummy" featurette, "Unraveling the Legacy of the Mummy" featurette, storyboard-to-final-film comparison, visual and special effects formation. Available on Blu-ray Disc July 22. (Universal).
The Mummy Returns: Deluxe Edition (2001) Dir.: Stephen Sommers; Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Digitally restored two-disc set released in time for the theatrical "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor," starring Jet Li and Brendan Fraser. Extras: Commentaries, "An Army to Rule the World Part 2" special effects featurette, location spotlight, "Building a Better Mummy" featurette, "Unraveling the Legacy of the Mummy" featurette, storyboard-to-final-film comparison, visual and special effects formation, conversation with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Available on Blu-ray Disc July 22. (Universal).
Nature Boy Ric Flair: The Definitive Collection (2008) Three-disc set comprehensive career retrospective of the 16-time World Wrestling World Champion. Highlights all the historic rivalries, Flair's final match at WrestleMania XXIV, more. $34.95. (World Wrestling Entertainment/Genius Products).
The Pledge (2008 -- TV) Luke Perry, C. Thomas Howell, Lisa Brenner. After the murder of his wife and son by an escaped criminal, a sheriff sets out to capture him, only to find he's been hired by a greedy land baron seeking to take land from a widow and her son. (Genius Products).
Psych: The Complete Second Season Four-disc set with 16 episodes, $59.98. Extras: Deleted scenes, commentaries, gag reels, four featurettes. (Universal).
photo Punk's Not Dead (2007) Documentary that takes an era-by-era journey that puts punk rock's non-conformist reputation under the knife. Officially sanctioned by the bands in the film who donated personal photos, fliers and home videos, "Punk's Not Dead" follows the evolution of punk music from its anarchic roots, to its use as a corporate marketing tool and acceptance into popular culture, to its reinvention in today's underground scene. Features such bands as The Adicts, Bad Religion, Black Flag, The Damned, The God Awfuls, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Minor Threat, NOFX, The Offspring, Pennywise, The Ramones, Rancid, Social Distortion, Stiff Little Fingers, The Subhumans, Sum 41, UK Subs, The Used, and many, many more; $16.95. Extras: Artist Interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, never-before-seen footage. (MVD).
Ruins, The (2008) Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone, Shawn Ashmore, Laura Ramseyk, Joe Anderson. Extras: Alternate ending, commentary by director Carter Smith and editor Jeff Betancourt, "The Making of The Ruins" featurette, "Creeping Death" featurette, "Building The Ruins" set and location featurette, deleted scenes. Available on Blu-ray Disc. (Paramount).
Sheryl Crow: Live (2008) Live concert originally broadcast over two nights on PBS' Soundstage seres; 17 songs recorded in High Definition and 5.1 Surround; $19.99. (Koch Vision).
Sleepwalking (2008) Charlize Theron, Dennis Hopper, Nick Stahl, AnnaSophia Robb, Woody Harrelson. A disillusioned single mother prone to bad men and reckless behavior abandons her 12-year-old daughter with her brother; the two travel to the family farm where they must face dark secrets. Extras: "A Mother's Pain, a Family's Shame: The Making of Sleepwalking" behind-the-scenes featurette. Available on Blu-ray Disc. (Anchor Bay).
Soul Food - The Series: The Final Season Four-disc set with 14 episodes, $49.99. (Paramount).
Stargate: Atlantis Season Four Five-disc set with 20 episodes, $49.98. Extras: Cast and crew commentaries, deleted scenes, photo galleries, the first "Atlantis" blooper reel, featurettes, more. (MGM).
Stop-Loss (2008) Dir.: Kimberly Peirce; Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Timothy Olyphant, Abbie Cornish, Ciaran Hinds. Extras: Commentary by director Kimberly Peirce and co-writer Mark Richard, "The Making of Stop-Loss," "A Day in Boot Camp," deleted scenes. (Paramount).
Superhero Movie (2008) Drake Bell, Sara Paxton, Christopher McDonald, Leslie Nielsen, Kevin Hart, Marion Ross, Ryan Hansen, Jeffrey Tambor, Brent Spiner, Keith Davaid, Simon Rex, Craig Bierko, Tracy Morgan, Ragina Hall, Pam Anderson. Available in theatrical and extended versions. Extras: Commentary, deleted scenes, alternate ending, "Meet the Cast" featurette, "The Art of Spoofing" featurette. (The Weinstein Co./Genius Products).
Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season Two-disc set with 13 episodes, $19.98. (Warner).
Toxic (2008) Susan Ward, Corey Large, Master P, Dominique Swain, Danny Trejo, Tom Sizemore, Bai Ling, Costas Mandylor, Lochlyn Munro, Steven Bauer. The lives of a nightclub owner, a crime boss, a stripper, a bartender, two hitmen, a prostitute and a psychic take a turn for the worse when they are trapped in an escaped mental patient's sinister path of madness and destruction. (The Weinstein Co./Genius Products).
The Tracey Fragments (2007) Ellen Page. A feisty, independent teenager uses fantasy to help her deal with a secret crush, loneliness and frustration ... until her 7-year-old brother wanders away while under her care and she's propelled on a late-night journey through the reality of the city to find him. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurettes. (Image Entertainment).
photo The X-Files Revelations (2005) Two-disc set with eight critical episodes hand-picked by series creator Chris Carter just in time for the series' second trip to the big screen on July 25. These eight essential episodes -- "Pilot," "Beyond the Sea," "The Host," "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," "Memento Mori," "The Post-Modern Prometheus," "Bad Blood" and "Milagro" -- span seasons 1-6 and cover a variety of paranormal and unexplained cases centering on alien abductions, psychic phenomenon and life forms not quite human that set the stage for the eagerly anticipated sequel. Extras: Special on-camera introductions by Carter and producer Frank Spotnitz, revealing why each episode was chosen and how they relate to the new feature film; February 2008 WonderCon panel session with Carter and Spotnitz, as well as series stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, making their first fan convention appearance together in several years and taking questions from rabid "X-Philes" in an interview spanning over 38 minutes. (Fox).

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July 15

America's Test Kitchen, Season 8 Four-disc set with 26 episodes of the public television show, hosted by Chris Kimball, whose culinary team brings viewers the best recipes using techniques and ingredients that have been perfected in the test kitchen to ensure perfect results for great home cooking. In addition, the collection includes honest tastings of supermarket ingredients, detailed ratings of indispensable kitchen equipment and tools, and helpful kitchen science tips. $39.95. (WGBH Boston Video).
Asylum (2007) Sarah Roemer, Travis Van Winkle, Jake Muxworthy, Cody Kasch, Carolina Garcia. A group of beautiful coeds discover that their dorm was once a mental hospital where unspeakable experiments were performed by a deranged physician trying to "cure" troubled teens ... and the mad doctor's ghost is back to continue his torturous work. (MGM).
The Bank Job (2008) Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, Stephen Campbell Moore, Daniel Mays, James Faulkner, Alki David, Michael Jibson, Richard Lintern, Don Gallagher, David Suchet, Available as a single-disc with the feature only, a two-disc standard DVD set and a two-disc Blu-ray set. (Lionsgate).
Beau Brummell: This Charming Man (2006) James Purefoy. BBC telefilm about the dandy of Regency England. (Acorn Media).
Best of Manswers: Season One's Top 25 manswers Top 25 list from the decidedly sexist TV show, $16.99. (Paramount).
College Road Trip (2008) Martin Lawrence, Raven-Symone, Will Sasso, Arnetia Walker, Donny Osmond. Extras: Commentary by director Roger Kumble and Raven-Symone, commentary by writers Emi Mochizuki and Carrie Evans, gag reel, alternate opening and endings, deleted scenes, video diary, more. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Disney).
Dallas: The Complete Ninth Season Four-disc set with 31 episodes, $39.98. Extras: "Seasons of Change" in-depth look at the most famous dream sequence of all time: the entire ninth season. (Warner).
Eureka: Season Two Three-disc set with 13 episodes, $39.98. Extras: Deleted scenes, "Happenings Around Town: The Second Season" featurette, "Inside the Writer's Room" featurette, Sci-Fi.com Webcasts, Eureka PSAs, gag reel. (Universal).
Evening Shade: Season One Five-disc set with 24 episodes, $42.99. (Paramount).
Final Approach (2007 -- TV) Dean Cain, Anthony Michael Hall, Ernie Hudson, Sunny Mabrey, Lea Thompson, William Forsythe, Tracey Gold. An ex-FBI negotiator uses all his skills to save a Los Angeles-bound jumbo jet from the terrorists who have placed a bomb on board. (Genius Products).
Guardians (2006) Tara Ketterer, Ben Budd. A small town is invaded by hideous creatures summoned into our dimension by occultists; the Guardians are the only ones capable of battling the monsters and saving the Earth. (Warner).
Hip Hop for Kids: School House Hop! Latest in the fitness series that helps kids stay in shape with easy-to-learn dance moves, featuring Roger G. and his energetic crew of teen hip-hoppers; $19.50. Extras: Schoolhouse Hop" music video and an eating right nutrition segment. (Jumping Fish Productions).
Insanitarium (2008) Jesse Metcalfe, Kiele Sanchez, Kevin Sussman, Olivia Munn, Peter Stormare. Thriller about a mental hospital that uses patients as test subjects, turning them into bloodthirsty, flesh-eating psychopaths. Extras: Making-of featurettes, deleted scenes, storyboard gallery, digital copy of the film. (Sony).
Penelope (2008) Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Catherine O'Hara, Reese Witherspoon, Peter Dinklage, Richard E. Grant. (Summit Entertainment).
Reno 911! The Complete Fifth Season Uncensored Three-disc set with 14 episodes, $39.98. Extras: "Cop Psychology: Inside the Minds of Reno's Deputies," extended scenes, cast commentary. (Paramount).
Robbie Coltrane: Incredible Britain (2007) Three episodes of the British series in which Robbie Coltrane travels the scenic back roads from London to Glasgow in a vintage Jaguar convertible; $29.99. (Acorn Media).
Roxy Hunter and the Secret of the Shaman (2008 -- TV) Aria Wallace, Demetrius Joyette. Nickelodeon's favorite female pre-teen sleuth is back on the case to retrieve a missing priceless crystal jewel whose loss threatens the 150th anniversary of Serenity Falls. Extras: Two featurettes: "Creating the Secret of the Shaman" and "On the Set With Aria Wallace," two music videos, blooper reel, two Easter eggs. (Sony).
Saving Grace: Season One Four-disc set with 13 episodes, $49.98. Extras: "Saving Grace" Overview," "Saving Grace Season One Rapid Recap," five behind-the-scenes featurettes, "Saving Grace" music video by Everlast. (Fox).
Shutter (2007) Joshua Jackson, Rachael Taylor, Megumi Okina. In rated, unrated and Blu-ray Disc editions. Extras: "A Ghost in the Lens" and "A History of Spirit Photography" featurettes. Unrated disc adds commentary by production executive Alex Sundell, screenwriter Luke Dawson and actress Rachael Taylor; "A Cultural Divide" featurette; "The Director: Masayuki Ochiai" featurette; "A Conversation With Luke Dawson"; "Create Your Own Phantom Photo" featurette; "The Hunt for the Haunt: Tools and Tips for Ghost Hunting" featurette; deleted scenes; alternate ending: "Mental Hospital." (Fox).
Steel Trap (2007) Georgia Mackenzie, Mark Wilson, Pascal Langdale, Julia Ballard. As an extravagant party unfolds on the top floor of an abandoned towering skyscraper, five guests receive a mysterious text message inviting them to join an exclusive VIP party being held on the 27th floor. Once there, the adventurous partygoers find themselves trapped in a sadistic killer's deadly game ... and they must follow the clues to get out alive. Extras: Commentary by director Luis Camara, "The Making of Steel Trap," deleted scenes, still gallery. (Dimension Extreme/The Weinstein Company/Genius Products).
Step Up 2 the Streets (2008) Briana Evigan, Robert Hoffman, Will Kemp, Cassie Ventura, Adam G. Sevani, Telisha Shaw. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. Extras: "Thru Fresh Eyes" behind-the-scenes featurette, "Outlaws of Hip Hop" featurette, deleted scenes, bloopers, five music videos. (Disney).
Swamp Thing: The Series: Vol. 2 Four-disc set with the first 25 episodes of Season 3; $39.99. (Shout! Factory).
Tony n' Tina's Wedding (2004) Adrian Grenier, Mila Kunis, Joey McIntyre. Adaptation of the off-Broadway play about the the wedding of two high school sweethearts and their dysfunctional Italian families. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette, production gallery, "Wedding Album/Wedding Vows." (Emerging Pictures).
Trafic (1971) Dir.: Jacques Tati; Jacques Tati. New, restored high-definition digital transfer in a two-disc set. Extras: "In the Footsteps of Monsieur Hulot" (1969), a two-hour documentary tracing the evolution of Jacques Tati's beloved alter ego; interview from 1971 with the cast of "Trafic," from the French television program "Le journal de cinema"; "The Comedy of Jacques Tati," a 1973 episode from the French television program "Morceaux de bravoure"; new essay by film critic Jonathan Romney. (The Criterion Collection).
VeggieTales: Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue Join Huckleberry Larry and Tomato Sawyer for a wild ride down the Mighty Mississippi where they discover an important lesson in helping others inspired by the Bible: "Sometimes not helping someone can be just as bad as actually hurting them"; $14.99. (Big Idea).
Voice (2005 -- South Korea) Ji-hye Seo, Ye-ryeon Cha. A high school student is able to hear the voice of her deceased friend. (Genius Products).
The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (2007 -- Brazil) Paulo Autran, Caio Blat, Simone Spoladore, Michel Joelsas, Germano Haiut, Daniela Piepszyk, Liliana Castro. Set in the turbulent year of 1970, this poignant and humorous coming of age story thrusts 12-year-old Mauro (Michel Joelsas) into a maelstrom of political and personal upheaval. When his left-wing militant parents are forced to go underground, Mauro is left in the care of his Jewish grandfather's neighbor in Sao Paulo. Suddenly finding himself an exile in his own country, he is forced to create an ersatz family from the religiously diverse and colorful population of his new neighborhood. Mauro befriends tomboyish, street smart Hanna (Daniela Piepszyk) and develops a crush on Irene (Liliana Castro,) a pretty waitress in a local bar where everyone, including Mauro, an ardent soccer fan, gathers to watch iconic star Pele in the 1970 World Cup. Extras: Director and producer commentary, behind-the-scenes featurette, outtakes, stills. (City Lights Home Video).

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July 22

Abel's Island (1988)Based on the award-winning classic from William Steig (author of "Shrek"); animated by award-winning producer-director Michael Sporn. Delightful story of Abel, an elegant and romantic mouse who gets swept away in a flood and stranded for more than a year on a desert island before his resourcefulness enables him to escape and return to his wife; features the voice of Tim Curry. Also includes the tale "The Story of the Dancing Frog," narrated by Amanda Plummer. $14.95. (First Run Features).
Big Dreams Little Tokyo (2006) Dave Boyle, Jayson Watabe. An American with an uncanny ability to speak Japanese and his roommate, a Japanese American who aspires to be a sumo wrestler but finds his weight and blood pressure are thwarting his dreams, struggle to find their place in a world where cultural identity is seldom what it seems. (Echo Bridge Home Entertainment).
Bird (1988) Dir.: Clint Eastwood; Forest Whitaker, Diane Venora, Michael Zelniker, Samuel E. Wright, Keith David. Two-disc special edition with a six-track CD of the soundtrack with special master recordings from legendary jazz musician Charlie Parker. (Warner).
Black Coffee Three-disc set of the documentary that explores the dark side of dark roast, light roast and everything in between, examining the impact of the bean on social, economic and sexual mores and the exploitation of third-world countries for the commercialization of the beverage; $29.98. (BFS Entertainment).
Blues in the Night (1941) Dir.: Anatole Litvak; Priscilla Lane, Betty Field, Richard Whorf, Lloyd Nolan, Jack Carson. (Warner).
The Boston Strangler (2008) David Faustino, Andrew Divoff. Retelling of the story of serial killer Albert De Salvo, aka The Boston Strangler. Extras: Commentary. (The Weinstein Co./Genius Products).
Brutal Massacre: A Comedy (2007) David Naughton, Brian O'Halloran, Gerry Bednob, Gunnar Hansen, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly, Ken Foree, Vincent Butta. Mockumentary about the horror film shoot from Hell, a hilarious look into the chaotic world of low budget independent filmmaking as a once-successful horror film director tries to make his comeback vehicle. Extras: "Behind-the-scenes of Brutal Massacre" featurette, deleted and extended scenes. (Anchor Bay).
Celine Unauthorized bio of the top-selling female vocalist, $19.95. (Monarch Home Video).
Clint Eastwood Presents Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends (2005) Clint Eastwood presents a documentary on the extraordinary career of one of music's greats: Tony Bennett. Bennett is considered to be one of the greatest living singers in American popular music, and this film reflects all that he has accomplished while living against the background of a changing America. The 90-minute film weaves archival footage with contemporary clips of Bennett performing live throughout his career including him singing his famous hits "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" and "For Once in My Life". Peppered throughout the film are interviews with celebrities reminiscing about their favorite moments with the legendary singer. Two-disc set, $24.98. (Warner).
Comedy Central's TV Funhouse Two-disc set featuring all eight uncensored episodes of the outrageous "broken kid's show for adults," featuring a stable of puppet and live animals (the Anipals), $28.49. Each week human host Doug tries to present a themed show for children but is deserted by the foul-mouthed Anipals, who get involved in wild adventures. Extras: Commentary by the creators, appearances by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on Comedy Central, dirty outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage, commentary by the Anipals. (Warner).
Duck (2007) Philip Baker Hall, Bill Brotchtrup, Noel Gugliemi, Bill Cobbs, French Stewart. It's 2009, Jeb Bush is the president, and the country has lost its social services, social graces, public parks, and common sense. Philip Baker Hall plays a widower who, having outlived his family and friends, now finds himself without a home. But he does have a duck, and together they travel the city in search of water and meaning in the desert that is L.A. Extras: Commentary by director Nic Bettauer and actor Philip Baker Hall, interviews, cast bios, photo gallery. (Westlake Entertainment).
Earth: The Biography (2008) BBC/National Geographic Channel documentary that is a comprehensive history of the living planet. Airs July 13-15. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Warner).
Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age (2005) Documentary on how the disruption of ocean currents could lead to a new ice age in Europe; $22.98. (BFS Entertainment).
High and Low (1963) Dir.: Akira Kurosawa; Toshiro Mifune, Tatsuya Nakadai, Takashi Shimura. New, restored high-definition digital transfer, with newly restored original four-track surround sound. Two-disc set. Extras: New audio commentary by Akira Kurosawa scholar Stephen Prince; 37-minute documentary on the making of "High and Low," created as part of the Toho Masterworks series "Akira Kurosawa: It Is Wonderful to Create"; rare archival interview with Toshiro Mifune; new video interview with actor Tsutomu Yamazaki, who plays the kidnapper; theatrical trailers from Japan and the U.S.; plus a booklet featuring a new essay by critic Geoffrey O'Brien and a reprinted essay by Japanese film scholar Donald Richie. (The Criterion Collection).
LA Ink: Season One, Volume 1 Three-disc set with 13 episodes, $24.95. (Genius Products).
Las Vegas: Season Five Four-disc set with 17 episodes, $59.98. Extras: Gag reel, VFX featurette, "Hot Stuff" featurette, Webcasts. (Universal).
The Last Winter (2007) Ron Perlman, James LeGros, Connie Britton, Zach Gilford, Kevin Corrigan. Blends real-life environmental concerns over global warming with a supernatural story line. In the Arctic region of Northern Alaska, an oil company's advanced team struggles to establish a drilling base that will forever alter the pristine land. After one team member is found naked and dead in the snow, an environmentalist suspects sour gases may have accidentally been released in the area, provoking hallucinations, disorientation and insanity in the group ... instead, an unknown fear lurks in the snow. Extras: Commentary by director Larry Fessenden, "Making of The Last Winter" featurette. (Genius Products).
Maneater Series Collection: Volume 1 Box set with three titles in the popular "Maneater" TV movie series: "Maneater" (2007), starring Gary Busey; "BloodMonkey" (2007), starring F. Murray Abraham; and "In the Spiderís Web" (2007) starring Lance Henrikson; $26.95. (Genius Products).
The Marzipan Pig (1990) Based on the award-winning book by Russell Hoban; animated by award-winning producer-director Michael Sporn. A marzipan pig falls behind the sofa and is lost; in his loneliness, the pig's feelings of love reach out, in a strange chain of events, to an owl, a mouse, and a hibiscus flower. Narrated by Tim Curry. Also features "Jazztime Talk," narrated by Ruby Dee. $14.95. (First Run Features).
NFL: In Just One Play (2008) Warner Home Video and the National Football League team up to showcase many of the most exciting players in the game today, $19.98. (Warner).
Pete Kelly's Blues (1955) Dir.: Jack Webb; Jack Webb, Janet Leigh, Edmond O'Brien, Peggy Lee, Andy Devine, Lee Marvin, Ella Fitzgerald, Martin Milner. (Warner).
Picture This (2008) Ashley Tisdale, Kevin Pollak, Robbie Amell, Justin Bradley. "High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale stars as an unpopular high school senior who lands a date to the biggest party of the year with the school's hottest guy but there's one major problem: she's grounded. Extras: "Making of Picture This" featurette, "Cell Phone Confessions" featurette, scene selected cell phone "Text" commentary, "Picture This" trivia quiz. (MGM).
'Round Midnight (1986) Dir.: Bertrand Tavernier; Dexter Gordon, Francois Cluzet, Gabrielle Haker, Sandra Reaves-Phillips, Lonette McKee, Christine Pascal, Herbie Hancock, Bobby Hutcherson. (Warner).
Sesame Street: Count on Sports (2008) The Sesame Street characters team with sports stars for math lessons for toddlers, $14.93. (Sesame Workshop/Genius Products).
Spaced: The Complete Series Three-disc set of the British series about two twentysomething slackers; from the makers of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz," $49.98. Extras: Outtakes, trailers, commentary, cast and crew biographies, deleted scenes, raw footage, exclusive featurette, more. (Warner).
Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season Two-disc set with the final 13 episodes, $19.98. (Warner).
Transformers Cybertron: The Ultimate Collection (2005) Seven-disc set with 52 episodes of the Cartoon Network series, $61.99. (Paramount).
21 (2008) Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Bosworth, Liza Lapira, Josh Gad, Jim Sturgess, Masi Oka, Sam Golzari. Extras: Commentary, making-of documentary, a featurette on blackjack and card counting. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Sony).
Vampyr (1932) Dir.: Carl Theodor Dreyer; Julian West, Maurice Schutz, Rena Mandel, Sybille Schmitz. New, restored high-definition digital transfer of the 1998 film restoration by Martin Koerber and the Cineteca di Bologna. Two-disc set. Extras: Optional all-new English-text version of the film; commentary featuring film scholar Tony Rayns; "Carl Th. Dreyer" (1966), a documentary by Jorgen Roos chronicling Dreyer's career; visual essay by scholar Casper Tybjerg on Dreyer's influences in creating "Vampyr"; 1958 radio broadcast of Dreyer reading an essay about filmmaking; plus a booklet featuring new essays by Mark Le Fanu and Kim Newman, Martin Koerber on the restoration, and an archival interview with producer and star Nicolas de Gunzburg, as well as a book featuring Dreyer and Christen Jul's original screenplay and Sheridan Le Fanu 1871 story "Carmilla," a source for the film. (The Criterion Collection).

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July 29

Adventures of Johnny Tao (2007) Matthew Twining, Matt Mullins, Chris Yen, Kelly Perine, Lindsay Parker, Marianne Muellerleile, Michael Gregory, James Hong, Jason London. Family-friendly action adventure about a young man whose prize possession, his father's guitar, is made of half of an ancient spear; the other half holds a curse and an evil spirit that unleashes an army of kung-fu, sugar-craving warriors that only Johnny and a beautiful Chinese warrior can stop. Extras: Commentary, "An Adventure in the Making: The Making of Adventures of Johnny Tao," deleted scenes, music video. (MTI Home Video).
Alice Upside Down (2007) Alyson Stoner, Luke Perry, Lucas Grabeel, Penny Marshall. Tween film based on the popular best-selling Alice McKinley books by Newbery medalist Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, "Alice Upside Down" tells the story of 11-year-old Alice McKinley, who has moved to a new town with her widowed dad Ben and teenage brother Lester, leaving her the only girl in an all male household. Alice imagines herself cool, confident and popular, but in reality her life is full of anxiety, awkward moments and overwhelming challenges. Extras: Interviews, featurette. (Anchor Bay).
The Audience Strikes Back (2008) Andy McCone, Brittany Quist, Carol De Salles, Dan Heinrich, Danielle Reierson, Gorneth D'Oyley, In Patrick Beacham's indie Star Wars fan mockumentary, an interviewer approaches eight fans who have just attended the Seattle premiere of "The Revenge of the Sith." He asks, "What did you think of the movie," and invites them to Seattle's Pravda Studios to participate in a taped discussion about the film. It quickly becomes apparent that Star Wars is merely one piece of a much larger puzzle. As the filmmakers learn, Star Wars is just the beginning of what these people want to talk about when. But as we also learn, Star Wars remains the common thread that binds them together, weaving in and out of every aspect of their lives, every emotion they experience, and their every topic of conversation. What starts out as a friendly conversation about the iconic movies quickly veers off into uncharted territory as they take up the war in Iraq, gay marriage, Christian fundamentalism, abortion, the Rapture, the environment and practically every other topic you've always been told never to talk about in polite company. $28.95 with a CD containing Jose J. Herring's score along with two brand new singles inspired by the film written by Herring, the martini lounge upbeat "Barista Girl" and "If Jesus." (Indie-Pictures).
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 3 Volume 4 Six episodes of the Nick animated series, $16.99. Extras: Avatar comic book, commentary by creators, cast and crew. (Paramount).
Baldwin Hills: The Complete First Season Two-disc set with 10 episodes, $26.99. Extras: Cast auditions, cast interviews, three featurettes: "Ashley's Home Tour," "Hanging With Sal," "The Creators." (BET/Paramount).
The Band's Visit (2008 -- Israel) Ronit Elkabetz, Sasson Gabai, Uri Gavriel, Imad Jabarin, Ahuva Keren, Rubi Moskovitz, Khalifa Natour, Hilla Sarjon, Eyad Sheety. Extras: Commentary by director Eran Kolirin, making-of featurette. (Sony).
Beverly Hills 90210: Season Five (1994-95) Eight-disc set with 32 episodes, $61.99. (Paramount).
Birds of Prey: The Complete Series Four-disc set with 13 episodes about three female crimefighters in New Gotham City, $39.98. (Warner).
Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist, Season 1 MOJO HD's reality series about fearless entrepreneur Bobby "Bobby G" Genovese, $19.98. (Infinity Entertainment).
Classic British Thrillers The British Cinematograph Films Act of 1927 was passed to give motion pictures made in the U.K. an edge over Hollywood imports. These films, called "quota quickies," provided on-the-job training for some of the biggest stars of the Golden Age of British Cinema. This single disc includes three fine pieces of vintage British cinema: "The Phantom Light," a creepy "quickie" directed by Michael Powel; "Red Ensign," an expose of corruption and sabotage in the British shipping industry, directed by Powel; and "The Upturned Glass," a revenge thriller starring James Mason as a surgeon turned sleuth. $24.98. (MPI Home Video).
Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin' With the Godmother (2008) Documentary takes a raw look at the woman credited with fueling the Miami drug war in the early 1980s: Griselda Blanco was allegedly responsible for hundreds of murders and the trafficking of more than 300 tons of cocaine; $26.98. Extras: Making-of featurette, commentary by director Billy Corben and co-producer David Cypkin, behind-the-scenes photo gallery, art gallery, deleted scenes. (Magnolia Home Entertainment).
The Cool School (2008) Documentary that features the evolving art movement in Los Angeles during the 50's and 60's. Focuses on the seminal Ferus Art Gallery, which groomed the L.A. art scene from a loose band of beatniks into a coterie of competitive and brilliant artists. The Ferus also served as a launching point for New York imports and was the first gallery where pop icon Andy Warhol hosted his first Soup Can show. Artists featured in the documentary include Ed Kienholz, Ed Ruscha, Craig Kauffman, Wallace Berman, Ed Moses, Andy Warhol and Robert Irwin. Narrated by Jeff Bridges; $29.95. (Arts Alliance America/Arthouse Films).
Dark City Director's Cut (1998) Dir.: Alex Proyas; Rufus Sewell, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland. The critically-acclaimed triumph from visionary director Alex Proyas is back with this new directors cut featuring enhanced picture and sound, never-before-seen footage and three commentary tracks that take you deeper than ever before into the world of one of sci-fi's most exciting and revered tales. When John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell) wakes with no memory at the scene of a grisly murder he soon finds himself hunted by the police, a woman claiming to be his wife and a mysterious group of pale men who seem to control everything and everyone in the city. Bonus features. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (New Line).
Dark Shadows: The Beginning #5 Episodes 144-178 that originally aired from January 12, 1967 to March 1, 1967; $59.98. (MPI Home Video).
The Deal (2007) Dir.: Stephen Frears; Michael Sheen, David Morrissey. HBO docudrama depicts the friendship and rivalry between British politicians Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Extras: Conversation with Stephen Frears, commentary by writer Peter Morgan, biographies of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. (Miriam Collection/The Weinstein Co./Genius Products).
Doomsday (2008) Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Alexander Siddig, Adrian Lester, Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfitt, Emma Cleasby, Chris Robson, MyAnna Buring, Nora-Jane Noone, Leslie Simpson, Craig Conway, Malcolm McDowell. Available in rated and unrated DVD and unrated Blu-ray Disc editions. Extras: "Anatomy of Catastrophe: Civilization on the Brink" featurette, "The Visual Effects of Doomsday," commentary (unrated only). (Universal).
Freakazoid: Season One Two-disc set with 14 episodes, $26.99. Extras: "The Original Freak" featurette, commentaries. (Warner).
Girlfriends: The Fourth Season (2003-04) Three-disc set with 24 episodes, $39.99. (Paramount).
Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo (2008) John Cho, Kal Penn, Rob Corddry, Roger Bart, Neil Patrick Harris. Single disc with rated and unrated features; two-disc set with rated and unrated feature plus extras. Extras: Commentary, "The World of Harold and Kumar" featurette, additional scenes, interactive function that uses new and alternate scenes to change the course of the film's action. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (New Line).
The Hills: The Complete Third Season Four-disc set with 28 episodes, $39.99. Extras: Deleted scenes, interviews, commentary, "Virtual Hills," more. (Paramount).
A History of Britain: The Complete Collection Five-disc set of the BBC series, $39.95. (A&E Home Video).
Inglorious Bastards (1978) Fred Williamson, Bo Svenson, Ian Bannen, Massimo Vanni. Director Enzo G. Castellari's EuroCult war movie about a gang of condemned criminals who escape from an Allied prison convoy with a plan to blast their way to the Swiss border, only to find themselves "volunteering" for a suicide mission deep inside Nazi occupied France. To be remade by Quentin Tarantino for The Weinstein Co. Available as a single disc and three-disc set, with extras. Three-disc set extras: "Quentin Tarantino and Enzo Castellari In Conversation" featurette; "Train Kept-A-Rollin'" documentary with Castellari, Williamson, Svenson, Vanni, special effects artist Gino de Rossi, producer Roberto Sbarigia, screenwriter Laura Toscano and Filippo De Masi; "Back to the War Zone" locations featurette; commentary by Castellari; bonus soundtrack CD containing the previously unreleased "Inglorious Bastards" scores. (Severin Films).
Joe Louis: America's Hero ... Betrayed (2005) In-depth HBO Sports documentary on the boxing legend, $19.98. (HBO Video).
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: The Seventh Year Five-disc set with 22 episodes, $59.98. (Universal).
The Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008) Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Autumn Reeser, Tad Hilgenbrink. Direct-to-DVD sequel. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Warner).
Love Story (2005) Feature-length documentary about the legendary Los Angeles band Love, and their singer, Arthur Lee. Features the last-ever interviews with band leader Lee, plus interviews with all the surviving original band members and music execs. Also includes rare band footage. (Start Productions).
Marigold (2007) Ali Larter, Salman Khan. Stranded and broke in India after the financing flops on her low-budget film, feisty B-list actress Marigold Lexton lands a role in a musical, where she has a whirlwind romance with the production's choreographer. Musical comedy. (Echo Bridge Home Entertainment).
Masters of Horror Season Two Box Set All 13 episodes of the second season of the blood-chilling Showtime anthology series, housed in a specially designed, limited edition "skull" package. $86.97. Extras: Commentaries from the filmmakers, behind-the-scenes featurettes, still and storyboard galleries, trailers, screenplays (DVD-ROM), more. (Anchor Bay).
Never Back Down (2008) Djimon Hounsou, Sean Faris, Cam Gigandet, Amber Heard, Evan Peters, Wyatt Smith. Available as a single disc DVD, two-disc DVD special edition and Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Deleted scenes, director and cast commentary. Special edition adds extended version of the film, "Blow by Blow: Breaking Down the Fights With the Director and MMA Fight Experts," "Mixing It Up: Bringing MMA to the Big Screen," training webisodes. Available as a single disc DVD, two-disc DVD special edition and Blu-ray Disc. (Summit Entertainment).
Outfoxed: Fox Attacks! Special Collector's Edition (2004) Robert Greenwald's "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" returns in this updated version. Extras: All 16 of Greenwald's viral "Fox Attacks!" shorts.
Parking Wars: The Best of Season One The best from the A&E series about the ticket-givers of the Philadelphia Parking Authority; $12.95. (A&E Home Video).
Phineas and Ferb: The Fast and the Phineas Includes a two-part adventure featuring the characters from the Disney Channel animated series, $19.99. Extras: "Phineas and Ferb's Homemade Tree Shade Arcade" set-top games, original series pitch by creator Dan Povenmire. (Disney).
Puzzle (2006 -- South Korea) Seok-cheon Hong, Jin-mo Joo. Five ruthless criminals are recruited by an unknown boss to pull off a daring bank robbery. But when the team leader is found dead, each member suspects the other of betrayal. (Genius Products).
Robin Hood: Season Two (2006 - U.K. TV) Five-disc set with 13 episodes of the BBC America series, $99.98. (Warner).
Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Collection (1984-86) Ten volume set with all 26 episodes of the British series that is a definitive retelling -- with gritty period realism -- of the Robin Hood legend; $99.99. Extras: Two bonus discs with four documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, more. (Acorn Media).
Shine a Light (2008) Dir.: Martin Scorsese; documentary about The Rolling Stones. Extras: Four bonus Rolling Stones performances not seen in theaters, featurette with a behind-the-scenes look at The Stones rehearsing on stage at New York's Beacon Theater, candid moments with the band and celebrity guests, archival footage not included in the feature film. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Paramount).
64 Zoo Lane Feature-length animation about the adventures of a little girl who lives next door to a zoo and who, every night, slides down the neck of Georgina the giraffe to listen to one of the animal's stories. The series currently airs on Nickelodeon Jr.'s Noggin network for preschoolers. $14.98. (PorchLight Entertainment)
Special Needs (2006) Mockumentary about a flamboyant TV producer and his bully sidekicks who want to produce a reality TV show featuring physically and mentally disabled contestants. (Troma).
Stargate: Continuum (2008) Second direct-to-video (DVD and Blu-ray) "Stargate SG-1" feature. Extras: Commentary by executive producer/writer Brad Wright and director Martin Wood, "The Making of Stargate: Continuum" featurette, "Stargate Goes to the Arctic" featurette, "The Layman's Guide to Time Travel" featurette. (MGM).
The Strauss Family (1972) Two-disc set of the eight-part British miniseries about the first family of 19th century music, starring Derek Jacobi and Jane Seymour, with glorious renditions of the Strauss' works by the London Symphony Orchestra; $29.95. (A&E Home Video).
Surfwise (2008) The tumultuous story of 85-year old surfer, health advocate and sex guru Dr. Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz - who gave up his practice in the 1960s to follow the waves. With his wife Juliette he went on to raise nine children, all who were home-schooled and raised in a small camper on the beach, where they had to adhere to a strict healthy lifestylerevolving around physical fitness and surfing. Extras: "Doc on Health," "A Walk on Water: Surfer's Healing," outtakes, commentary by director Doug Pray. (Magnolia Home Entertainment).
Tai Chi Master (1993 -- Hong Kong) Dir.: Yuen Woo-Ping; Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Chin Siu Ho, Fennie Yuen, Yuen Cheung Yan, Lau Shun. After two martial arts students and best friends are expelled from the legendary temple of Shaolin, they meet again as mortal enemies on the battlefield -- one a power-hungry general, the other a freedom-fighting rebel. Extras: Commentary by Hong Kong cinema expert Bey Logan, "Nemesis" exclusive interview with star Chin Siu-ho," "The Birthplace of Tai-Chi" on location in Chen Village," "The Man, The Myth" celebrity tribute to martial arts superstar Jet Li, "Anatomy of a Classic" with celebrated film critic Elvis Mitchell, "The Master" retrospective of the career of action-legend Jet Li. (The Weinstein Co./Genius Products/Dragon Dynasty).
Tiny Toon Adventures: Season 1, Volume 1 Four-disc set with 35 episodes from the animated programs first season, $44.98. Extras: "From Wacky Tunes to Tiny Toons: A Looney Evolution" featurette. (Warner).
Two Fat Ladies (1997) Four-disc set with all 24 episodes of the most popular cooking show in BBC history that was also a Food Network hit in the U.S. Two oversized women jump aboard a classic motorcycle and sidecar and travel all over Britain, preparing meals for nuns, cricketers, diplomats, lumberjacks and an odd assortment of others; $59.99. (Acorn Media).
photo Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Collection Five-disc set with "Cafe Metropole," "Day-Time Wife," "Girl's Dormitory," "I'll Never Forget You," "Johnny Apollo," "Love Is News," "Luck of the Irish," "Second Honeymoon," "That Wonderful Urge" and "This Above All"; $49.98. (Fox).
  • Cafe Metropole (1937) Tyrone Power, Adolphe Menjou, Loretta Young. Extras: Deleted scenes, advertising gallery, behind-the-scenes stills gallery, production gallery.
  • Day-Time Wife (1939) Tyrone Power, Wendy Barrie, Linda Darnell, Warren William. Extras: "My Dad, Tyrone Powers" featurette, behind-the-scenes stills gallery, production gallery.
  • Girl's Dormitory (1936) Tyrone Power, Simone Simon. Extras: "Tyrone Power, Prince of Fox" featurette, advertising gallery, production gallery.
  • I'll Never Forget You (AKA The House in the Square) (1951) Tyrone Power, Beatrice Campbell. Extras: Advertising gallery, lobby cards gallery, "See England With Ann Blyth" gallery, production gallery.
  • Johnny Apollo (1940) Tyrone Power, Lloyd Nolan, Dorothy Lamour. Extras: Advertising gallery.
  • Love Is News (1937) Tyrone Power, Loretta Young. Extras: "Ty and Loretta: Sweethearts of the Silver Screen" featurette, advertising gallery, behind-the-scenes gallery, production gallery.
  • Luck of the Irish (1948) Tyrone Power, Cecil Kellaway, Anne Baxter, Lee J. Cobb, Jayne Meadows. Extras: Two viewing versions: green tinted and black and white, "Jayne Meadows Remembers" featurette, advertising gallery, behind-the-scenes gallery, production gallery.
  • Second Honeymoon (1937) Tyrone Power, Loretta Young, Lyle Talbot. Extras: Still gallery.
  • That Wonderful Urge (1948) Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney. Extras: Advertising gallery, behind-the-scenes gallery, production gallery.
  • This Above All (1942) Tyrone Power, Joan Fontaine. Extras: Advertising gallery, behind-the-scenes gallery, production gallery.
WarGames: 25th Anniversary Edition (1983) Dir.: John Badham; Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, John Wood, Ally Sheedy, Barry Corbin. Extras: Commentary by director John Badham and writers Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes; "Loading WarGames" documentary; "Attack of the Hackers" featurette; "Inside NORAD: Cold War Fortress" featurette; "Tic Tac Toe: A True Story" featurette; menu-driven interactive superpower weapons briefing gallery. (MGM).
WarGames: The Dead Code (2008) Matt Lanter, Colm Feore. Sequel to the 1983 smash. The government is keeping a watchful eye on Will Farmer, a computer hacker who engages a super-computer named Ripley in an online terrorist-attack simulation game that is designed specifically to profile potential threats to the United States. When Homeland Security becomes convinced that Farmer is a potential threat, he must do all in his power to clear his name and end the game. Extras: Commentary by director Stuart Gillard and actor Matt Lanter, "The Making of Wargames: The Dead Code" featurette, photo gallery. (MGM).
The Wiggles: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (2008) Latest outing from the pre-schoolers ' favorite band offers 20 new songs to get the little ones up and moving. Features special guest Leo Sayers. (Warner).
Witchblade Seven-disc set with 24 episodes, $69.98. Extras: Featurettes, casting sessions, more. (Warner).
Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizard School Four episodes of the Disney Channel series, $19.99. Extras: "Work It Like A Wizard!" cast-led tour of Los Angeles. (Disney).
A Woman of Independent Means (1995) Two-disc set of the miniseries starring Sally Field, $29.95. (A&E Home Video).

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All listings are based on information from the home video studios. Some release dates may change and titles may come out after a specified date (with no announcement from the studio). Additionally, some titles may be released with little or no advance announcement. And since all DVDs are priced at sell-through and are available for substantial discounts at both online and brick-and-mortar stores, we only list suggested retail prices for some special editions, box sets and collections.

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